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Chapter 38 Family law

The flower Hall of he's mansion was brightly lit. Feng and he Qianli hurried in and saw he Xiancheng and song sitting at the top, looking serious.

he Qianli stepped forward and asked, 'brother, what's the matter? Why do you have to call us at midnight?'

after that, he noticed that Feng Tong, the leader of the Feng family, was sitting on one side. He was surprised and said, 'Why are you here, brother?'

Feng Tong just smiled, but did not speak.

hexiancheng raised his eyes, looked at he Qianli and said, 'I'm afraid if you ask the third younger brother and younger sister about this.'

when Feng saw Feng Tong in the hall, his eyes jumped. Now he Xiancheng said this, and he was even more flustered. He blurted out: 'how do I know what you want to do, brother? My mother's brother came to find me tonight, but he had something urgent to do. Why was he stopped here?'

'I'm looking for you?' Hexiancheng asked, 'but is it urgent to borrow money from you?'

after that, he took out the package from Feng Tong and unfolded it on the table. The huge amount of money coupons dazzled people.

Feng was stunned. He raised his chin and said, 'so what? Something happened to my mother's family and I need money urgently. Could it be that I still need to tell my brother about this?'

in the past, the servant woman shouted to her in a hurry, and he Qianli was nearby. In the future, he had time to tell her about the loan. He only told her in a low voice that he Xiancheng had found out about her giving money to her mother's family.

it's just to give some money to my mother's family for circulation. It's not a big deal. On the master's side, she will explain to him later.

hexiancheng looked cold and said in a frozen voice, 'it's your husband and wife's business to borrow money to help your mother's family. Naturally, you don't need to tell me. But, how did you get this money? Don't you know?'

the Feng family panicked and said, 'what do you mean? Can't I be considerate of myself?'

he Qianli is also confused at this time. He doesn't know that his wife secretly gives money to her brother. Now, listen to brother a, is there any problem with the money?

he turned to Feng and asked, 'how did you get the money? Did you touch the public property?'

Feng jumped up and said, 'how could I? How could I possibly move the things in the public?'

song's accounts are so clear and strict that she can't move even if she wants to.

'how did the money come from?' He Qianli asked in a low voice.

the two are husband and wife. Although he doesn't know how much Feng really cares about himself, he also saw it just now. Those pieces of flying money have to be exchanged for at least tens of thousands of yuan. It's not something his wife can take out at will.

Feng lowered his head and said nothing.

hexiancheng said, 'you can't tell whether you got the money from the people outside in the name of he family, or received 10% of the monthly interest?'

'is this... Really so?' He Qianli looked at Feng.

all the aristocratic families in the previous dynasty made profits by means of loan and interest collection. However, the ancestor of the he family suffered a lot from it, so he family rules were set that no he family should lend money.

in the period of emperor AI of the former dynasty, the collapse of the imperial government was accelerated, among which there were also private loans, which further made the people miserable.

Emperor Gaozu of the great Zhou Dynasty was a military general of the previous dynasty. He led his subordinates to fight in the world after he raised an issue. He personally saw that many people at the bottom were suffering from lending money. He hated the issue of lending money to the rich and powerful.

he once made a law on the matter of lending, 'no more than three percent of the monthly interest earned by private lending.' It also comprehensively stipulates the signing of interest bearing loan contracts, interest prohibition, performance methods and guarantee responsibilities.

later, the household Department of the imperial court presided over the implementation of the Chang Ping law, set up Chang Ping positions under each state and county, and specifically provided loans to people with low borrowing needs, with a monthly profit of no more than one point.

so far, the prevalence of private lending has faded away.

although there are also rich businessmen, local gentry and people in the market who lend a lot of money, they are only a few people who are in urgent need of large amounts of money and can not wait for the approval of the government. Today's aristocratic families seldom do it because of their fame.

he Qianli asked Feng again, 'are you serious about lending privately?'

Feng had no choice. Since hexiancheng said so, she thought she had found out everything, so she had to nod her head.

he Qianli was so angry that his beard shook. He pointed to Feng and said, 'you... You are...

he family rules. Feng didn't know.

'people in the clan are not allowed to borrow money for personal gain. If they violate this rule, they will be punished 40 times.'

although Feng is not a son of the he family, she is a member of the he family when she married. Although she is the first offender, she can not escape the punishment of 40 lashes.

he Qianli sighed helplessly. Then he leaned over to hexiancheng and said, 'brother, Feng is a woman after all. She is too weak to bear. I was too careless to notice that she did this. Please allow me to take over this family law.'

Feng's eyes widened: 'Lord Lang!'

she jumped forward and knelt down in the tunnel, 'brother, you are the leader of he family. I have nothing to say. Since I have committed this family rule, I will be punished. It has nothing to do with my leader.'

he Qianli whispered, 'shut up!'

'Mr. Lang!'

'if I don't teach my wife, I will be punished for my husband's fault.' He Qianli looked at he Xiancheng. 'Brother, if you want to practice family law, let's start now.'

after that, he lifted his robe and knelt down.

hexiancheng nodded and said, 'you have some responsibilities. Even so, I won't be soft hearted.'

the utensil of he's family Dharma is a specially woven cane, which is dark red and shiny all over. It's as thick as a child's arm. It's enough to make people feel cold when holding it, let alone smoking it.

hexiancheng waved the cane and fell down. The sound of breaking the air, accompanied by the sound of the cane on the flesh, clearly spread to the ears of the people.

he Qianli couldn't help humming.

Feng's eyes turned red and his tears fell down.

Feng Tong, who was sitting next to him, also moved his butt uneasily.

the he family practices family law, and he has nothing to say to an outsider. Although it started because he asked Feng for money, he did not know how the money came from.

the so-called family disgrace should not be publicized. Master he left him here and let an outsider watch him apply family Dharma to his brothers. What does he mean?

the canes beat on him one after another. He Qianli's back was dripping with blood and soaked through his clothes.

he clenched his teeth, and his face twitched because of pain and self endurance. Even so, his throat still let out some painful groans from time to time.

Feng was sobbing.

'36, 37, 38, 39, 40!'

when the last whip fell, he Qianli could no longer support it and fell down.

'Mr. Lang!' Feng was shocked and hurriedly rushed to help him.

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