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Chapter 396 old dream

Led by the servants, He Lingjiang and Jiang walked through the courtyard and veranda to the main courtyard.

Seeing them, the maid waiting at the door quickly bowed down and saluted.

He Lingjiang nodded slightly and followed the people into the hall. He Yan, the eldest princess and the son-in-law who were sitting at the top of the hall, and she and He Yunjia clasped their hands on the chest and saluted: 'I have seen the eldest princess and the son-in-law.'

Let's try it soon.]

The eldest princess, who was drinking tea with her son-in-law, put down her cup of tea and waved to them: 'Don't be too polite. Sit down quickly. It's cold today, so drink a cup of hot tea first to warm up.'

After that, the maidservant who was waiting nearby rushed forward to pour hot tea for them.

He Yunjia moved uneasily with the aroma of tea.

She had previously heard that today's wedding banquet was set up by the prince and the princess of Dening. The eldest princess and her son-in-law did not participate in it, and they were also exempted from paying their respects.

But now they are sent to the gate to avoid the crowd and welcome them here.

I don't know, but what's important to find them?

She lowered her head and took a sip of hot tea. She secretly glanced at Helingjiang with the effort of drinking tea. She saw that she only lowered her head to drink tea and didn't mean to ask.

The eldest princess looked at them with a smile and said, 'Chen and they are having a banquet today. I said I would not bother you young people to come to us again.'

'But --' she sighed gently, 'I have been haunted by old dreams at night recently. I often wake up in the middle of the night, and I can't sleep well. I found a doctor, but I can't tell why. It happened that Lady He Qi came here today and wanted to invite you to have a look, but what's the other reason.'

The other reason, she didn't say clearly, was to worry about whether there was evil around her.

'If it's nothing serious, it's also great to get He Qiniang to draw a sleeping charm.'

He Yunjia knew that it was for this reason that they were called. She felt relieved.

He Ling Jiang Wen Yan, who was sitting upright, did not answer immediately.

There are various reasons behind the old dream. If the doctor can't find out the wrong, ask the Xuanshi to have a look.

However, she had sent Princess Changchang a amulet. If she wore it close to her, there would be no evil to be close to her.

If it is caused by other reasons, He Lingjiang is not good at spiritual governance. It would be better to go to the Taiqing Palace or Buyuan Division and invite a metaphysical scholar who is proficient in this skill to find her.

She bowed her head and said, 'Thank you for the trust of the eldest princess. But although Jiang is familiar with the magic, he is not good at the magic of spiritual healing. Now I can try to see it for you, but I may not necessarily see the origin of fate. Please don't blame the eldest princess.'

The eldest princess smiled and waved her hand: 'How can I blame you? I was looking for you on the spur of the moment. I can't find the reason. It's good to get you a sleeping charm.'

'No one in Yingdu knows how good your talisman is. Last time you sent me and my son-in-law's amulet, we both felt a little safer wearing it.'

Her face was kind and she said with a smile: 'You two young ladies don't blame me for delaying you to the dinner.'

He Lingjiang smiled softly: 'You are serious.'

She stood up and said, 'I wonder if Jiang could come up and have a look?'

The eldest princess nodded, then looked at He Yunjia and said, 'This may take some time. Lady He Liu is also boring to sit. Why don't you ask my maid to take you to the flower room to enjoy flowers?'

He Yan, the husband in law, also smiled and said, 'Only yesterday did an eighteen bachelor grow in the flower house. Dening said that she would move to the banquet room for everyone to enjoy, but the princess didn't give up. Lady He Liu just went to have a look.'

He Yunjia looked at He Lingjiang and saw that she nodded her head without any trace. Then she smiled and replied, 'That Yunjia has good eyesight.'

After that, he got up and gave a salute and went out with his maid.

The eldest princess waved her hand again, and the other servants and maidservants who were waiting in the hall also withdrew.

He Lingjiang raised his eyebrows slightly and walked to the side of the eldest princess to check.

It is obvious that there is no strange smell around her, and there is a amulet on her side. Ordinary evil can't get close to her.

He Lingjiang bowed his eyes and said, 'On the eldest princess, Jiang did not realize that it was wrong. When Jiang returned to his house, he drew a sleeping charm and sent it to him. You should try to see if it is useful first. How about that?'

The eldest princess smiled and nodded: 'It's so good. How many people can't ask for your talisman.'

Seeing that He Lingjiang was about to get up and step back, she gently held He Lingjiang's hand and sighed, 'My old dream... has not been remembered for many years. I thought I had deliberately forgotten it. But now when I dream again, I find unforgettable people and things. How can I easily forget it?'

She sighed quietly and looked sideways at the Qingjue face with a sense of familiarity between her eyes and eyebrows: 'Lingjiang, do you know who makes me sleepless when I think of it?'

He made Jiang drop his eyes and shake his head slightly: 'Let Jiang know.'

'This old man... you are somewhat similar to him...' The eldest princess's eyes seem to pass through her and see the distance

He made Jiang's heart jump, but he said quietly: 'Since the old dream of her old friend, the eldest princess should relax her mind. Because of the past, she is too thoughtful. It will always hurt her and her heart.'

The eldest princess looked at her and wanted to say something, but finally swallowed: 'It's all right, you young people may not want to listen to me nagging about the past.'

She smiled sadly and then said, 'The son-in-law and your grandfather have known each other for many years and are close friends.'

'Now you and Dening are similar in age. If you have nothing to do in the future, you can also play in the mansion. I am happy to see you young people.'

'Yes, Lingjiang wrote it down.' He Lingjiang nodded.

The eldest princess clapped her hand and said nothing: 'I have delayed you for a long time. Go. The banquet in Dening is expected to start.'

He Lingjiang murmured, and stood up and saluted her and his son-in-law He Yan, then slowly went out of the hall.

He Yan watched her figure disappear outside the door, and then said: 'It's not appropriate for the princess to mention Jean.'

'Yes,' sighed the eldest princess, 'but I always want to tell her more about Jean Valjean. After all, if I guess correctly, she should be the daughter of Jean Valjean...'

As a daughter, it would be a pity if she knew nothing about her background and grandpa.

Since the birthday banquet at the Princess Chang's Mansion, she became fascinated by the curiosity of Lady He Qi, and even secretly sent someone to inquire.

This inspection, as expected, found something.

The seventh wife of the He family said that she was born with the sixth wife He Yunjia, but no one knew when she was born. It was two months before He Xiangshan took her back from the outside. She said that she was born weak, so she listened to the words of the Taoist and raised in the Taoist temple for two months.

She sent someone to inquire with the old servant of the He family, and it took a lot of manpower and material resources to find the stable woman who delivered the baby for the Song family.

At that time, Song had only one child.

So where did He Lingjiang come from? The old people in Linchuan say that he Xiangshan was born outside.

However, the eldest princess didn't think so. If the child could be born successfully, it would be about the same age as Helingjiang.

In particular, between her eyes and eyebrows, she is so similar to Ran. The princess is also the sister of He Xiangshan.

When we think of the sudden move of the He family back to Linchuan and all the subsequent actions, the eldest princess is almost certain.

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