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Chapter 39 Murder

Hexiancheng put down his cane whip and ordered the servants on one side to say, 'help master Saburo back to his room and ask the doctor to show him.'

forty whips is not a trivial matter. If he Qianli hadn't been out doing business and practicing some Kung Fu to strengthen his body, he might not be able to survive until now.

Feng Tong wanted to follow him to the third room, but he Xiancheng shouted: 'Feng Gong, stay.'

'what is it?' Feng Tong became impatient.

he didn't know about Er Niang's private loan. Now, he was detained in the middle of the night because he took some money from Er Niang to help. The he family also deliberately practiced family law in front of him.

what? Is this to blame him, a family member?

hexiancheng came forward and asked, 'I heard that there is a son in the Feng family who has been weak since childhood, but has been doing well recently. I don't know why?'

Feng Tong had no good way: 'why did he Gong ask?'

although Feng he and his family are in laws, they are never close to each other, and they are not very concerned about each other's affairs.

hexiancheng looked at his face carefully and said: 'I heard that my Wulang was in a coma a few days ago. Although he had woken up, he was still a little weak. So I thought to ask what famous doctor Feng had hired? Xu Neng invited him and showed him to my Wulang.'

Feng Tong frowned, sighed and said, 'it's just a Jianghu Warlock. But don't think about it. He Gong will hire someone again. To tell you the truth, that person is not reliable.'

speaking of this, his brow was even tighter, and he continued: 'my family, LIULANG, was born weak and had to breathe after a few steps. A few days ago, a wandering magician outside the house said that he could cure LIULANG's disease, so I invited people in.'

'the man did have some skills. After only two days in the mansion, LIULANG got better. He walked and danced like an ordinary child.'

'Oh?' Hexiancheng said strangely, 'isn't this a good thing? How can we say that the man is not reliable?'

Feng Tong shook his head and said, 'don't mention it. LIULANG had recovered for less than two days, but he suddenly fell into a coma. When he woke up, his body was not as good as before, so he had to lie in bed all day. I asked someone to find the magician, but I couldn't find him.'

'this is strange.' Hexiancheng raised his eyebrows. 'Do you know what method the warlock used to cure his son?'

'I don't know. The magician only said that this was his school's secret, and no one else could see it. So he had to prepare a small yard for him, and he stayed there to cure LIULANG in those two days.'

hexiancheng and song look at each other. The so-called secret method of the school is probably the seven star life changing technique.

Taoist Xuanwei once said that in order to perform this seven star life changing technique, we must be guided by the hair and blood of both sides and know the eight characters of their birthdays.

Wulang also said earlier that on the day of the temple fair, when he and Silang were looping together, he accidentally stabbed his palm by a small hidden needle on the ring and shed a few drops of blood.

seeing that he had made a big mistake, the looper hurriedly came up to get a clean handkerchief and touched his wound. He also helped him wipe the medicine and wrap it. Lest this little gentleman, who was born in a rich family, be angry and let others lift his stall.

Wulang was a good-natured man. He didn't say anything, so it was over.

now I want to come, why is there a small thorn in Wulang's circle? How could a man who set up a stall happen to have a clean handkerchief and wound medicine on his body?

it's just the hair and birthday, but it's not so easy to take.

hair and other personal items, only those who serve in the Wulang courtyard have the chance to win them. As for the birth date, only those close to the he family knew it, even ordinary servants could not know it.

hexiancheng thinks of what he Lingjiang said. Who is the man behind the murder of Changfang?

looking at Feng Tong in front of him, his eyes moved: did he pretend not to know about Wulang, or was he just used by others?

hexiancheng said, 'I know the cure method of this Warlock. It's called seven star life changing technique.'

Feng Tong frowned: 'seven star life changing technique? I have never heard of it.'

'the so-called seven star life changing technique is to forcibly transfer a person's life span to others. There are also people who have been ill for a long time. By this technique, they can transfer their diseases to others. The person who gets the technique will have the disease of that person, while the person who borrows the life can steal the health of others and gradually recover.'

Feng Tong stared wide eyed and did not dare to tell him: 'you mean... My LIULANG is in good health because he used the seven star life turning technique? Then... Why did he suddenly get worse?'

'naturally, the spell failed and was backfired.'

hexiancheng stares at Feng Tong, who looks surprised, and continues, 'Feng Tong knows who the other person who was changed is?'

'how do I know? I don't even know the method used by the Warlock to cure people.' He gritted his teeth and said, 'if I can find this magician, he will certainly have no good fruit to eat. It's just a matter of curing people. Now our LIULANG's body is weaker than before, and he can't even get out of his bed.'

hexiancheng smiled coldly: 'Feng Gong doesn't care much about the child who wants to be changed.'

this is nature, and man is not his fault. Why is he guilty? What's more, he didn't even know who the sufferer was.

Feng Tong was embarrassed when he was told: 'not really... But I don't know who the victim is. What can I do?'

hexiancheng glanced at him and said coldly, 'the victim is now in front of Lord Feng.'

Feng Tong is a little confused. Looking around, the servants in the flower hall have already retired. Now only Mr. and Mrs. hexiancheng are left.

he was shocked in his eyes. He was stunned for a long time before he found his voice and said, 'what do you mean?'

'that's right. My Wulang was in a coma a few days ago and became very weak. That's because he was changed.'

without realizing it, Feng Tong took a few steps back, sat back in his chair and said, 'this... This is too coincidental?'

'so does Feng Gong?' He Xiancheng said, 'your husband Feng was in good health, and my five Lang suddenly passed out. When five Lang woke up, your husband Feng was in bad health again. So it seems that if he was not changed, what could he do?'

Feng Tong then reacted and said, 'I don't mean that. No one in the Feng family has any intention of murdering Mr. He, and it's impossible for anyone to do it.'

the he family made a big investigation into the murderer of the five gentlemen. He also heard about it. They're not going to put this on him, are they?

hexiancheng sneered and said, 'didn't lord Feng also say it was too coincidental?'

Feng Tong smiled bitterly: 'it's a bit of a coincidence. But it can't be said that the little husband of the he family was caused by my Feng family. Besides, we are in laws after all, and my Feng family doesn't need to harm your husband, does it?'

hexiancheng just looks at him and doesn't answer.

after all, he is the head of a big family like he. Now he has restrained his look, and his momentum is somewhat frightening.

Feng Tong was so nervous that he raised his sleeve and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

when he thought of the man in front of him who had just performed the family Dharma without expression, and then thought of he Qianli's bloody back, he wiped his sweaty hands.

it seems that the Feng family is not the one who has no reason to murder the long house of he family.

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