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Chapter 345 Seize the house

He Lingjiang's eyebrows couldn't help being confused. What kind of idea did this barbarian sorceress and hostess envoy have? Why did they suddenly attack the witch?

For the time being, she resisted her doubts and planned to watch the change.

In the stone chamber, I saw the witch lying on the ground, and the witch attendant who was waiting for her came forward to pick her up and put her into the array in the middle of the stone chamber, and then withdrew to one side.

The big witch in the wide robe went to the long table, took down a silver dagger, cut deeply between his wrists, and red blood poured out. In a flash, he filled a small bowl.

She put her hand between her wrists to stop the bleeding, and then carried the small bowl of blood to the witch lying on the ground. She squatted down and scratched her wrists again.

Before long, the porcelain bowl was full of blood.

He made Jiang's eyes shrink. She was really familiar with what she did!

Previously, she had treated her wounded and immobile self like this on the wasteland. Now, this person is going to use the art of giving up again!

In the middle of the array, there is a groove that connects all sides of the array. The witch carries the porcelain bowl filled with blood to that place, leaning slightly, and the red blood flows into the groove and spreads around.

She said something in her mouth, and did not know what she was singing. With her singing, the blood was gradually absorbed by the array lines, and finally there was no liquid, leaving only mottled and dry blood stains.

The Great Witch put down the porcelain bowl and turned back to the long table. With a small drum in his left hand and a thin rod drumstick in his right hand, he beat the leather drum, hummed the ancient tune in his mouth, and danced around the witch lying on the ground with his steps.

In the quiet stone room, a sudden wind came up. The bell hanging around with a silk rope suddenly jumped up and tinkled. The candles on the light shelves on both sides suddenly became dark, and the stars lit up and swayed in the wind.

The desolate and long old tune, the thumping drum sound and the crisp bell came from a distant place near Suoya's ear. She wanted to open her eyes to see what was going on, but she seemed to be imprisoned and could not use her strength.

A force suddenly penetrated into her body and seemed to be pulling her soul out. She struggled with herself, but in vain.

At this moment, she heard a clear sound of 'Zheng'. The drum sound and singing stopped immediately. Her body relaxed and her mind became clear.

The sorcerer, holding a drumstick, turned sideways to block the short dagger that was shot at him. The drumstick made of metal collided with it, making a loud noise.

She twisted her feet slightly, avoided the man's next hand, stood up straight against the long table, and looked at the man with heavy eyes: 'Who dares to disturb me?'

The visitor was dressed in night clothes, and his face was covered with black scarves, so he could not see the appearance clearly.

Congratulator Jiang sneered, 'You don't recognize me?'

Looking at the strange face under the scarf, the savage wizard's heart suddenly jumped: 'Who are you? You know it's a big crime to break into the underground palace of the Witch Temple?'

'Of course I know, but now you, the goddess envoy of the Holy Palace, the old lady in Princess Yongmu's mouth, are also here?' Congratulate Jiang Youyou.

'Congratulations, Ling, Jiang!' The savage man lost his heart and said every word.

The face under the veil of the person in front of her did not hide any more. Although she had never seen He Lingjiang herself, she was the only one who could go to the underground palace of the Witch Temple to harass her at such an age and appearance.

What's more, this man even broke his identity as a star envoy of the Holy Palace.

What only made her wonder was why Heling Jiang knew her relationship with Princess Yongmu, and how did she know that her real name was Wu Ou?

But the current situation did not allow her to ask more questions.

She glanced aside, and the witch attendant had been knocked unconscious by a slap. Now the one standing opposite her with a sword must be Pei You, the son of the king of Zhenbei who joined hands with He Lingjiang to investigate and suppress the Holy Palace.

He Lingjiang shook his head regretfully: 'The star envoy was right, but he was also wrong. It's a pity that... I stand in front of you now, but you can't recognize who I am...'

The savage sorcerer not only frowned secretly, but what did she mean?

He Lingjiang didn't want to talk to her about it. She glanced at the Sorceress Suoya lying in the array and asked, 'Is this the Star Envoy's way of giving up?'

Hearing the words, the great sorcerer could not help sinking. He Lingjiang was the same person who practiced the art. Since she knew the art, she did not need to deny it.

She retorted, 'Since Lady He Qi has guessed, why should she ask?'

right enough!

He Ling Jiang had already guessed in his heart, but he still wanted to confirm with her: 'If I guess correctly, you are seriously ill, it is because of the previous art of seizing and giving up that led to backbiting. As time goes on, your body will be completely lifeless if it can no longer withstand.'

'Now you are... just trying to take the Sorceress of Sesoya and replace yourself with a young and healthy body?'

'So what?' The sorcerer snorted, 'It's all right in the big week. Do you want to deal with the barbarians?'

He Lingjiang shook his head and spoke softly, but his words were loud and clear: 'I'm not in charge of the tribe of the barbarians. But if there are people here who are evil and want to disrupt the rule of the Zhou Dynasty, let alone say that you are the leader of the barbarians, and I will kill you!'

The desolate man's sorceress eyes could not help sinking. Since He Lingjiang had found her here, he would not easily ask her to leave today.

She is familiar with witchcraft, especially the art of soul shifting and giving up. However, when it comes to close combat, it is far from enough.

With a sharp look in her eyes, she suddenly waved her sleeve. Several sleeve arrows shot at He Ling, Jiang Tong and Pei You. Taking advantage of the two people's escape, she caught Suoya witch who was unconscious.

'Don't go forward! Otherwise, her life will be lost...'

He Ling Jiang's eyebrows slightly picked up and said: 'The Star Emissary is sure he did not catch the wrong person? This is the witch of your barbarian tribe, your disciple, or the new body you chose for yourself. Now you are threatening me with her. What's the reason?'

As she spoke, her feet moved slightly and she was about to move forward.

The savage tightened his fingers and smiled coldly: 'Lady He Seven, don't try to provoke me. She pretended not to care. Suoya is the person I selected, but now that you have interrupted the ceremony, it will be difficult to do it later.'

'But you two are not from the barbarian tribe. The witch died for no reason where you are. Who can say that you didn't kill you? If you don't want to cause another unrest among the barbarians for no reason, you'd better step back...'

She tightened her fingers more and more. Soya, who was in a coma, only felt the pain in her neck. She opened her eyes with difficulty, and tears flowed down uncontrollably.

Although she was in a coma just now, she just couldn't move her body, but her brain gradually woke up after the noise. She also heard their conversation clearly.

For a time, those doubts in the past seemed to have answers at this moment.

He Lingjiang, who stood in front of her, took her look into his eyes, but said quietly: 'The star envoy was wrong. Now, who else knows our identity here except you?'

She smiled: 'If you don't want to let others know, just use the star to solve it. Why bother?'

'You......' The barren man was just about to speak, but he felt a pain in his waist and abdomen, and a short dagger had been thrust into his abdomen with a backhand.

She could not help but relax her hands and looked at the Sorceress Soya in front of her in disbelief.

(End of this chapter)

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