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Chapter 373 Eyesore

Recently, Sansi and Buyuansi have cleaned up the remaining evils of the Holy Palace that may be related to the Great Zhou Dynasty or clan forces.

He Xiang Yamamoto was ordered by the emperor to thoroughly investigate the case. He Ling Jiang, who was unlucky with the company, was also followed up by Yuan Bu miserably.

Therefore, both father and daughter are busy these days, and they have to run to the Dali Temple and the Criminal Department from time to time. They are rarely seen at home.

The case of selling ironware privately in Beidi has been investigated, and the relevant criminals have also been arrested. After the review of the Third Division and Pei You, the case has finally been completely closed.

Except for one Lu Liulang, everyone in the Lu family did not know about it. The people of the Lu family in Fanyang had been released from the prison, and the Lu family, the prison of Shaofu in Yingdu, was also released.

As for Yang Shi, he was also punished according to the law.

Shao Zhan, the minister of the Dali Temple, slowly breathed out a breath. The case involving the Holy Palace was endless, and now it is finally a case.

'Son of Heaven, Seven Sisters He, it's really hard for you to go to the north to collect evidence and find out the case thoroughly. Now that the case has been settled, I think it's not too early. Why don't you let me be the host? How about inviting some of you to have dinner together?'

'Why didn't Shao Siqing treat the guests?' Zhou Yun, the minister of the Ministry of Punishment, said with a smile, and then looked at Pei You and He Xiangshan. 'How about the Son of Heaven and He Zhongcheng?'

Forget about it if they are some big men. It is common for them to socialize in official circles. But Jiang is a little girl after all, and he may not be willing to join them.

He Xiangshan looked at He Lingjiang and nodded when he saw that she was almost invisible. Then he said, 'It's natural. I'll go with him.'

Pei You also nodded, 'I will join you.'

So, after handling the matter at hand, they went out of the Dali Temple together and got into the carriage.

Although the Zhou Dynasty did not allow officials in the imperial court to set up brothels privately, officials were not prohibited from having sex with prostitutes.

If it's an ordinary social occasion, many officials in the imperial court have gone to the elegant brothel. Even if they don't do other things, it's good to listen to music and see beautiful women singing and dancing.

Now Lady He Qi, even though she is an unusual little lady, is a lady after all. Her grandfather is still standing here. If they dare to go to the whorehouse, he Xiangshan may not want to rush to tear them up.

Shao Zhan consciously led several people to a restaurant near the Dali Temple.

'The food in this restaurant is good, so you can have a good taste.' After that, he recommended some special dishes for several people.

Where there is food, there is wine.

A few people were talking and laughing, talking about interesting things in the shops and anecdotes in the imperial court.

He Xiangshan saw that He Lingjiang had drunk several cups by himself, opened his mouth and swallowed back.

This child is really free and generous. Facing Shao Zhan and Zhou Yun, two old official foxes, he talks and laughs freely without any sense of prudence. How can he be like a young lady?

Anyway, let her go. Fortunately, the wine is not strong. It's OK to drink a few cups.

Shao Zhan on the other side saw Pei You just lowering his head to drink tea, and poured a cup of wine for him personally: 'Why don't you drink two cups of wine? The autumn dew in this family is unique. It's mellow but not intoxicating...'

'Come on, let me give you a toast,' he said, raising his glass.

Pei You looked at the rippling wine glass, but did not refuse. He took the glass and gestured to Shao Zhan's direction, and then drank it all. Ruyu's cheeks were slightly red.

Seeing this, Zhou Yun also stood up and said, 'I'd like to propose a toast to the prince.'

The son of the king of Zhenbei rarely came to Yingdu. However, his reputation in the north has spread all over the Zhou Dynasty. Who knows the son who has made outstanding achievements in fighting and swordsmanship at such a young age?

What's more, his father, King Zhenbei, was the only king with a different surname in the Zhou Dynasty. He was heavily armed.

Pei You did not refuse, but also drank up.

The first two colleagues have done this. He Xiangshan is also not a good exception. He was about to raise his glass when he saw Pei You had already poured a cup for himself. He stood up and saluted him: 'Then I would like to congratulate Zhong Cheng.'

'This......' He Xiangshan was surprised.

Pei You rarely smiled: 'The Seventh Lady He has helped me a lot this time when I went to the North. He Zhongcheng is the father who raised her and taught her, so he deserves Pei You's respect.' After that, he has already had another drink.

He Xiangshan had to drink with him. He put down his glass and looked sideways to see his daughter staring at Pei You calmly, wondering what she was thinking.

His heart suddenly jumped. The Pei family, who had been in Linchuan, had obviously made some difference to Ling Jiang, especially when he turned back to Linchuan from Yingdu with great vigour and came to the door to question Jiang safely.

Later, when he arrived in Yingdu, Pei You often investigated the case with Ling Jiang, but the relationship between them seemed not very close, just like ordinary colleagues.

In front of Yingdu people, there was even less of it, but it was only shallow.

He only thought that he had misunderstood Pei You's mind at the beginning, but now it seems that it is not his misunderstanding, but Pei You who knows how to restrain his mind.

Otherwise, why do you disrespect Shao Zhan and Zhou Yun, but respect He Xiangshan and treat him with respect?

He did not think that he, the leader of the He family and the prime minister of the imperial history, would make the prince of Zhenbei, who had always been aloof and proud, bow down to him.

He Xiangshan looked coldly. Since he came to Yingdu, Jiang and Pei You rarely sat side by side. Now they are sitting side by side around the table. Two young people who are equally brilliant in terms of ability and appearance really match each other.

He could not help feeling some eye pain and could not help stroking his forehead.

On the other hand, Pei You has already poured wine, and will again congratulate Ling Jiang. After all, even the father of Lady He Qi, who had helped him a lot, respected him. It would be too strange for him to throw the client aside.

He was about to raise his glass when he saw He Lingjiang took a male chopstick and pressed it on his wine cup: 'Although the wine is good, it also has stamina. He Qixin accepted the idea of the son, so he should not drink more.'

Pei You immediately smiled in his eyes, just like Jiri Hefeng: 'Lady He Seven was right, but I almost forgot that I didn't drink well, so I'd better drink less.'

After saying that, he had already put down the wine glass and took another cup of tea: 'Then I will replace the wine with tea.'

He Xiangshan looked at his genial smile and his forehead jumped, only to feel his eyes hurt more.

Pei You is really upset and kind.

To tell the truth, looking at the two young people in front of us, it is certainly a perfect match, but it is impossible to make Jiang and this powerful Zhenbei aristocrat.

He was worried that Jiang would not want to marry his children, but if compared with Pei You whom she might like to see, he would rather that the child be less caring about men and women.

He Xiangshan's eyes narrowed slightly, turned his glass, then smiled and asked, 'Now the case of selling iron wares privately has been solved, I wonder when the son of Heaven plans to return to the north?'

(End of this chapter)

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