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Chapter 394 A kiss

Countless fireworks are in full bloom, illuminating the whole sky and the lake.

He Lingjiang looked at the person in front of him. Even though the fireworks were dazzling, he saw only her.

Stone is like jade, and pine is like emerald. Lang Yan is unique and unique.

She can't help smiling. Such an outstanding young man, but she is all around. It's really hard to control

Pei You's eyebrows became more and more gentle. As soon as she wanted to speak, she suddenly stepped forward and then stood on tiptoe. Then she felt a slight heat on her lips.

Outside the window, fireworks are gorgeous and streamers are bright.

His head was momentarily confused, and he stared at the person in front of him and walked away.

'Ah, you...'

He Lingjiang turned his head slightly, looked at his stiff face and red ears, and said, 'Ah Pei, I have to say, you make me excited again...'

'You...... I......' Pei You stumbled, but didn't know what to say.

He Lingjiang blinked: 'Did I offend you?'

'No... No...' Pei You shook his head repeatedly.

'Then you don't want me to do this?' He Lingjiang asked again.

Pei You then shook his head and nodded: 'Happy... happy...'

He Lingjiang could not help laughing: 'Then why do you look like a little lady being slighted? I thought I scared you.'

Pei You looked at her crooked eyes and was relieved, then smiled: 'Ah, you really scared me...'

He thought that she would pretend to be indifferent to watching a prosperous fireworks show, that she would smile to thank him as before, that there was nothing else, and that she would even emphasize with him that she had no intention of being a man or a woman again, and then leave

He just didn't think about this situation

Outside the window, after the fireworks were in full bloom, they gradually fell away, and the lake gradually recovered its silence.

Pei You forced his head to calm down and tried to calm down, saying, 'Do you know what this means?'

'Of course.' He Lingjiang smiled, 'Ah Pei, I'm four years older than you.'

She has been wandering in the Jianghu for many years. Although she devotes herself to practicing metaphysics, she has seen many things about men and women in the world. How come she knows nothing?

'Then you......' Pei You was so excited that he dared not ask what he said.

He Lingjiang knew that he was worried, so he smiled. Yang looked at the man in front of him and said, 'Ah Pei, I'm excited, and more than before...'

There are Fusu in the mountains and He Hua in the hills. Seeing a gentleman, Yunhu is not happy.

And she did not intend to deliberately ignore and restrain any more.

The Taoist school always follows her heart. She has practiced for many years, and she is more spontaneous. In this case, just follow your heart.

'I have been saying that you are still the boy who grew up with me in my heart. But in the end, everything is different...'

'You said that Mutao Qiongju was pleased with me. And I......' He Lingjiang looked into his eyes as if he had fallen into a pool of soft spring water. 'At this moment, this heart is the same.'

Words fell softly in his ears and fell into his heart. Pei You's eyes burst with great joy: 'Ah!'

Ah Fu answered his heart!

He Lingjiang raised his forefinger and said, 'Listen to me first...'

'I once said that I have no intention of marriage between men and women. Even now, my heart will never change.'

Neither what she wanted nor the current situation of the He family allowed them to enter into marriage step by step after mutual understanding of their intentions with secular courtesy. Since then, they have been teaching each other husband and children.

'Ah Pei, I can only say that if you want love between men and women, now I can have the same kind of love with you

'But you said you wanted to find a woman to marry, raise children, and grow old together. I'm sorry...' She shook her head gently, 'but I can't.'

Maybe she shouldn't be so impulsive just now.

She gave Pei You a response and hope, but it may not be what he yearned for.

Pei You listened attentively to her words. Seeing her drooping eyes and apologizing, she couldn't help shaking her head. Her voice was full of tenderness and firmness: 'Ah, you don't need to worry.'

'Love, marriage, children and growing old together are all meaningful to me because of you. If you are willing to accompany me to appreciate the taste of love, I can only be grateful in my heart. If you have no intention of marriage, I will not tie it to you.'

'You are different from women in the world, but I am also different from other sons and daughters. I do not ask you to give up what you want in your heart and marry me with your own body, nor do I ask you to be confined to the backyard of your house and teach my husband and son.'

'Ah Xuan...' He gently grasped He Lingjiang's hand and slowly said, 'Your heart is with me, which is my great joy.'

'In the future, if you fight evil in the court, I can stand beside you with my sword and fight with you hand in hand. If you retire and wander in the Jianghu, I can travel with you. When and what, we can stand side by side to fight against the wind and rain. I am satisfied with this.'

'Ah, what I care about is never those secular marriages, but just you. As for the others, it is natural to have them, but nothing is important.'

He Lingjiang raised his head and looked at him fixedly: 'Do you want to, even if I can't even give you a long and lasting guarantee?'

She is used to being free and easy, and even a little capricious. She was excited about the love between men and women at the moment, but she could not guarantee that she would be like this all her life.

It may be that one day, she suddenly became more and more indifferent, so it is not certain that she will become a pure Taoist.

Edge comes from being, edge goes to freedom.

But she saw that all the sons and daughters in the world seemed to want a share from the beginning to the end.

Pei You smiled and said, 'What about the long-term guarantee? How many stupid men and women in the world have made promises to stay together for a lifetime and never change their minds, but in the end, they have become tired of each other and have different dreams?'

'Ah, I don't need any guarantee from you and me.'

'As long as you and I have the same heart, we will not be afraid of storms and time. As for others, it is not important.'

He Lingjiang could not help frowning and laughing, 'Really? Aren't you afraid that I will give up?'

He looked deeply at He Lingjiang and said, 'Can you?'

According to her nature, she has been attracted to him for only 24 years. He was more afraid that she would lose interest and learn from Buddhism than he was worried about others.

'It really doesn't look like something I can do.' He Lingjiang couldn't help laughing. It's rare for her to be attracted to someone. As for others, she is afraid that she is too lazy to move again in her life.

Then, she smiled and said seriously, 'Ah Pei, you and I have the same mind now, so naturally we are loyal to the same idea. But if one day you are in love with her or want to talk about marriage, just tell me. At that time, I will let you go, and each of us will be at peace with each other.'

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'Good.' Pei You nodded with a smile, but whispered in his heart, Ah, there will be no one else.

Ah Xuan is free and easy, but Pei You has identified her since childhood, and she is the only one. Although she doesn't care now, how can he accommodate others in his heart

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