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Chapter 397 Banquet room

He Yan, the prince in law, sighed, 'If the princess really wants to know the whole story of that year, it's better to go to Tongxiang Mountain and ask. This was done by him, and the reason is only known to him.'

'If Lady He Qi is really the daughter of the prince, why did he hide her life experience and bring her back to He Mansion? The reason behind this is probably not simple.'

'For the sake of congratulating the Seventh Lady, it's better not to mention it with her at the moment...'

'Yes...' The eldest princess sighed quietly, thinking of this, she just swallowed back what she said.

'She is so good and so capable that I almost forget that she is just a young woman with hairpin. Linchuan, Yaozhou, and Beidi, which line is not so dangerous? She has to deal with wind and frost.'

Her eyes could not help showing a little pity: 'She should have been the pearl of the royal family...'

After that, she shook her head slowly, lowered her head, pulled her lips and said with a smile, 'That's not right. It's my fault. If she is really good at the royal family, she may not be as good as she is now.'

The death of the Ran and his wife has made it difficult for Jiang, even though he has royal blood and is better than the royal family. Even with her aunt's protection, she may not be able to feel comfortable, let alone learn a skill?

But she is good at Linchuan He's, but she can at least be accompanied by relatives and friends and spoiled by her grandfather like an ordinary little girl.

With this in mind, her anger towards He Xiangshan seemed to fade away.

'You haven't asked He Xiangshan for tea for a long time, have you? Why don't you ask him to meet in private tomorrow?'

He Yan said clearly: 'Don't worry, princess. I will arrange it.'

On the other hand, He Lingjiang and He Yunjia went out of the yard of the eldest princess and followed her maid to the banquet.

Along the way, she looked as usual, but she already had a guess in her heart. The eldest princess should have found out what.

When she first met He Lingjiang at the birthday party, she was very kind and friendly, and later became the official guest of her and her hairpin. At that time, He Xiangshan didn't know the reason, and didn't realize until he knew his life experience from He Xiangshan.

Today's encounter, the so-called old dream, one is to remember her old friend, the other is to see if she knows her life experience, right?

He Xiangshan has not mentioned the matter of the eldest princess with her in the past two days. I think she has not yet met with him to confirm.

I'm afraid she can't hide her life story from the eldest princess.

She frowned slightly. Now that the eldest princess has not spoken openly, it seems that she still has some concerns in her heart. I just hope that this matter will not cause troubles with the He family

He Lingjiang raised her head. The pavilion where the banquet was held was in front of her. She lowered her thoughts in her eyes and walked into the pavilion with He Yunjia.

One side of the pavilion is built against the wall, and the other three sides are transparent and open, which is very suitable for snow viewing.

Due to the severe cold in winter, there are many hot pots and charcoal stoves in the pavilion. He Lingjiang stepped into them and felt warm.

'Ah, here are the two Lady He.' Seeing them both, a little lady smiled and said, 'You two are late today, so you should be punished.'

Princess Dening laughed and said, 'It's no wonder they can't sleep well recently. I heard that I invited Jiang to dinner today, so I invited people first and asked Jiang to draw a sleeping charm for her.'

Since she said so, the little lady was naturally not willing to care about it, so she had to let it go bitterly.

He made Jiang smile and said nothing. After a little salute, he entered the seat.

Today's wedding banquet is attended by ladies and gentlemen from powerful families and famous families, including Cui Shu, the 11th Lang of Cui Family.

Among them, Princess Yongmu and Princess Changle, who came out of the palace, have the highest status.

There is snow outside the pavilion, and the fragrance of tea is dense on the stove in the pavilion.

He Chen said with a smile, 'It's really an elegant thing to cook tea in snow. If you can chant poems and chant songs, you will have more fun. Why don't we write poems?'

'That's a good proposal.' Princess Changle was also interested

He Chen touched her hands and nodded: 'What the princess said is very good.'

He looked sideways at Cui Shu and said, 'Jingyan, why don't you start the first round?'

Cui Shu smiled helplessly: 'Just follow what the son of the world said.'

He Chen smiled and clapped his hands, and the servant sent the seven-stringed zither aside.

Cui Shu took the silk and tied it behind his head to cover his eyes. He said softly, 'If you are ready, let's start.'

After that, he raised his hand and began to sing in a melodious way, like a mountain spring winding from a valley and flowing slowly.

With the music, the red plum began to pass from Princess Yongmu to He Lingjiang.

She was just about to pass the red plum to the next few eucalyptus and then sat the little lady, but the melodious sound of the piano stopped suddenly at this time, and He Lingjiang's hand reached into the air.

'It's Lady He Qi.' Princess Yongmu said with a smile

Cui Shu, who played the piano with his eyes covered, put his hands on the face of the piano, and said with a warm smile: 'Since the plum blossom just passed to Lady He Qi when the piano stopped, the first poem today should be sung by Lady He Qi.'

He Lingjiang took back his hand holding Meizhi and smiled: 'He Qi is not good at chanting poems and composing poems. I hope you don't laugh. I will punish myself for three cups.'

After that, she raised her glass and drank three cups in a row.

Princess Dening could not help applauding and praising: 'Make Jiang really happy!'

After that, the order of poetry continued. During this period, some people chanted poetry and got full applause from the audience, while others thought for a moment that they would not recognize it as punishment.

In the meantime, it was also enjoyable.

After several rounds of poetry orders, another person proposed: 'Today's snow scenery is rare. Is it a pity that there are poems and paintings? How about painting a picture of today's scenery? We can judge the best one in poetry and painting today.'

As soon as his voice fell, someone answered, 'You are right. It is the best to combine poetry and painting.'

He gave Jiang a headache. Look, she didn't like to attend these banquets. Going to the banquets was like being investigated by a teacher. It was both poetry and painting. Elegance was elegance, but she was not an elegant person in her bones.

According to her, it would be more interesting to go out and play ice at the festival.

But everyone said that he Lingjiang could not say anything more. She just stared at the ink in front of her in silence.

He Yunjia looked at her empty paper and said, 'Lingjiang, why don't you write?' Isn't Lingjiang the best painter?

He Lingjiang propped his chin and said lazily, 'I haven't moved my brush for a long time. I'm rusty.'

Seeing that everyone had stopped writing, she had to draw a red plum to hand over.

Princess Yongmu and He Chen were looking at a painting and wanted to choose the best one. When she saw He Lingjiang's painting, He Chen could not help but help herself.

This is too simple. A lone plum branch stands on the drawing paper, with only a few red flower bags lying lazily on it. It really doesn't look like the hand of a lady from a noble family.

Princess Yongmu could not help laughing, looked at He Lingjiang and said, 'The seventh lady of He painted a very good talisman. Unexpectedly, this painting is so... it is so indescribable...'

As she spoke, she showed the paintings of He Lingjiang to the public.

He Chen could not help frowning: 'Princess...'

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