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Chapter 341 God bless

The man was dressed in a pair of large robes, and his clothes were simple and unsophisticated. The sleeves and lower garment were covered with colorful cloth strips. These pieces of cloth were sewn by believers as gifts and tributes when the Great Witch invited God to surrender to God, which also represents the achievements of the Great Witch.

Its waist is also hung with bells, small bronze mirrors, beads, tortoise and snake bronze ornaments.

The head is a antler god hat, and the face is wearing a mask, which is covered with colorful spikes on the god hat.

As she walked up the steps, the bells and bronze mirrors on her waist jingled.

'The Great Witch is coming!'

Some people in the crowd whispered, and then the cheers and prayers of the people outside the Wumiao passed through the high stone wall and came to the altar.

The man opened his hands and pressed down slightly, saying, 'Be still.'

The thick voice with a bit of huskiness easily suppressed the sound wave and echoed in the hearts of heaven and earth.

This voice is different from ordinary people's timbre. It is melodious with some desolation and some holiness.

Inside and outside the temple, there was a sudden silence among the desolate people.

He ordered Jiang to look up at the platform. Her eyes narrowed slightly, as if she wanted to see the face inside through the mask of holiness, nobility, sadness and joy.

The great witch who just vomited blood, can you really insist on presiding over this blessing sacrifice?

The sacrifice is ready, and the sacrifice is about to begin.

The man grabbed the drum with his left hand and held the whip with his right hand. He first worshipped the four gods, then chanted prayers and danced with his feet. The bells and bronze mirrors on the waist collide with each other and make a sound when dancing, and the bronze bells around the altar also hang.

However, in the midst of so many sounds, the voice that the man was singing was very clear, and the ancient tones echoed in the world.

As her actions continued to speed up, her singing voice became more and more urgent. Suddenly, a cool rain slowly floated down from the sky. People could not help holding their breath, kneeling to the ground, raising their heads and stretching their arms to bathe in the rain and dew of heaven and earth.

I don't know when the singing stopped, but the copper bell shook slightly in the wind.

It is a dazzling sunny day overhead, but the wind and rain are around. A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.

The crowd could not help bursting into cheers. The rainbow was auspicious. It can be seen that today's prayer is more blessed than usual.

'God bless the barren people, and they will be successful!' The man on the high platform raised his voice and said, 'She performed magic, and the voice spread far away.'

The rest of the people also cheered: 'God bless the people in famine, and there will be no disaster! God bless the people in famine, and there will be no disaster!'

He ordered Jiang to shake his head. It was just a drizzle when praying in the Wu Temple, and the sun happened to appear today, which just showed the strange image of sunny days, drizzle and rainbows in the sky.

But for these people who believe in witchcraft, this is God's wish and a symbol of success and disaster free.

Unfortunately, in the past six months, the barbarian tribes really can't say how successful they have been.

This is the end of the blessing ceremony. The man on the high platform steps down the steps, salutes the leader of the barbarians, and then goes back to his place.

He Lingjiang bowed his head behind Tidu and stepped forward. Then, under the cover of Pei You, he spoke to him in a low voice.

Tidu raised his eyebrows slightly, and then he went to meet the man according to his words, and put his hand in front of her, and said, 'Dawu, stop. I wonder if Dawu is free today? I happen to have something to ask Dawu...'

The man stopped when she saw this. She still wore a mask on her face. When she heard Tidu's request, she did not speak, but shook her head slightly.

The witch attendant beside her came forward and answered for her: 'Lord Tidu, forgive me. After presiding over the blessing ceremony today, the great witch is tired and needs to cultivate for two days. If Lord Tidu is busy, please come to find the great witch some other day.'

'But...' The man had already passed him, and only the jingling sound of bells and bronze mirrors around her waist came.

The witch chamberlain was the one He Lingjiang had seen before. Seeing that he just bowed to Tidu, he followed him away.

Tidu was about to catch up with her, but was stopped by the leader of the barbarians standing in front: 'Tidu, since the witch is tired, don't bother her again.'

'Even if you have doubts, you might as well wait two days.'

The leader of the barbarians said so. Even if he wanted to ask again, he had to answer: 'Yes, Wolf Lord.'

The minister beside him smiled and said, 'Titu, what doubts do you have? You have to find the Great Witch to succeed? You don't know. In the past six months, the Great Witch has rarely met outsiders except for presiding over praying and sacrificing as usual.'

'Yes. The great witch is very old now. Even though he has divine power, he should not spend his mind on praying and sacrificing. You have seen that today's magic blessing has never appeared before. You should be considerate... If you really have any puzzlement in mind and are anxious for this moment, you might as well go to ask the witch.'

The witch is the heir appointed by the Great Witch.

Now this witch, who is twenty years old, was selected by the Great Witch from the barbarians and the people when she was three years old. She was raised by the Great Witch and taught by the Great Witch herself.

She is a very talented person. Although she can't go beyond the Great Witch, she is still young after all. After ten years of practice, she is not far away.

In the past six months, the great witch has lived in seclusion and lived in seclusion. If there are any difficulties and miscellaneous diseases in the barbarian tribe, the witch is invited to go.

He smiled and said, 'I'm worried. If necessary, I'll consult the witch first...'

Now that the blessing ceremony is over, the leaders of the barbarians and their subordinates will return to their own camps.

The drizzle gradually subsided, and the people who originally surrounded the Wu Temple also gradually dispersed.

In a courtyard in the Wu Temple, the man in the witch costume passed through the heavy guard and came to a room with closed doors and windows.

She pushed the door open, and then took off the mask on her face, with a slight sigh of relief.

Under the mask, there was a young face.

'How did it go? Did it go well?' A hoarse voice came from the dark room.

She quickly put down her mask, walked to the bedside, leaned over and saluted the person leaning on the bed: 'Shifu, everything is going well today, you can rest assured.'

On the bed was an old woman with gray hair and wrinkles. Because of the loss of life, her face still looks a little pale, and she looks very bad.

'That's good...' She took a few breaths and struggled back.

The young woman looked worried: 'Master, your body...'

'No harm.' The old woman coughed and said, 'It's just that you are old. You did a good job praying today. Please leave...'

The young woman had to swallow the words again. She saluted the old woman, took off the magic clothes and hat of the witch, and then walked outside.

The witch waiter waiting by the door saw her, only saluted her a little, and turned back to the house.

She sighed and walked out of the hospital.

Inside, the witch waiter looked at the old woman with a pale face and asked politely, 'Great witch, everything is ready. When do you think it will start?'

The old woman coughed, 'Just a few days...'

Her body can no longer be dragged down.

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