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Chapter 34 Not empty

'It's time to set off fireworks...' he Lingjiang looked up and his eyes also reflected the brilliance of fireworks.

the tourists in the city were first shocked by the sound. When they saw the jade trees and flowers all over the sky, they couldn't help staring at them and looking up at them.

even those who stayed at home ran to the yard and looked up.

he Qianli prepared a lot of fireworks this time. Although the flowers were fleeting, it took him enough time to put on a cup of tea.

the flowers are gone, and the sky is silent again.

the bustling streets became lively and crowded again.

he Lingjiang regained consciousness. The man with the fierce animal mask had left. Only the lake waves were rippling in the moonlight.

a man's call came from the bank: 'seven maidens! Seven maidens!'

he Lingjiang stepped on the lake and flew back to the shore.

aman came forward and asked, 'seven niangs, can we get things done?'

'it's done. Let's hurry back.' The fireworks have been discharged, but she hasn't gone back yet. She wants to make people anxious again.

the little lady beside her still looked scared: 'madam, can I go back with you?'

today, during the Shangyuan Festival, she rarely went out of the house. When she saw that the lake was full of young ladies and husbands praying for marriage, she went a little farther. She wanted to find a remote place to put a river lamp to pray for her mother.

when I thought about it, I met evil and nearly lost my life.

this place is remote. Even though the evil thing has been taken away by the woman in front of her, she is afraid. She really doesn't dare to go back alone.

he Lingjiang will not just leave her like this.

the little lady quickly bent her knees and said, 'thank you very much, madam. My name is sunrujin, the fourth lady of sun Juncheng's family. I don't know what to call her. When I go back, I will surely hand over a prayer card to thank her.'

he Lingjiang waved his hand: 'I don't need to come to the door to thank you. I don't want others to know about this. I also hope that Mrs. sun won't tell others that I know xuanshu.'

sunrujin nodded: 'since my wife said so, I must keep my mouth shut about this matter. However, I dare not forget the kindness of saving lives. I hope my wife can tell me her name so that my wife can know her benefactor and have a thought in her heart.'

she was so eager that he Lingjiang could not refuse, so she had to say, 'he ordered Jiang, and he is the seventh person in the family.'

sunrujin exclaimed, 'but the seven maidens of he family, a famous family in Linchuan?'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly.

sunrujin was amazed. She had heard that the seventh lady of the he family was very beautiful and good at painting. She just heard that her temperament was somewhat different from that of the ordinary lady in the boudoir. In addition, she had been at home for her mother's illness for the past six months. She had never gone out to attend a banquet, so she had no chance to see her.

at first sight today, the seven wives of the he family are really different. Apart from their appearance, their bearing and skills are beyond the reach of ordinary ladies.

she bent her knees again and solemnly saluted: 'thank you, Mrs. Jin, for congratulating the seventh lady.'

he Lingjiang picked her up and said in a low voice, 'hurry up. You and my family must have been anxious to wait.'

sunrujin's family is also looking for her.

he Lingjiang takes her to the gate of sun's house. Then he rushes to Jingyun building with aman. Sure enough, he sees green bamboo qiongzhi waiting for her downstairs.

when they saw her, they hurried to meet her: 'seventh lady, are you all right?'

'it's OK. Isn't there a man following?'

the two of them are relieved.

when he got to the second floor, he saw that song was sitting by the window with several people in his long room and had not returned to his house.

heziyu ran forward excitedly. He Lingjiang touched his head, then went to the Song family and called, 'mother.'

song's frown was slightly loose: 'it's OK.'

she almost lost her way once a year ago. This time she went out to see the lanterns and didn't return, but it really hung her heart again.

'Lao mother is worried.'

heyunjia stood up, wrinkled his nose and said to her, 'you know how to make Auntie worry, just be honest. Don't always run around.'

'I know, I know.'

heyunjia sees that she doesn't refute, and the suffocation that has been waiting for her for a long time is all gone.

when he got on the carriage, he took her and asked, 'what's so funny about you? Why did you come back so long? Tell me...'

he Ling Jiang smiled and said: 'it's just watching lanterns, watching tricks, watching others guess riddles and playing lanterns.'

'right here?' Heyunjia doesn't believe it.

'that's it.' He Lingjiang looked at her with a look of me not lying.

heyunjia was disappointed: 'Alas... Who isn't? It's not all this for Shangyuan festival every year.'

speaking of this, she became excited again: 'however, there is still a different place this year. Our he family built a lamp house in the main street. Can you see it?'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'there are 981 lanterns hanging above the lamp. Each one is very beautiful.'

'what is there? The key is the octagonal palace lantern at the top. Do you know who won it?' Heyunjia winked at her.

'isn't it cuishilang from Jiangzhou?'

heyunjia's eyes brightened with excitement: 'did you see it, too? You said that the 11 doctors of the Cui family are beautiful?'

Xu is the reason why she studied metaphysics since she was a child. He Lingjiang doesn't like to remember people's appearance. She mostly relies on Qi to distinguish people, but she can also distinguish beauty from ugliness.

she thought for a while. The Cui family's eleven Lang was white and handsome, with warm eyebrows and eyes. He was really good-looking.

'good looking.'

seeing that she looked pale, heyunjia shook her shoulder and said, 'aren't you excited?'

he Ling, Jiang Xiang, casually brushed her hand away and joked: 'Why are you excited? Do you want to throw a fruit cart and force your Cui Lang to flee?'

heyunjia blushed: 'I also threw my handkerchief, but I don't know if Cui Shilang received it.'

he Lingjiang picked up the tea on the small table in the car, drank tea with his head down, and said, 'No.'

looking at Cui Shilang, she can't wait to throw away all the sachets and handkerchiefs thrown at her.

'hum! How do you know?' Heyunjia held his face in his hands and put his elbow on the coffee table. 'Maybe he got it?'

seeing her intoxicated face, he Lingjiang put down his tea cup and asked, 'do you really like the Cui family's eleven Lang?'

'what do you know? This Cui family's eleven Lang is like a flower of kaolin. I don't want to pick it, but it's very gratifying to see a beauty.'

her idea is free and easy.

although the flowers are beautiful, it is not good to pick them. It is a beautiful thing in the world to enjoy them silently.

he Lingjiang wanted to praise her, so he listened to her blush and said, 'if this beauty is a little different from me, it would be better.'

he Lingjiang put down his tea cup: 'you really want to. Put down your fantasy and be a man.'

he Yunjia rushed up to scratch her: 'do you mean I have daydreams?'

he Lingjiang blocked her hand and said with a smile in his eyes, 'I just think you've read a lot in the script recently, and I don't mean to laugh at your daydreaming.'

'the devil believes you.' He Yunjia gave her a white look.

the golden hairpin in Jiang Lingjiang's sleeve shook.

heyunjia took back his hand, refilled a cup of hot tea and handed it to her: 'hurry up and warm up. Why are you pretending to be like this? Your hands are like ice cubes. I don't like ice hands when I touch them.'

he Lingjiang took over the steaming tea cup, looked at her seriously and said, 'heyunjia, I tell you, I'm not empty.'

how can the matter of Xuanshi be called empty?

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