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Chapter 370 reach the age of fifteen

The eldest princess asked to be the guest of honor at the hairpin ceremony of the two little wives of the He family. Not only He Shi but also He Xiangshan frowned when she heard about it.

But he thought more than Song Shi. When he thought of the Long Princess's birthday party, she pulled Jiang to talk, and his heart sank.

However, since the eldest princess took the initiative to give face to the He family, they could not be unkind.

He Xiangshan put down his doubts and said slowly, 'Let's invite the eldest princess to be the guest of honor...'

Therefore, today's wedding ceremony for the wives of He Family is the most beautiful one among the Yingdu clans in the past two years. Her Royal Highness Princess Royal Highness Princess is the guest of honor, and Princess Dening is the praise.

Even this early morning, the queen of the palace sent an envoy to give a gift.

When they saw Princess Dening, they also stood up and said hello to her, 'Princess.'

Princess Dening came forward with a smile and said, 'Congratulations to Lady Six and Lady Seven on their hairpins.'

The congratulatory order Jiang replied with a smile, 'Thank you, Princess.'

'What are you tired of?' Princess Dening waved her hand. 'I'm glad that you can invite me to be the praiser.'

Generally speaking, the person who likes it is a friend or sister of the hairdresser.

He Lingjiang and his wife were not close to her.

Except that they had some contacts on the day of the birthday party of the eldest princess, and later He Ling Jiang sent some runes to the eldest princess' mansion, they had few opportunities to contact.

He Lingjiang was busy with things that were not suitable for him, and he didn't have time to attend the banquets between the noble women. He Yunjia and Princess Dening met at the banquets nearby occasionally, and said a few words.

But now, the eldest princess suddenly said that she would be the He's sister and the guest of honor at the hairpin ceremony. Princess Dening also became interested and asked the He family to deny the praise. If not, she volunteered to take the responsibility.

The He family returned to Yingdu this time, because when they separated, two bedrooms and three bedrooms did not come back together.

Although some people from other clans are coming to Yingdu to develop, they have not yet moved with their families. When the whole family moves here, it will probably be years later at the earliest.

He Yunchu has been married. He ordered Jiang and He Yunjia to join the hairpin again, but they couldn't find a suitable sister to be the praiser.

As for their handkerchiefs, they were all in Linchuan, and it was not easy to come here.

Song Shi was considering this matter.

She didn't expect anything from Jiang. Recently, Yunjia has participated in many banquets among Yingdu aristocratic dignitaries. There are also young women who can speak a few words. She thought, let Yunjia invite one.

Now that Princess Dening wants to come on her own initiative, she is naturally very happy. She has already had an elder princess. The He family can live with another Princess Dening.

As for the company, He Yunjia himself invited it from the girls he had made friends with.

The guests outside have arrived. He Xiangshan, as the father of the hairdresser, said a few words briefly, and then came to the hairdresser.

As an admirer, Princess Dening came out first, washed her hands and took her place on the western steps.

Then, in the solemn sound of the bell and chime, He Ling Jiang and his wife walked to the center of the venue, bowed to the female guests and knelt on the mat.

The little lady who was in charge of the company took the tray and stepped forward. Princess Dening reached for the comb and combed Jiang's hair for him. Then she withdrew.


Then the eldest princess got up and wiped her hands dry. She went to Heling Jiang and his wife, and recited the toast: 'On the auspicious day of the month, Canada will start to dress in dollars. If you abandon your young aspirations, you will become virtuous. You will take the birthday test of Weiqi and Jieer Jingfu.'

At the end of the chanting, Sifeng presented her hairpin. The eldest princess knelt down, combed her hair and hairpin for the slightly longer He Yunjia, and then it was He Lingjiang's turn. After everything was done, she got up and returned to her original position.

Princess Dening stepped forward, symbolically as the hairpin of the two men.

He ordered Jiang and He Yunjia to look at each other and stand up. The guests present congratulated them in unison according to the etiquette.

He ordered Jiang and his wife to bow to the guests and thank them. Then they went back to the room and put on the plain clothes and Ru skirts that matched the hairpins. Then they thanked their parents for their upbringing.

He Xiangshan and his wife looked at their two daughters who bowed their heads and bowed down to the ground, but their eyes suddenly filled with warmth. The small group of babies in the past has grown into such a beautiful and beautiful appearance. They are already hairpins

Then, the official guests recited the toast and added hairpins again. He ordered Jiang and his wife to change into the deep clothes that matched the hairpins and then went to the audience again to meet the guests, which was considered a rite.

The hairpin ceremony was carried out according to the etiquette followed by the clan. The process was complicated. When everything was over, he could not help sighing.

Her previous hairdressing ceremony did not have so much red tape.

At that time, she and Ji happened to be in the northern part of the city, so they set up their offices in the palace of the prince in the northern part of the town.

Neither Shifu nor she likes to stir people up, so this and hairpin ceremony did not entertain others, just a few people from the palace in the north of the town.

She grew up with Shifu since childhood, and there were no female elders close to her. At that time, Shifu added the hairpin for her personally. Yousi and Zan forced Pei You, who was less than eleven years old, to bear it. He Lingjiang still remembered his smelly face.

She could not help laughing. Now that she thought about it, the hairpin ceremony was really too careless.

However, even so, the hairpin ceremony, which was snowing in winter, had teachers, relatives and friends, and was also the most precious memory of her life.

After the banquet, the day will pass.

He ordered Jiang to return to his hospital, remove the hairpin from his head, take off his heavy dress, and take a comfortable bath, which relieved him of some fatigue.

She changed into a comfortable dress and sat down at the desk.

Qiongzhi was picking up her things. She looked at her carelessly and saw her sitting at the table with her chin propped up. She didn't know what she was thinking.

She could not help saying, 'Seven Sisters, you have been tired for a whole day. Would you like to have a rest earlier?'

'Well, good.' Congratulation Jiang Man answered carelessly, but his eyes unconsciously moved to the small wooden box beside him.

She reached for the wooden box, opened the small box and took out the white jade hairpin inside. Under the light in the room, the superior white jade gave off a dim glow, which made her white hands more warm.

She lingered with one hand and played under the lamp with a jade hairpin in the other.

Qiong Zhi could not help sighing, 'What a beautiful white jade hairpin! Seven Sisters, when did you buy this hairpin?'

She was the one who took charge of the jewelry of the Seventh Lady. She had never seen this hairpin before. The hairpin was elegant and beautiful. Under the light, you could vaguely see a circle of dark lines on the hairpin body, with an unspeakable sense of wonder.

'It wasn't bought.' He Ling Jiang replied, 'It was given by someone else.'

Qiongzhi smiled and said, 'Then this man is a man with a heart. Look, my servant, this hairpin is very suitable for you. It must have been carefully selected and given to you. How about wearing this hairpin tomorrow? I will definitely wear a hair bun for you.'

Wear it?

He surprised Jiang and looked at the jade hairpin in his hand.

Wei Fuyi

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