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Chapter 391 Punishment

Earlier, when the eldest princess had held a banquet in her mansion, he looked coldly at the prince's secret stab to Heling Jiang, and laughed at his stupidity.

At that time, the prince was suffering, and he could still gloat on the sidelines. But now the same thing happened to him, so it's not so funny.

He Ling Jiang, He Ling Jiang

Duan Wang could not help but secretly hate her. It happened that she was so busy that she put herself in such a situation.

However, it is useless for him to be angry again. The urgent thing is to explain to his father clearly. He has nothing to do with the palace.

It all started from Lanyin Hall. Although the brothel was privately set up by the Zhao family, it has much to do with him. What's more, Zhao Family is his mother's family, and every move can be said to be tied to Duan Wang's mansion.

If he hurries to leave completely, he will be inferior in his father's eyes, but he will become more unable to bear it.

He looked at his subordinates who were kneeling on the ground. He brushed his sleeves and said, 'Go back first. Go to find out what happened and then come back to see the king.'

Then he went back to his room to change his clothes and went into the palace to pay a visit to the emperor.

It can be clearly seen that the argument that Lang Jun killed Lvzhu on Wednesday will be even more untenable once the people in the Holy Palace come out.

He ordered Jiang to take the man down. When Zhou Yunli asked the emperor to review the case of Lang Jun on Wednesday.

Since the emperor has known the cause and effect of the incident, he naturally knows that the killing of Lang Jun on Wednesday is just a reason for the palace to stir up chaos in the court.

The reason why Zhou Yunxian made so much trouble before was that he acted in cooperation with Buyuansi. He even wanted his son to stay in prison for more than ten days in vain.

He did his best and did not complain from beginning to end, and his emperor did not completely ignore the truth of his officials.

With a big wave of his hand, he ordered Shao Zhan, the minister of the Dali Temple, who was waiting in the side hall, to be summoned

'You are responsible for finding out the case of Green Beads, and the place where we are not destined is responsible for judging the many remaining sins of the holy palace. If there are intersections, you can handle them through negotiation. You and the people who are not destined have handled the case together before. Do you need me to give more instructions?

'Sage, please rest assured.' Shao Zhan bowed down and said, 'I will find out this matter and return the dead to the tomb.'

The emperor waved his hand and said, 'Go back.'

'Yes, I'm leaving.' Zhou Yuntong and Shao Zhan saluted and then left the hall.

Only when Zhou Yun'er got out of the hall and walked along the main road, he saw Duan Wang coming in a hurry in a python robe.

The two quickly bowed their hands and said, 'Your highness Duan Wang.'

Duan Wang raised his hand and said, 'You are welcome.'

He looked at Zhou Yun, who looked relaxed, and asked, 'Is Shang Shu coming to the palace for your son's sake?'

Zhou Yun nodded and said in a respectful voice, 'I heard that there might be people from the Holy Palace behind this matter. I thought it must not be that simple, so I specially asked the sage to order a retrial of the case of the dog son.'

'That's right.' Duan Wang Duan Ning smiled a little. 'I didn't believe that the husband would do this on Wednesday. As for the Zhao Family's plan to set up a bureau to frame your son through Lanyin Hall, it's nonsense.'

'Now that the Holy Palace is happening, isn't it clear? It's the remnants of the Holy Palace who are responsible for it, deliberately causing us to have disagreements...'

He stretched out his hand and patted Zhou Yun, with a hint of advice in his voice: 'We misunderstood before. Everyone is good for the court, and will work with the court in the future. I hope that Zhou Shangshu will not blame the Zhao family.'

'I will be the host some day. I will ask Shang Shu Zhou to have a few drinks with the Chinese leader. We will laugh and die.'

Previously, he had a fierce fight with the Zhao family. Although he only asked his subordinates to do things, he never broke his face directly. He still talked and laughed when he met them. But who was the one behind the order? Who could not be unaware?

But since Duan Wang must sell well, he can't tear people's skin off, can he?

Zhou Yun replied with a smile, 'Your highness is serious. They are all working for saints. How can we talk about anyone

What about the gains and losses of gratitude and resentment? Your loyal minister knows that you will attend the banquet some day. '

Duan Wang smiled and patted him on the shoulder. 'Then we can say that.'

After saying that, he said goodbye to Zhou Yun'er and continued to walk to the hall.

Zhou Yun turned back and looked at him, his eyes narrowed.

This time, if Duan Wang wanted to leave without any involvement, it would be difficult.

Although the Green Pearl incident, his Zhou family was also innocent and involved. If it was not for the greed of Duan Wang, who wanted to seize the opportunity to tear him down to seek power, there would be no future.

But the other side may not really feel that way.

After this, the Zhou family and Duan Wang's family are completely aligned.

He sighed, shook his head and continued to travel outside the palace.

How the emperor scolded Duan Wang? He Ling Jiang was not interested. After taking the remaining evils of the Holy Palace and reporting them to Yuan Bushao, she first walked around the prison of Buyuansi, and then returned to He Mansion.

After a busy day, it was dark to return to the mansion.

He Ling Jiang Gang had supper in his own courtyard, and he Xiangshan sent someone to invite him to the study.

'How? Everything is going well?' He Xiangshan motioned to her to sit down first.

He Lingjiang nodded, 'Everyone has caught him. The one who was caught this time said that he was the Right Envoy of the Holy Palace, who was specially responsible for arranging the affairs of Yingdu.'

'Right envoy?' He Xiangshan frowned. Since he is the right envoy of the temple, he can't underestimate it. I'm afraid he should be on a par with the four palace envoys in terms of ability.

He looked at He Lingjiang with concern, 'Have you ever been hurt?'

He Lingjiang smiled and shook his head: 'Don't worry, Grandpa. I'm taking so many people who are not destined for the company this time, and I have been prepared for it. How can I be hurt at will?'

The right envoy of the Divine Palace is really good at swordsmanship, but he is one step away from perfection. It is not difficult to defend yourself with a seal.

He Xiangshan was relieved and said, 'That's good. I know you are becoming more and more sophisticated in Xuanshu, but I'm afraid there will be days outside the sky and people outside the world. You should always be careful.'

'Yes, my daughter knows.' He Ling Jiang Ying said.

He Xiangshan bowed his head, drew a note from the desk and handed it to her: 'Look, the news in the palace has come out.'

He ordered Jiang to get up and take it. There were only a few words on the small note: 'The emperor was angry, and ordered him to introspect behind closed doors. He was fined for six months.'

Duan Wang went to the palace to plead guilty, which is the attitude of the emperor today.

She could not help raising eyebrows. A salary penalty of half a year was not really a punishment, but it was a closed door introspection, which was exactly the same as when the prince came out.

Setting up a brothel privately is just a small matter for Duan Wang. Even if the emperor knew it, he would only blame him.

However, he wanted to use it to persuade himself. As an emperor, he couldn't care less. Even if the man who seeks power is his most valued son at present.

The emperor's anger, on the one hand, is at this point, and on the other hand, the most important thing is that the temple is also involved, right?

When will Duan Wang's self-examination be? It's not clear at present

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