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Chapter 365 Reply

When she took Qinglian to practice for the first time, she noticed that the ice soul Qinglian had a sense of intelligence.

In the past, she also saw many natural creatures, who absorbed the spirit of heaven and earth and gave birth to wisdom, such as the black cat that harmed people in the house of Prefecture Sun of Linchuan, and the magnolia tree in the prefecture's wife's yard.

Either because of chance or because of the power of belief in incense, one or two points of intelligence were born.

If we can get the right time, it is not impossible to cultivate the power of body transformation.

The demon fox, which turned into a handsome man or a beautiful woman, confused people. Although it was imagined in the storybook, it was not impossible.

However, it is a rare opportunity for people in the world to be enlightened.

It will take thousands of years from the germination of intelligence, to the cultivation of mind, to the transformation into another form.

In the meantime, wind, frost, rain, rain and thunder were all tests. One was not careful, but he fell under the law of heaven.

Therefore, although He Lingjiang has been used to seeing evil spirits and ghosts for so many years, few of them can successfully cultivate the power of illusion from other things, and can make human shapes at will.

Many years ago, she and her Shifu traveled in the East China Sea. They crossed the sea to the country of Japan. By chance, she met a white fox named 'Ge Ye'.

This white fox is hidden in the mountains and forests. It has been practicing for thousands of years. It can be transformed into a human being with beautiful appearance and style.

Except for the white fox, none of the demons she met had reached the level of Ge Ye. Although many magical powers have been cultivated, it is still difficult to get rid of the shackles of noumenon.

It is difficult for animals to cultivate human form. It is even more difficult for plants to generate intelligence from the body of ignorance and unconsciousness and then cultivate human form.

He Lingjiang thought about it. It seems that this kind of thing is only recorded in ancient books. In fact, no one has really met it in reality.

At the beginning, she noticed that the ice soul green lotus had already given birth to intelligence, and she also wondered whether it could get a chance to be transformed into a shape like the white fox one day.

After all, according to Zhu, an old sorcerer in Nanzhao, the ice soul green lotus had been passed on for several generations while Yunnan was still alive.

However, on second thought, for these creatures, they do not know the obscure spring and autumn, but only rely on their nature to learn the aura to cultivate themselves. But for her, the time when Yu Qinglian was not aware of is also a hundred years.

The life span of ordinary people is limited. Even those who practice Xuanshu have many years to live.

Even if this green lotus can really cultivate, she may not see it in her lifetime.

She shook her head and smiled, then left the idea behind and just took it to practice as usual.

Now, the green lotus can even escape from the black ice it was born in and float in the air. It can be seen that it is not as simple as intelligence now.

He ordered Jiang to get close to it, and the bright light around the green lotus shed the spirit of pure spirit. When she breathed, it condensed into a thin gauze, which circled from her palm to her wrist, and then slowly penetrated into her skin.

At that moment, He Lingjiang felt light all over, and the faint fatigue had also been relieved.

She stretched out her finger and nodded the petals of the green lotus: 'So she wanted to eliminate my fatigue... Thank you very much.'

The green lotus shook the petals as if in joy.

She looked at Qinglian and said with a smile, 'Look at you now. It may not be long before you can make a breakthrough...'

Qinglian seems to understand her words. When she hears the flowers bending slightly, she seems to nod her head and agree with her.

He Lingjiang's eyes were full of smiles. He could not say that Qinglian's fate might be coming soon.

After a moment in her palm, Qinglian slowly rises again and returns to the glass box to lie on the black ice.

It seems that it is going to have a rest.

He ordered Jiang to cover the glass box, but he did not put it back, but took it to the bedside and put it on the short table beside.

Then she went to bed and fell asleep.

One night there is no dream of dawn.

He Lingjiang returned to Yingdu yesterday, so he can go home and have a rest.

Today, since she has a responsibility to handle affairs, now that the matter is over, she must go to the Department of Unfair to report the matter.

Yuan naturally knew that she had returned. He expected that she would come to the company today, so he waited for her in the morning.

After he ordered Jiang to have a breakfast, he took Ah Man to Buyuansi.

Seeing her, the guard at the gate bent over and said, 'Madam He, you are back.'

He Ling Jiang smiled and nodded.

She passed through the company all the way and met many people. After seeing her, she came forward to greet her.

After all, no one in the Department of Destiny knows that the Seventh Lady He has done a good job in handling the things that the sage and the headmaster told her.

Since then, her position in the company is afraid to be promoted again.

With talent, ability, means and achievements, who among the subordinates dares to underestimate her because of her age?

Before stepping into Yuan Bukuai's office yard, I saw several Xuanshi who went to the north with her from a distance.

Among these people, two are proficient in the art of spells, called Leyi and Wang Li. Among the others, Xue Huai is good at boxing and swordsmanship, and Zhao Xie is good at Qimen Dunjia.

These people really did their best to help her in her trip to Beidi.

When she was in Zhuozhou earlier, she asked Wang Li and Xue Huai to escort Guangning and others back to Yingdu first. Although they were intercepted by the Holy Palace on the way, they did not make any mistakes. It can be seen that they really spent a lot of effort.

Seeing her coming, several people went up to her and gave her a mysterious gift: 'He Qi Niang.'

After all, He Lingjiang did the Northern Territory thing alone. Now that she came back and reported it to the headmaster, they naturally wanted to follow her.

He Lingjiang put his hands on his chest and said, 'Please wait for me. Let's go in.'

She walked in front of everyone, and when she came into the room, the rest followed in turn.

'See Zhang Si.'

Yuan, who was sitting at the top, raised his hand slowly: 'Don't be polite. You've worked hard to go to the north.'

'The headmaster is serious.'

Yuan did not hesitate to look at Congling Jiang who was standing in the front.

The four Xuanshi were separated from her. It was obvious that she was the leader, but she was indifferent.

Obviously, compared with the appearance of obedience but unconvincing before leaving Yingdu, these Xuanshi are now convinced of her.

Sure enough, Yuan did not hesitate to say that although she was a little girl, she was very prudent and experienced in metaphysics, interpersonal treatment and persuasion.

It's not like a girl who hasn't reached her hairpin yet.

This means that the old foxes who have been in the power field for many years may not be able to match.

He is a rare talent.

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