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Chapter 353 Thank you

As soon as He Lingjiang and Pei You stepped into the palace in the north of the town, Zheng Weng welcomed them and said, 'Prince, He Qiniang, please come over.'

The king of Zhenbei is back.

Count the time. He has been training in Yuyang for many days. It's really time to return.

They followed Zheng Weng's study of the king of the north town.

As soon as he stepped into the study, He Lingjiang saw a figure sitting in front of the table, holding his pen and writing something.

The man was dressed in civilian clothes and seemed to be at ease in his study. However, even so, he still vaguely showed the iron and blood spirit of many years of fighting on the battlefield.

Hearing the news, he put down his pen, looked up at them, and looked straight at He Lingjiang, almost imperceptibly.

He Lingjiang didn't realize it. He calmly met his eyes, then clasped his hands in front of his chest and bowed slightly: 'He Qi has seen the Lord.'

Well, it's Lady He Qi, who has become famous in Zhou Dynasty at a young age

Looking at her appearance of being neither humble nor arrogant, and the charm between her lines, Pei Jian, the king of Zhenbei, sighed that she was indeed not an ordinary person.

'The Seventh Lady should not be too polite.' He raised his hand slightly, motioned for He Lingjiang to take a seat, and then looked at Pei You. 'I haven't seen you back for half a year. Unexpectedly, you have directly cooperated with He Qiniang to do something important.'

In his tone, he was somewhat praising.

He has known about the barbarian tribes.

Not to mention the magical power that can wipe out the wasteland in just a few days, he also helped his own people to the top with bloodless force, making it easier for the Zhenbei Army to educate the wasteland people later on. He had to praise this move of 'one arrow withering with two withering arrows'. Well done!

In the face of the praise of the Zhenbei King, Pei You was not proud and happy, but said with a face: 'Just by taking the opportunity to investigate and suppress the forces of the Holy Palace, it was just a chance to gather up the barbarian tribes. Fortunately, the Seventh Lady He was there, so it could be so smooth.'

Since the turmoil of the barbarian tribes years ago, the Zhenbei Army has strengthened its supervision.

After the former leader was killed by a traitor, they wanted to help Tidu rise to the top, but they called Wu Ou to take the lead and pushed the person who had a close relationship with the temple as the leader.

At that time, they did not know that there was a plan for the Holy Palace behind them. In addition, the chaos was planned, which would not lead to another incident. They only attracted the people of the desert to revolt, so they put the matter down for the time being.

This time, it was intended to eradicate the forces of the Holy Palace. Unexpectedly, the matter of the barbarian witches was brought out later. With this matter, the barbarian witches were allowed to stand at their side and naturally pushed Tidu to the upper position.

Pei Jian raised his eyebrows. Ah Pei, the boy, never pretended to praise others, let alone to praise others.

Only now, he speaks highly of the seventh wife of the He family

He could not help thinking of Zheng Weng's remark that Lady He Qi is now living in the yard where Lady Xiao used to live, and his eyebrows creased almost invisibly.

Pei has been cold tempered since he was young. After his wife left, he closed his heart. Because of that, he was somewhat resistant to him.

He has been trying his best to make up for it, but even so, it is difficult to get into Abe's heart.

For so many years, she is just a lady Xiao Xuan Xiao. She can make him as lively as a young man of his age.

Although Pei You's thoughts about Lady Xiao are obscure and tight, Pei Jian, as his grandfather, can still perceive many differences.

If he is selfish, he naturally hopes that Pei will have such a person around him and stay with him for a long time.

Only between two people, not to mention the difference in age, they said that one was always free and easy, and one was just like a gourd with a mouth full.

Pei Jian could only sigh to himself, hoping that the young man's thoughts would fade away one day.

Now look, does he really care about the Seven Wives of the He Family?

Pei Jian looked at He Lingjiang, who was sitting with his hands upright, and had to say that, as far as he heard and saw, the Seventh Lady He was indeed a rare woman in the world.

Yan Yi's eyebrows and eyes were a little more smiling: 'Ah Pei was right. Lady He Qi helped the Northern Army in our town to further collect the barbarians, and she really wanted to thank him.'

After saying that, he took out a wooden box from the drawer behind the book eucalyptus and handed it to He Lingjiang: 'This is the red gold jade that I have recently obtained. It is good in appearance, but it has not yet been polished. He Qiniang took it to make her own style.'

What he said was random. However, as soon as the wooden box was opened, it showed a golden glow. It was obvious that it was not ordinary.

Red gold jade is produced in the extreme cold, but it is warm. Wearing it on the body can warm the body and strengthen the body and soul. It is a treasure that ordinary people and mysterious people want.

Red gold jade is rare in the world, not to mention such a large piece, which has excellent appearance.

Pei Jian's thank-you gift is not light.

He Lingjiang chuckled and pushed it back: 'The lord is polite. He Qike dare not accept such a heavy gift

'The wasteland is all about investigating and suppressing the Holy Palace. Since I have been ordered to do my best, I naturally want to do my best. As for other things, it is also my duty as a Zhou person. What's more, thanks to the northern troops who are stationed outside the tribe, otherwise, the tribes of the wasteland people may not be so secure.'

'Lord, you have led the Zhenbei Army to garrison the northern border and guard the safety of the Great Zhou Dynasty. You have not prided yourself on it yet. He Qi is not so grateful.'

When Pei Jian heard the words, he couldn't help laughing aloud: 'Lady He Qi is really too modest. At your age, you can't find a second one who can leave so many deeds.'

When Pei You saw that they refused, he simply stepped forward and put the wooden box into He Lingjiang's hands: 'From Linchuan to Yingdu, and then to the north, there is still this wasteland. The Seventh Lady He has helped me a lot along the way, and naturally I should be so grateful.'

He Lingjiang looked at the wooden box in his hand, and could not help laughing. Ah Pei seemed to be helping her to pit his father's treasure.

But now that the wooden boxes were in her hands, it was unnecessary for her to refuse again.

'Thank you, Lord.' Then she looked at Pei You again. 'Thank you for your praise, too.'

Pei Jian smiled, waved her hand to show that she didn't need to be polite, and then said, 'I was in Yuyang, and when Lady He Qi came to the palace in the north of Zhenbei, I couldn't hold a banquet to welcome her. Now that things are almost done, I will hold a banquet in the palace tonight, which is also a welcome to you. Does Lady He Qi think it is feasible?'

'Well, let the lord arrange it.' Congratulation made Jiang smile and reply.

She chatted with Pei Jian again for a while, hid the old woman and told him about the wasteland, and then went back to her own yard to rest.

Pei Jian looked at her body and then looked at Pei You beside her, 'Why, but you want to tell me something?'

There was something in his voice that was perfect.

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