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Chapter 366 Probing

He ordered Jiang to report all the things about the temple that he had found in the northern part of the country. Although Yuan did not hesitate to receive her letter earlier, what she said in the letter was limited after all, and it was only a general idea.

Now, after listening to her detailed report, Yuan did not hesitate to clarify everything in the north.

As expected, the temple has been plotting secretly for many years.

From the south to the north, none of these things can be accomplished in three years or five years. They must be rooted and planned.

Since the downfall of the previous dynasty, the Holy Palace has been dormant for more than 50 years. It has made such painstaking plans to overthrow the Zhou regime.

If Linchuan had not picked an eucalyptus privately, it would have exposed the shadow of the temple and pulled it out. Then He ordered Jiang to follow this line and explore their plans in the south and north, and break them down one by one.

Today's big week, I'm afraid that we will be in danger without knowing it.

Yuan did not hesitate to ask He Lingjiang about some details, and then asked them to leave.

He ordered Jiang to bow and salute slightly. He wanted to go out with everyone, but Yuan didn't hesitate to stop him: 'Let Jiang stay first, I have something to ask you.'

She paused at her feet: 'Yes.'

When others retreated and the room became quiet, Yuan did not begrudge and said, 'You have worked hard in the northern part of China. We just heard from them that you have not been hurt so much. How are you now?'

He ordered Jiang to nod slightly: 'Thank you for your concern. It's OK now.'

'That's good.' Yuan said generously, 'You're still young, and it's a good time to study hard. If you hurt your foundation carelessly, it's bad.'

He took out a small porcelain vase from his sleeve and handed it to He Lingjiang: 'This is the nourishing pill that was personally refined in the Autumn Palm Hall of the Taiqing Taoist Temple. It can be used to regulate breath and nourish the body. Take it first for a rainy day.'

This nourishing pill is also a superior healing and nourishing pill. Although it is not as rare as Guiyuan Pill, it is also a treasure.

The Qiushui Palm Hall of the Taiqing Palace is one of the four palm halls of the Taiqing Temple. It is responsible for the teaching and assessment of the classics and the students in the Taiqing Palace.

She is an alchemist. Her skill of alchemy can be said to be unparalleled in the Xuanmen, and the pills made by her are even more precious.

Since this Yangyuan Pill is made by her, it must be of excellent quality. Even if its effect is not as good as the Guiyuan Pill, which is called a holy product, it will not be much worse.

He ordered Jiang to take the porcelain bottle. Although the bottle is small, you can feel that it is full. It can be used for many days.

If this small bottle is taken outside, it will be more than ten thousand gold.

Yuan Bukuai was born in the Imperial Palace, so he could get a gift from the Qiushui Palm Hall.

Unexpectedly, Yuan was generous in his action.

Congratulate Jiang Chui and say, 'Thank you, Zhang Si.'

Yuan smiled generously: 'Don't be polite. Now that you are working under my seat, I will treat you as my own and give you some healing pills, which is nothing.'

'Up to now, from the south to the north, there are many things in this holy palace. Thanks to your presence, you can break through their intrigues one by one, and capture these villains and evil ways. You......'

He looked at He Lingjiang, who was standing in front of him, and said with emotion, 'Now, we are not worthy of our company. Without you, the things in the temple would not have gone so smoothly...'

He made Jiang smell the words, and his eyelashes could not help shivering.

She really made many contributions to the elimination of evil ways in the Holy Palace.

As the blade of the Xuanmen in the hands of the emperor, Buyuansi has a deep relationship with the Taiqing Temple, and should have observed the differences between the Xuanmen in the world.

However, since the founding of the Zhou Dynasty, the Holy Palace has been dormant in the dark for planning. Buyuansi didn't know anything about it. Later, the Holy Palace took advantage of Beidi to invade the northern border area, causing chaos among the people. Buyuansi was also unaware of it.

It was not until Linchuan privately picked eucalyptus and sold iron eucalyptus that the temple was drawn out.

After that, he killed Xuanyang, captured Liuyuan, killed Zhuque, saved Yaozhou, and the forces of the Southern Holy Palace of the Qing Dynasty.

The emperor saw her value in this matter and asked her to join the company.

When Buyuansi was at a loss about the Holy Palace, she took advantage of Lu Shi's case to find out the stronghold of the Holy Palace in Yingdu and the influence of the North Earth's secret knot.

This is naturally a credit.

However, this was something to others, but it was something to Yuan.

For the leader in power, it is good that his subordinates are capable. But if his subordinates are too capable, it is not a good thing.

He Lingjiang has been working with Yuan Buqi for several months. He is a bit unruly in his character. If not, he will not put Taiqingguan's hand on it. He just entered the company of bad luck and won the position of head of the company all the way.

He is also generous in promoting and appointing talented Xuanshi.

As the strongest person in the Taiqing Taoist Temple, he has been unable to hold the position of head of the company for more than ten years. He has enough capital to be proud of himself, and he is not a person who will be inexplicably afraid of his subordinates.

But now that he has said such words, he has his own intention.

He ordered Jiang Chui to say: 'I dare not make a contribution. I was lucky to have the help of the Pei Family Aristocrat and General Han when I was fighting against the Holy Palace in the south, so that I could bring the rebels of the Holy Palace to justice.'

'Now in Beidi, in addition to the sage asking Pei Shizi to help from the side, Jiang was also given the Xuanhe Order by the leader, and sent Leyi, Wang Li and others to help him, so that the matter could be done well.'

She took the Black Crane Order out of her arms and stepped forward to Yuan Bukuai: 'Wherever the Black Crane Order went, whether it was in the Xuanmen or in the Yamen, it was true that he would look at the palm and help Jiang a lot. That's how the trip went smoothly.'

'Now that the matter has been settled, it's time to return the order to the owner and give it back to the headmaster.' After that, she put the order on the table in front of Yuan Bukuai.

Yuan did not hesitate to look at the black crane order on the table, and then looked at her drooping eyes, and sighed.

This child is really smart!

In fact, he was trying to see if she would be proud.

However, she did not even frown at these words. She was neither proud nor frightened, but quietly blocked her words of praise but pressure.

He did not deny his contribution, but did not just boast about himself. He said that his contribution was actually due to the help of others, and he was highly praised by the order of the Black Crane.

If the boss who is seriously afraid of her hears this, his fear will be gone.

He had seen for a long time that He Lingjiang was proud and could not flatter. However, if such a thing happens, she can not be stubborn, but can resolve it in four or two ways.

He had never intended to be an apprentice before, but now he can't help sighing that such a capable and intelligent child is not his disciple?

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