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Chapter 367 Synmerism

Yuan did not hesitate to turn around and think again that although she was not her disciple, she now works under her own hands, and she is now half a Shifu.

Since half of Shifu has been counted, he would like to say more.

He looked at He Lingjiang, who was standing at the table with his eyes closed, and said slowly, 'Ling Jiang, you have a steady way to do things. You must understand the truth that big trees attract wind.'

As her contributions increased, he didn't have a heart to blame, which was not due to many Xuanshi in the department, but they might not have other thoughts in their hearts.

What he said just now actually meant something to her.

He made Jiang's heart move, and she said that she suddenly said that according to Yuan's generous nature, it was so.

He was afraid that he would make contributions one after another. He was proud and arrogant, which made people jealous.

After all, she started too fast. It was not because someone in the company convinced her, but it was inevitable that someone would be jealous of her.

What's more, she represents the He Family.

With Yuan's generous insight, he could see from himself that the He family's re-entry into Yingdu this time, which was said to be Qifu, was actually a knife waved to the Holy Palace by a saint.

Now, this knife is easy to use, and the sage is naturally happy, but he is inevitably worried about whether he will cut himself. In particular, everyone knows that the sage also has a vague taboo against He Family.

What's more, when the He Family's sword is cut to the Holy Palace, it will inevitably touch the interests of some aristocratic dignitaries and block the way of some people.

They dare not do anything to the saint who holds the sword, but they may not be able to attack He Shi and He Lingjiang secretly.

It would be too simple for her to only think about letting He Shi take advantage of the temple to take root in Yingdu again.

Yuan did not hesitate to point out: 'Jiang, it's good for people to go high. But don't forget that before they have enough strength, a small vine on the road is very likely to trip people and even can't stand up again...'

Although he didn't explain it, his words also vaguely pointed out her current situation with He Shi.

He Lingjiang is good at Xuanshu. Although she is gifted, she is not from the orthodox Xuanmen after all. Many people secretly resent her.

Although He Shi is valued by the emperor now, he offended the prince first because of what he did.

Whatever it is, they should be more vigilant to avoid being tripped up secretly.

He made Jiang lift her eyes. Yuan's generous suggestion and care surprised her.

'Thank you, Zhang Si. Jiang knew about it, and he must be careful later.'

Yuan smiled and waved his hand: 'It's good that you know what you know. I didn't tell you to stop shining. Although the tree is big, it shows that there are good trees here. If you are afraid of the wind and frost, you can't become a talent. But you should be more careful when you do things everyday.'

He ordered Jiang to shake hands and shake hands on his chest. He said solemnly, 'Let Jiang remember.'

Yuan did not hesitate to point to the black crane order on the table: 'Now the matter of the holy palace is over, and there are still many places that need you. Let's put the black crane order beside you first, and it will be convenient for you to do things.'

'Yes.' He Ling Jiang came forward and took the Black Crane Order again.

Yuan generously nodded with satisfaction, and then said, 'This time, King Leyi and the four of them went to Beidi with you. They have made great contributions. After that, you can celebrate together with Sili.'


'You should be familiar with each other for so many days. Now that you are familiar with each other, you can ask them to help you if you have anything to do later.'

He ordered Jiang to raise eyebrows. Did he suggest that he had a good relationship with them?

This time when she went to the northern region, Yuan did not hesitate to select her helpers, who were not weak in the Department of Destiny. They could be ranked in the top of all the departments they belonged to, and should not be underestimated.

She had never thought that Yuan Buqi not only didn't mind being close to them, but even hinted at it.

None of his actions was not to instruct her how to stand firm in the company.

The congratulations moved Jiang.

She has traveled since she was young and doesn't like dating

Shu, of course, never thought that he would go to Yingdu to work for the imperial court one day. However, all kinds of changes and situations later brought her to this point.

The center of power has always been open and closed, and the clouds are treacherous.

Even if it is different from other places in the official arena, it is inevitable that there are still many restrictions and many people fighting.

However, Yuan did not begrudge her leadership, which was beyond her expectation.

Apart from those people in the mountains, Yuan Busui is the first person in the seventy-two palaces of the Xuanmen. He is really strong and generous.

What's more, he didn't mean to suppress her, but was rather green eyed towards her, who was not from the so-called Xuanmen orthodox family, but was also pushed by the emperor.

Having been in the company for so long, she also saw that Yuan Bukuai did not like the other people in the Xuanmen, who always regarded themselves as orthodox. For him, strength is better than birth.

Since she joined the company, Yuan has treated her generously, which can be said to be highly valued.

'Thanks for the guidance of the headmaster, so that Jiang will certainly live up to the expectations of the headmaster.' He ordered Jiang to thank him sincerely. Seeing that he had no further instructions, he left the room.

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Out of Yuan Bukuai's yard, He Ling Jiang turned a corner and walked out a short distance to see King Leyi gathering in the corridor, talking about recent events in Beidi and Yingdu.

Seeing that it was her, several people greeted her with smiles: 'Congratulations to the Seventh Lady.'

He ordered Jiang Qian to nod with a smile. After greeting them one by one, he said, 'Everyone in Beidi has done a lot of work. We had to escort Guangning and others before. Although we went together, we couldn't come back together. Now that we are all here, why don't we get together? My treat is also a thank you.'

Xue Huailang smiled and said, 'It's our Xuanshi's duty to destroy the Holy Palace. We should not be grateful. Along the way, we have learned a lot from Lady He Qi. We have also been instructed by Lady He Qi in Xuanshu. If we say thank you, we should thank you.'

To tell the truth, although they helped Lady He Qi a little, they mostly relied on her to cooperate with Prince Pei.

After the incident, she did not take credit for it, nor did she forget them. When several people reported the incident in the north before the headmaster, Lady He Seven also praised them.

These words and deeds always make people feel flattered.

If they were not satisfied with He Lingjiang before they set out, they will be satisfied with her strength and her handling.

'But --' he said with a long voice, 'If Lady He Seven wants to treat, we will not refuse. What do you say?'

Zhao Xie also laughed and said, 'Of course, Lady He invited us. We can't take the opportunity to have a good meal. Don't blame us for eating too much!'

He Ling Jiang said with a smile in his eyes, 'Well, let's just open up and eat today. How about going to Chunshen Tower?'

'That's a good relationship. Chunshen Tower is the best restaurant in Yingdu!'

Wei Fuyi

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