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Chapter 363 courtesans' quarters

'Oh?' He ordered Jiang to put down his hairpin and sit upright. 'Tell me.'

Qiongzhi cleared her throat and told the story together.

The oil seller walked through the streets all day long and contacted many people. Qiong Zhi stared at people for a while, but didn't notice anything wrong.

When she was depressed, she found that the man had secretly gone to the brothel in Kangfang, Dongping, the city.

A man like him, who is in his prime of life, doesn't look very strange when he goes to a brothel.

However, this brothel, called Lanyin House, is located in Pingkang Square. Most of its contacts are dignitaries, which is not affordable for him, a poor oil seller.

Qiong Zhi was suspicious, so she asked people to focus on checking. Only then did she find out that this man had a crush, and was a maid in the kitchen of the Lanyin Hall.

Since they are only servants and maids, and although the oil seller is a little poor, he has a pretty good face, and they seem to be on good terms with each other.

Qiong Zhi thought it was futile again this time. She thought she would just try to find out. If there was no result, she would stop and check again in another direction.

She disguised herself as a rich man seeking pleasure. When she was drunk in sheep's clothing, she bumped the oil salesman who had just come out of the back door of the whore shop and turned him upside down.

In the confusion, the oil seller unexpectedly left a letter in his arms.

He seemed to attach great importance to the letter, and his face became nervous. He immediately gathered the things in his arms, and even did not care about the rich family's money to compensate him, so he left in a hurry.

There is something fishy! Qiongzhi was sure.

Sure enough, two days later, the oil seller went to the corner gate of He Mansion again, met the maid in the courtyard, and handed her a letter.

I don't know what was said in the letter, but since then, the servant girl has been completely stable and has no other actions.

'Seventh Lady, there must be something wrong with the servants of the brothel who meet with the oil seller, right?'

He Ling Jiang's eyes narrowed slightly: 'It doesn't look so simple.'

She bent her index finger slightly and knocked on the table: 'However, although the kitchen maid appeared, she may not be the only one with problems.'

Qiongzhi nodded: 'I thought the same before. There may be other people in the brothel who have problems. Maybe the servant is really their hand, or maybe the servant is just a cover to pass on information for others.

'In this way, in the brothel, the pimp, the steward, the tortoise slave, or the prostitute may have problems with their maids...'

He Lingjiang nodded gently, and her voice was low: 'Maybe, the problem is not only these individuals, but the whole whorehouse..'

For example, the Holy Palace opened bookstores and gambling houses to inquire about news. If they open a whorehouse again, it seems no wonder.

'Did you know who is the owner behind the Lanyin Hall?' He Lingjiang asked.

Qiongzhi nodded and said in a somewhat cautious tone, 'It was the letter of acceptance that made the Zhao family. The secret was very tight, and the servant also took several turns to find out.'

Zhao Family?

The mother of Duan Wang, the wife of Consort Zhao Xian?

It is not surprising that aristocratic dignitaries have their own livelihoods.

However, the establishment of a brothel has always been shameful to the Qingliu Aristocratic Family.

The Zhao family can be regarded as the relatives of the emperor and the country. The head of the family is also in the important position of the order, and he even set up a brothel in Yingdu?

If this matter is known by the Imperial Historian's Office, I'm afraid it will lead to impeachment. The letter has caused a lot of headaches.

However, since he has been safe so far, he wants to come from his own means. I can't say, even if there are imperial historians, they just turn a blind eye.

Throughout the ages, people who set up brothels by using women who could not decide their own destiny only wanted two things.

One is for money, the other is for news.

Money is easy to get, and it is not an unattainable thing for the Zhao family, which has risen from a humble family to a respectable family.

The key is the personal information behind it.

The brothel is a place of three religions and nine branches, and the Lanyin Hall, which is located in Pingkang Square, has more contacts with dignitaries.

As the Zhao family, I bought this Lanyin Hall privately, nine times out of ten, because of the news of contacts. On the one hand, it is good for me to do things in the imperial court. On the other hand, I'm afraid it is for the good imperial concubine and Duan Wang in the palace?

Although the crown prince has been in office for many years, after Linchuan privately picked him up, his position as the crown prince was precarious.

Earlier on the birthday of the eldest princess, the emperor released the crown prince who had been imprisoned in the Eastern Palace for many months. The crown prince could be said to be bent on seeking the favor of the emperor again, but the lost holy heart could not be earned back so easily.

However, Duan Wang has always been well behaved, and has always been praised by the emperor.

Such a powerful opponent is on the side, but he doesn't want to stare at the crown prince under his buttocks.

Although Duan Wang did not come from the imperial palace, did not today's saints also come to the Ninth Five Year Plan as the sons of princes and commoners?

He Ling Jiang met Duan Wang once at the birthday party of the eldest princess. He was four years older than the prince, and his speech and behavior were mature and steady.

Compared with the prince who was a little elegant, he was more powerful and looked deep.

Congratulatory Jiang has been travelling around with Shifu since he was young, and boasts that he has seen countless people.

Such a person is undoubtedly ambitious.

If the crown prince's position was stable before, and Linchuan privately picked eucalyptus, wouldn't Duan Wang's heart be ready to move?

What's more, he was not sure if he had done it before.

He Lingjiang has always suspected that this spy in her hospital was set up by the Holy Palace, but now it is inexplicably involved in the Zhao family.

This scout was planted by his family before they arrived at Yingdu. So, it was Zhao Family and Duan Wang who put their eyes on her before entering Yingdu?

However, there are so many aristocratic dignitaries in Yingdu, and the He Family, who left for many years, is not so prominent here.

Although He Lingjiang made some achievements in Linchuan and Yaozhou, which attracted people's praise, the emperor attached great importance to the award, and even ordered her to be excluded from the company.

But at that time, all her deeds were only passed on to the public.

In the eyes of the world, no matter how powerful she is, she is only the seventh wife of the He family, who will obey the orders of the He family leader. He Xiangshan is the master of He Family.

At that time, she had not yet arrived in Yingdu. If the people in the court wanted to look at He's family, they would only focus on He Xiangshan, the head of the family. How could they look at her alone?

She has observed that this spy can not be underestimated from his martial arts to his temperament. She can not be found casually.

When such a person was placed beside her, the people behind her obviously felt that they should pay more attention to her trend than He Xiangshan.

He Lingjiang wanted to stare at her and kill her all the time. He Lingjiang thought of a temple that she had broken up many times and killed the congregation.

Is there another collusion between Zhao Shi and the Holy Palace?

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