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Chapter 386 Inquiries

It was early in the morning. Due to the green beads, the front of the Lanyin Pavilion, which used to be welcoming and seeing off, was now very cold, and the door was closed.

Zhou Yun raised his hand and buttoned the door. After waiting for a long time, a porter came out with a yawn.

'This guest, Lanyin Hall is closed recently. If you want to listen to music for fun, you'd better go to another house temporarily.'

The death of Lvzhu was widely spread. Where did he come from?

Zhou Yun shook his head and said, 'I'm not here to listen to music. I'm Zhou Yun, the minister of the Ministry of Punishment and the father of Zhou Langjun on Wednesday. Now I'm here to explore the Eucalyptus of the Green Pearl.'

The porter could not help but pause with his hand to cover his mouth, and looked at the dozens of people who were following him, the father of the husband on Wednesday? Criminal Ministry Minister Zhou Yun?

'Wait a minute, I'll report it to the madam.' He didn't close the door, so he ran inside.

Zhou Yunxin sighed. If in the past, he was the minister of the Ministry of Punishment, would they dare to welcome him? Now Sanlang is considered to be the murderer of Lvzhu, and they dare not let him in to investigate.

After waiting for a long time, I saw the brothel's madam coming slowly.

She looked at her age in her thirties, when she was still young and charming.

However, due to the green beads, she did not sleep well these two days. Even though her face was covered with a thick layer of powder, she still looked haggard.

Seeing Zhou Yun, she held a smile on her face and bowed down and said, 'Zhou Shangshu, what are you doing here today?'

What's the matter? How can the madam know? It's just a matter of knowing the past.

Zhou Yun was not angry, but said with his hand: 'There are some doubts about my Sanlang. I am his father and a member of the Ministry of Punishment. It's natural for me to come here to find out clues. The madam will not refuse to ask. Would you like me to go to the imperial palace to ask?'

The bustard's face was slightly stiff, and she smiled reluctantly: 'Why? Even if the evidence is conclusive now, I don't want to believe that Lang Jun will do such things on Wednesday. If the minister can find evidence to prove Lang Jun's innocence on Wednesday, it would be great.'

Zhou Yun brushed his sleeves slightly and took people into the brothel with him: 'I'm tired of that.'

He Lingjiang, who was dressed as a servant and dressed up, also followed him quietly. Generally, when she passed the bustress, she didn't even catch her eye.

Seeing that Zhou Yun had already walked away for several long strides, the madam responded and immediately followed: 'Zhou Shangshu, let me guide you.'

First of all, it must be the place where Green Pearl was killed.

The Jingzhao Mansion has already been explored, and no clues have been found. However, it may be necessary to explore again later, so the madam was specially instructed not to move, but to keep the same.

The lute with broken strings has been taken away by the government as evidence.

Zhou Yun ordered the bustard to wait outside. He and He Ling Jiang looked through the room carefully and shook their heads in silence.

He twisted his eyebrows and stepped out of the room: 'I want to ask all the people in the brothel again. I wonder if the madam can call everyone to the flower hall?'

After that, he added, 'Not one is needed.'

The Bustard naturally can only be called by waving her hand.

'Don't worry, Shang Shu Zhou. Since the sunrise of the Green Pearl yesterday, no one in this hall has ever been outside. They are here.'

Although the brothel is not big, there are nearly 100 people up and down. When everyone arrived, the flower hall was already full.

Zhou Yun stood in front of him and said, 'Everybody, I am Zhou Yun, the minister of the Ministry of Punishment, and also the father of Zhou Lang, who was involved in this eucalyptus. This eucalyptus still has doubts, so I specially took people to investigate and inquire, so as to find out the truth as soon as possible, and return the dead to Qingming. I hope you can cooperate.'

All people bow their heads to promise.

After all, this Zhou Shangshu didn't come alone. If anyone didn't cooperate, the people he brought were not decorations.

When Zhou Shangshu waved his hand, the officials he had specially transferred from the Ministry of Punishment came forward and said, 'Next, we will inquire about you. Please follow us to the corresponding room.'

At this point, Zhou Yun was busy in the flower hall. He just sat in front of him and looked at the people one by one.

After all, he was a senior minister of the Ministry of Justice, and when he released his momentum, it was inevitable that he was somewhat shady. In addition, his son was also involved in the fierce eucalyptus. Naturally, he was not worried, which was even more frightening.

When he glanced at her, everyone felt uncomfortable. They wanted to ask and finish the work as early as possible. Even the famous Hua Niang, who was always held by noblemen, dared not complain any more, so they had to swallow their discontent.

This inquiry started from the lowest level of the slaves and servants. After that, you can go out and get busy.

As for the rest of the flower girls in the brothel, who had a little status, they sat aside for a while.

The tortoise slave and the servant in the flower hall had already left for a long time. Just then, a servant who was helping in the kitchen was called by name. She stood up as if nothing had happened and went to the inquiry room.

At this time, it was nearly noon, and everyone had been waiting for a long time. They had no interest in exploring who they saw.

In addition, due to the recent cooling, several charcoal pots were placed in the hall, making the room warm. Many people could not help falling asleep.

He ordered Jiang to hide himself upstairs and look at the people downstairs from a high position, with a clear view of their behavior.

Compared with others, the servant stayed in the room for a long time.

When she came out, just as she wanted to go outside, she fell to the ground with a soft 'plop'.

The drowsy people were shocked and looked at the place where they fell.

The servant awkwardly got up and said, 'No harm, just slipped.' Then she got up in a panic and went out of the hall.

'It's really careless!' A flower lady patted her chest and murmured in a low voice. 'It scared me a lot.'

The woman sitting beside her smiled softly and said, 'Who told you to sleep soundly? Where is this place? You even dozed off.'

'Tell me about me.' The Hua Niang approached her and whispered, 'Nobody knows, but I sat next to you. When the servant fell, you were shocked. Why pretend to be calm...'

She yawned lazily: 'You are just as energetic as you are. It has not been our turn to wait for a long time. Look at everyone in the hall. They are so sleepy. What happened to Lvzhu is really terrible. You'd better go back to your room after asking.'

'I can't sleep soundly these two days. One day, I'll ask the madam to invite a magician to do something. Otherwise, I'm always afraid.'

The woman patted her hand and comforted her in a low voice, 'Don't be afraid, it will be over soon.'

Hidden in the dark, He Lingjiang looked at the two people downstairs with deep eyes.

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