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Chapter 383 ignorance

I don't know when the room became more overcast and cold, and several people in the room could not help shivering.

With the action of He Lingjiang, the rice grains beat more and more quickly, hitting the ground with a crackling sound.

Zhou Yun stared at everything in front of him, holding his breath.

'Pa!' With a loud sound, the tightly closed doors and windows opened, and yellow paper money on the table flew all over the sky when a gust of overcast wind swept in.

The wind was so strong that Zhou Yun and others could hardly open their eyes and tried to raise their sleeves to cover their faces.

He ordered Jiang to lift his hands lightly, and the raging wind stopped immediately. The room recovered its previous calm, and the yellow paper money that was dancing in the air fell to the ground.

Her eyes were slightly deep, she looked at the emptiness in front of her and slowly said, 'The dead green beads, show your shape.'

Zhou Yun and others felt that the candles in the room had been extinguished for a moment, and then the stars were on again, and a gray fog appeared on the opposite side.

They suddenly felt cold, and their hair stood up. The sense of shade almost soaked into the bone marrow.

As He Lingjiang's words slowly fell, the hazy gray fog became more and more distinct, and finally condensed into a clear human shape.

Her eyebrows brushed the green mountains far away, and her bright eyes looked askance at the autumn wave scissors. Her clothes were green and beautiful, and her posture was romantic.

If you ignore the lifeless gray on her face, it is really beautiful.

However, when people looked down again, they could not help but take a breath.

The cut made by the lute string was so deep that it almost cut half of the neck.

With the movement of the beauty, the beauty's lotus face was pressed on her neck, which gave her a sense of tottering.

'It was you who called me.' The green bead looked straight at He Lingjiang and touched Zhou Yun and others in her eyes, which made her heart tremble.

He Lingjiang, however, was pale and nodded: 'It's me, I'm He Lingjiang.'

'Greeting Jiang...' The green bead lowered her head slightly, and her head shook gently.

After death, everyone is a dead soul. Except for some people who have an obsession, they will not leave the world. The rest of the dead will return to the Taishan Hell and gradually forget the past.

Although Lvzhu had just died, she still took great pains to remember when she heard the name: 'It's Miss He who is unlucky...'

'Yes.' He Ling Jiang nodded, and his voice was gentle. 'Green bead, I called you to ask you something. Do you remember who killed you?'

The green bead looked up at her and her eyes were confused: 'I don't know...'

He made Jiang frown: 'Don't you know?'

Not that I don't remember.

'Yes, I don't know.' The green bead shook his head slightly, and the head on his neck shook Zhou Yun's heart.

'So you've never seen a murderer?'

Green bead frowned and pondered for a long time, then slowly said: 'Never seen it. I remember that before I died, I was discussing music scores with the three husbands of the Zhou family. After drinking a cup of tea, I fell asleep.'

'When I opened my eyes again, I saw my body lying in a pool of blood...'

Speaking of her own death, although she had no hatred in her heart, she could not help but fluctuate, and the dark wind in the room suddenly tightened, almost splitting people's skin.

He ordered Jiang to raise his hand and hold the formula on her, and Lvzhu felt his mood calmed down.

'Thank you very much, Seventh Lady.'

When she was alive, she wanted to be a lady in a stable way and save some money for her old age.

Now that she is dead, she has no intention of revenge. She just wants to be reincarnated honestly. She doesn't want to be dismissed as a troublemaker.

'Where's your husband on Wednesday?' He Lingjiang asked. 'Have you ever seen your husband on Wednesday?'

Green bead shook his head: 'When I woke up, my husband was no longer there on Wednesday, and I was alone in the room.'

In this way, she did not see Sandro kill her, nor did she see Sandro kill her.

It seems impossible to wash away Sanlang's grievances through the mouth of Lvzhu.

Zhou Yunxin could not help feeling cold.

He Lingjiang frowns when he hears Yan. It is reasonable to say that even if Lvzhu falls into a coma, she will turn into a ghost and come out of the body at the moment of death. She should be able to really see the murderer.

But now I haven't seen anything. There is only one possibility.

That is, she died after the murderer left, and she has been in a deep coma.

After she was examined in the afternoon, there was no lethal poison in her body. The only fatal wound on her body was the scar cut by the pipa string at her neck.

He ordered Jiang to look up at her neck. The deep cut marks showed that the other side had cut her trachea and blood vessels.

It is reasonable to say that such a fatal wound can be killed almost in an instant. How could the murderer escape in an instant without Green Pearl seeing his figure?


She lowered her head to ponder, and then Mengdi raised her head: 'Unless the murderer sealed the spirit of Green Pearl in her body temporarily by using an art, which delayed the time when the spirit left her body after she died!'

This skill is not difficult for those who are proficient in Xuanshu.

Only in this way can the murderer have enough time to arrange his plans.

For example, he framed everything to Sanchoro

During this period of time, he had enough time to leave the string mark on the unconscious Zhou Lang's hand to make the illusion that he killed Lvzhu, and then sent him back to the bedroom of the mansion without anyone knowing it.

Everything is settled. When the green bead turns into a dead soul and leaves the body, she will be left alone in the whole room at the moment when she realizes that she is dead.

She had never seen the murderer herself.

It is futile to invite someone who is not worthy of the company to call the soul to ask Eucalyptus.

On the other hand, the suspicion of Zhou Lang could not be cleared, so the murderer could only be him.

No wonder the murderer attacked so fiercely.

Only by casting a spell to seal the spirit, and then making sure that the green bead died, when the time came, the art would naturally break without anyone noticing, even the green bead thought that he had just died.

Du Shennian, who stood silent, said coolly, 'Madam He, I don't understand your metaphysics. But the evidence pointing to Lang Jun on Wednesday is solid. Even if the victim, Green Pearl, was called, it could not clear him of his suspicion.'

He squinted in his eyes and said in a deep voice, 'Even if all your guesses are true, how can you prove that the murderer is not Sanchoro?'

'How can it be Sanlang?' Zhou Yun shouted. 'How can he do this if he doesn't know Xuanshu?'

Du Shennian snorted: 'Even if he doesn't, can't he have other helpers?'

'What's more, if it was true that Lady He guessed that the murderer knew the mysterious art, it would not be difficult to kill the spirit of Green Pearl directly, would it? Why bother?'

He ordered Jiang to sigh in a low voice: 'Yes... Why bother?'

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