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Chapter 340 Hematemesis

He ordered Jiang and Pei You to bow their heads and take orders. Then they turned around and looked for the way they had just come.

From the main gate of the Wu Temple to the altar, there is only one main road, and you can turn two turns back and forth to get there. If you really want to find something, it is difficult to see the situation in the Witch Temple along this road.

However, if you point at this kind of thing and shake it when you walk, it is very likely that you will shake it somewhere else and roll along the path. Who knows that you are in that corner again?

What's more, this is a valuable item close to the owner. If someone happens to pick it up, it is also common sense. They can't ask for information?

With this reason, they naturally have an excuse to walk in the Wu Temple.

He Lingjiang and his wife first searched around the main road, and then divided into two ways, looking for them on both sides. The scope of the search naturally became wider and wider.

Occasionally, she did not shy away from the Wu Temple waiter who passed by. Occasionally, she came forward and asked, 'This waiter, I am the guardian of the Headmaster Tidu. The Headmaster just lost his finger carelessly. Have you ever seen the waiter?'

She often stays in the north, and is not unfamiliar with the local language. Although the barbarian tribe is slightly different from the northern dialect, it is not difficult for her.

The waiter shook his head, but asked a few words about the unnecessary finger, said he would help pay attention, and then hurried away, leaving her to look for it.

Nowadays, when it comes to praying for good luck, both the honored guests in the temple and the common people outside the temple need to be managed by people. The waiters in the Wu Temple are very busy. In addition, the finger is not a conspicuous thing, so they can't spare their hands to help her squat down there and turn it inch by inch.

The waiters could not spare their time, and He Lingjiang was not reluctant. He thanked them and went to find them by himself. This road, along the original road, goes further and further.

Turning another way, He Lingjiang saw a courtyard, a high wall, and a witch guard in front of the door.

In today's busy time, the yard looks very quiet and solemn.

Heling Jiang's eyes narrowed, her feet moved slightly, but she heard a voice from behind: 'Who is here?'

When she turned back, she saw that the man in front of her was dressed in the wizard's gray robe, followed by two waiters. If you have not guessed wrong, this person should be a wizard waiter serving beside the great wizard.

She put her right hand in front of her left chest and motioned slightly: 'My master is the Headmaster of Tidu, but his close finger accidentally disappeared, so we were sent to look for it.'

The man frowned: 'Why did you come here after looking for a finger?'

He Lingjiang did not change his look and explained: 'I have looked for it in the main road, but there is no sign of the finger. I thought it might have rolled away, or someone might have picked it up by chance, so I looked around.'

'Have you ever seen this thing?'

The man's frown still tightened: 'We have never seen any finger pointing. Is it true that the thing of the Ministry Lord was lost in the Witch Temple?'

I can't say, but the things that mentioned the capital were lost on the road.

He Lingjiang nodded: 'In front of the Wu Temple, the leader raised his hand to greet the people around, and he still had this ring in his hand.'

'Only later, when he reached out to help a child who fell down accidentally, his hand was stained with mud. When he went into the Wu Temple to wipe his hands with a handkerchief, he took off his finger and put it into his sleeve.'

'Xu Yes, inadvertently, the ring rolled out... This ring is the old thing that the master is close to, and he always valued it, otherwise he would not send me to look for it at this time.'

Since it is the main thing, I can't blame him for coming to find it in a hurry. The witch waiter knows it clearly, and his eyebrows are slightly relaxed, with only one face still calm: 'People in the Wu Temple don't pick up things at will and take them as their own things. If you want to find them, you can just look around the main road. The finger is small, maybe you haven't noticed it?'

'There is something important to pray for today, and the people in the Wu Temple are busy, so you'd better not walk around...' The voice of the witch waiter has already brought some dissatisfaction and warning.

He ordered Jiang Lianlian to nod his head repeatedly: 'I have written it down, then I will go to look around again. If you have the news of this, please ask someone to tell me.'

The witch waiter nodded slightly. She was about to say something more, but Yu Guang saw a waiter rushing towards her.

Her eyes were not relaxed. She threw down He Lingjiang, who was standing there, and quickly stepped forward.

The waiter looked worried, and when he saw her, he immediately came forward and said, 'Wu Shifu, bad! The witch vomited blood again...'

He Lingjiang was about three feet away from them. With her excellent ear power, the waiter's words were still vaguely heard by her.

The witch waiter's expression changed immediately, and he whispered, 'Shut up!'

She turned back and saw He Lingjiang had already walked to the main road. She was slightly relieved. She gave the waiter a sideways glance and hurried to the far yard.

He Lingjiang turned back and stared at the witch waiter who was walking in a hurry from afar. She looked obviously anxious. At first, she just stepped forward a little, but later, she started to trot.

Watching her figure passing through the gate from afar, she disappeared.

He Ling's eyes narrowed slightly.

Dawu, he vomited blood...

He Ling's eyes narrowed slightly.

There are also some people who are familiar with witchcraft. This great witch is the most profound sorcerer among the barbarian tribes. It is the leader of the sorcerer temple. It is only slightly lower than the leader of the barbarian people. It is the five masters who see her and have to respect her.

Dawu ignores the common affairs of the tribe, but the important events in the tribe are always accompanied by Dawu. It is the duty and ability of the Great Witch to divine good and bad luck, cure diseases and eliminate disasters, subdue spirits and pray for rain and sacrifice.

The blessing ceremony once every three months is presided over by the Great Witch. Pray for grass in spring, drought in summer, harvest in autumn, and rain and snow in winter.

But now, the witch suddenly vomited blood, and still 'you'?

He Lingjiang did not know the strength of this great witch, but since he can hold this position stably and has many believers, he should have some skills.

It may not be a minor injury to be able to make such a great witch vomit blood repeatedly.

He made Jiang curious, but the sky was bright and the witch waiter was obviously watching the yard closely, so this was not a good time to explore.

She returned to the main road, and then when a waiter passed by, she found the finger that had rolled here by mistake from the crack of a stone, so she went back to the altar with Pei You.

The leader of the barbarians has arrived at this time. He is tall and straight, independent of the crowd, and two steps behind him are his personal attendants.

After half a cup of tea, it was just noon, when the blessing ceremony was about to begin.

'Ding bell, ding bell.'

The countless copper bells hanging around the altar suddenly ring without wind and vibrate on the silk thread.

A figure steps on the steps and slowly walks to the high place of the altar.

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