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Chapter 342 be critically ill

The witch went out of the yard with deep thoughts.

She grew up with her Shifu when she was young. She treated her as a teacher and mother, and was naturally very concerned about her physical condition.

Since the chaos of the barbarian tribes years ago, Shifu's health has suddenly deteriorated, even to the point that it is difficult to get up in bed now.

In the past, the great sorcerer presided over the prayers and priests' affairs. If there were any difficult and miscellaneous diseases in the tribe, the great sorcerer would personally cure them.

But for most of the past six months, Shifu has lived in seclusion and lived in seclusion. She has been entrusted with all the prayers and prayers of the people in the wilderness, even the blessing of priests.

The great witch is safe. On such occasions, she did not ask the witch to go beyond her principle of presiding over the priests, which would not avoid the fear of the tribe. She presided over the priests in the name of the great witch in the name of the master these two times.

Fortunately, when praying for the priesthood, the Great Witch was supposed to cover her face. In addition, she purposely hid her voice, which made no mistake.

However, this is not a long-term plan. If Shifu's body continues to deteriorate like this, it will be impossible to recover.

She wanted to explore the cause of Shifu carefully so that she could find a cure, but Shifu waved her hand and refused.

'I am a great wizard, and naturally know my own physical condition.' She sighed, and Youyou said, 'To tell you the truth, I think the time is running out...'

'Shifu...' The witch just wanted to speak, but she raised her hand and cut her off.

'Don't talk too much, and don't be sad. It's hard to avoid leaving when you are alive.' Her voice was neither sad nor happy, as if she were not talking about her imminent death.

'Fortunately, you have made great achievements in your studies. For the past six months, I have watched you manage the affairs of the Wu Temple and preside over the blessing ceremony. You have really done a good job.'

'Soya, you are a witch believed by the common people. I can trust you with the Wu Temple...'

The Sorceress of Suoya is very sad. In the primitive tribes, only when the great sorceress dies and returns to heaven, can the sorceress really be qualified to be the great sorcerer and formally take charge of the sorcerer temple.

Shifu's words show that she is really going to leave...

'Why are you crying?' The old witch rarely had some tenderness. 'You are twenty years old, and you are not the child you used to be.'

'Shifu...' The Sorceress Soya burst into tears and tried to hold her hand when she reached the bed, but the Great Sorceress Dandan avoided her.

'Go down. I'm tired and want to have a rest.' Then she closed her eyes.

Suoya wanted to stop talking. Just as she wanted to get closer, she was stopped by the witch attendant who was waiting beside the big witch: 'Please, witch.'

There was not much respect in her voice, as it is today.

Soya stopped and looked back at the yard.

Since Shifu's illness, she has become closer to the witch attendants who serve her closely. However, she has become more estranged from her. She is not as warm as she used to be.

That's not true. Since four years ago, Shifu seems to have treated her less closely than before.

Although Shifu treated her severely in the teaching of magic techniques, she was brought up by Shifu since she was young, and the two of them had a lot of intimate time.

When she was young or even a girl, she would even act like a spoiled brat to the witches. She just smiled kindly, Shifu.

But four years ago, after the old woman who served her closely went away, she was seriously ill, and then gradually became estranged from her.

She was also a superior witch in the tribe, but she lost the right to be intimate with Shifu.

Fortunately, as she grew older, she gradually put the matter aside and was relieved to do the witch's part.

Now, Shifu's time is coming. Although she knows that life and death are impermanent and everyone has it, she still feels sad in the end.

What puzzled her even more was that, except for the serious illness four years ago, Master's body was always healthy. Why did she suddenly deteriorate to this point in the past six months?

But Shifu didn't say anything and didn't let her investigate in person, so she had to keep this doubt in mind.

On the other hand, Tidu bade farewell to the leader of the barbarians and several chiefs, and went to his tribe with Jiang Peiyou.

On the way, there were others following them. They didn't say much. After the three people entered the yurt, they began to talk about what had happened in the Wu Temple.

'Lady He Qi asked me to stop the Great Witch before, because she suspected that there was someone else under the mask?' Titu asked out his doubts.

He ordered Jiang to nod: 'Yes. I heard someone tell the witch waiter that the witch vomited blood again in the Wu Temple.'

'Spitting blood? Or 'and'?' Tidu frowned, 'The witch is injured? But I haven't heard anything for so long...'

'Since there is no one here, even if you are injured, you should hide it from outsiders to avoid causing panic in the tribe.'

He ordered Jiang to say, 'We heard from other leaders that the great witches live in seclusion and rarely see outsiders. The ordinary affairs in the witchcraft temple and the demands of the people's believers are handled by witches or witches around them?'

Titu frowned: 'That's true. Is it possible that the Great Witch is seriously ill?'

He Lingjiang shook his head slightly: 'I only heard a few words, but the witch vomited blood, but I'm not sure how sick he is.'

She continued: 'The reason I suspect that the person on the altar is not the Great Witch himself, just because watching him pray and perform magic on the stage, his movements are smooth and natural, and there is no sense of stagnation. But when I think about the witch waiter's anxiety after knowing that the Great Witch vomited blood, I know that her symptoms are not mild.'

'The person who practices magic, whether he practices metaphysics or witchcraft, once he repeatedly vomits blood, he must be seriously injured or ill, and his internal breathing must be impaired. In this way, it is almost impossible to host such a laborious blessing ceremony as if nothing had happened.'

'When the leader stopped the man, I followed him and walked two steps closer to her.' He Ling Jiang's eyes narrowed slightly. 'If internal breathing is harmful, we can try our best to cover it up and show no trace in the ceremony. But one's anger can't be biased.'

'That person's breath is not like being injured or seriously ill. More importantly, her breath is not owned by someone in the first year of his life like Dawu...'

Tidu could not help staring: 'That... that man... can only be a witch.'

The whole tribe of the barbarians, who can perform the art of praying and invite the gods to wish, will get her true witches besides the great witches.

Sure enough... He Ling Jiang narrowed his eyes slightly. It seems that the witch really has some ability.

'Just...' Titu couldn't help wondering, 'Well, why is the great witch seriously ill? Even to the point of asking a witch to preside over the ceremony for her without telling everyone...'

He Lingjiang remembered what he had heard in the Wu Temple earlier: 'The great sorcerer has not seen anyone since the last half year?'

Tidu was stunned: 'Lady He Qi said that the disease of witchcraft might be related to the tribal unrest years ago?'

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