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Chapter 346 replace

With a backhand push, Soya has already spun away from her hold.

Being pushed by this force, the savage man Wu stepped back several steps.

She covered her waist and abdomen, blood trickled from her fingers to the ground, and blood slowly spilled from the corners of her lips.

'Suoya...' She seemed puzzled, and her voice was a little shocked and confused.

How could Suoya, who always followed her fate, suddenly frighten her so hard?

Not to mention her, even He Lingjiang was shocked by this sudden attack. She did not expect that the Sorceress Suoya was so neat and stabbed her Shifu with a backhand.

Did you just hear their conversation and hate that Shifu was going to take her away from you? Did you still ignore her life and coerce her to threaten others?

If so, it is not surprising that she felt hatred in her heart.

However, after all, this desolate person was the one who raised her when she was young. He Ling Jiang thought that she would struggle with grief and could not bear to start. Unexpectedly, she was so decisive.

The Sorceress Suoya cut her sword simply, but her silent tears became more and more turbulent.

She blinked and tried to stop her tears. Her voice was even more condensed: 'Don't call me.'

The savage man gave a gentle cough and spat out half of his blood: 'You... are you a strange master?'

This picture of her body was originally strong, and mobilized her whole body, just for today's struggle.

But the process of performing the magic was interrupted by He Lingjiang, and then she was seriously injured by Suoya. Her face showed an indelible gray color, even more serious than before.

Looking at Suoya's cold eyes, the sorcerer Huang Ren knew that she wanted to take Suoya away, and she knew it.

She smiled sadly: 'Suoya, you are always kind and sincere, and you never tell lies or empty words. But it turns out that you are willing to do anything you say to save Shifu, but you just come to cheat Shifu...'

'Look... Don't say you saved me, but now you're going to kill me...'

Suoya's eyes hurt when she heard the words: 'Shifu has always known me. I always do what I say, and I never say anything wrong. I entered the Witch Temple when I was three years old, and Shifu has taken me for nearly 20 years. Suoya has nothing to repay for all the years of nurturing and teaching...'

'If I can really save Shifu, even if I give this body to Shifu, I will be willing, and I will not hate Shifu because he wants to fight me.'

'But...' She looked at the savage wizard with a sense of pain and hatred. 'Are you really my master?'

'Or are you really the dead old woman in the Wu Temple, the goddess of the temple?'

The barren man was stunned, and Suoya even heard what He Ling Jiang called her?

She did not know exactly where He Lingjiang knew her identity as an old woman, but since four years ago, there has been no one else except the Lord who called her like Princess Yongmu.

'Suoya, Shifu is Shifu. How can you still be someone else? Well, why do you mention the dead old woman?' The savage man frowned.

Suoya smiled coolly, and tears from the corners of her eyes also fell down her cheeks: 'I'm afraid that the one who has passed away is not old woman Wu, but my real master, the real great wizard in the desolate wizard temple...'

'Old lady Wu, I didn't know that you knew the art of soul shifting and giving up for so many years. If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have told you to lie to me with your Shifu's body for four years.'

Four years ago, old woman Wu died of illness. After she woke up from a serious illness, Suoya felt that she had become a different person and became more estranged from her.

She used to comfort herself that old woman Wu was the person who had served Shifu for many years. This time, she may also be a blow to Shifu, which has brought about such changes. '

But in the past four years, Shifu was still a great witch who did not care about power and power. He was high and merciful, but secretly began to gather people from all over the world and expand his power.

How could the former master have done this?

'You deliberately lied to me, but after all, I have been in this witch temple for nearly 20 years, and many things still fall into my eyes inadvertently.'

'Although I am not a great witch, I am a witch after all. If you want to know what you are doing, you can find out a lot with some thought. Only I am not willing to ask again later...'

'But even so...' Soya's voice was a little sad, 'I never thought that Shifu was gone...'

Depressing the pain in her heart, she shot her eyes at the bloodless savage man: 'But it's you...'

'Oh old woman, you were also a witch servant who waited on my Shifu when you were young. However, I don't know when you entered the formation of the Holy Palace, and even caught Shifu's attention, and took her body when she was unprepared!'

Speaking of this, the old woman was a fool. No, she knew that no matter how many lines she explained, it would be useless. She simply laughed hoarsely, and her voice was full of mockery: 'Soya, you have been stupid for so many years, but now you have suddenly become smart, which makes me look at you with awe.'

'Yes, it was silly of me not to have discovered your mistake earlier.' Suoya's lips were slightly pulled, and she laughed at herself coolly.

If she had found something wrong earlier, she would have found a way to avenge her master. How could she have served her as a teacher for four years, or even presided over the divine blessing ceremony on her behalf to deceive the believers?

'The identity of the barbarians brings you the respect of the believers, which helps you to easily seek power. Even the turmoil of the barbarians years ago was also your own... All this is for your own sake and for the so-called holy palace.'

'Oh old woman, you were just a witch attendant beside Shifu, but you turned into the person who was above. Turning your hands is cloud, and covering your hands is rain. But do you remember that you still owe Shifu a life...'

'I owe her?' The old woman laughed quietly. She tried hard to erase the new blood spilling from her lips and looked at the flickering candlelight in the room. Her eyes seemed to drift to the distance.

'It has been decades... Who ever remembered that she and I were cousins of the same family and blood... Only because we entered the Wu Temple together, and she was chosen as a witch by the great witch, and I could only be a witch servant standing behind her forever.'

'The witch, the witch waiter, is just a word different, but the life experiences after that are very different.'

Her voice was a little angry: 'Obviously, my understanding of witchcraft is not inferior to her! But the Great Witch said that I can't be a witch, nor can I be the Great Witch in charge of the Witch Temple!'

'How unfair! But how reasonable!' She grinned, revealing her bloodstained teeth. 'By chance, I got an ancient book nearby and learned the art of soul removal. If God helps me, I will do this for her!'

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