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Chapter 398 red plum

The ladies and gentlemen present can't help snickering.

The ladies and gentlemen of the aristocratic family are proficient in everything, not to mention the zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, but they have always been taught by a famous teacher. They can also make one or two impressive paintings by waving their hands.

Such as He Lingjiang is really rare.

However, no matter whether she is really bad at painting or lazy to write, it is inappropriate to show her painting to the public like Princess Yongmu.

Cui Shu frowned slightly, and then said with a soft smile, 'Although the plum blossom of He Qiniang is simple, it is also vivid and vivid. Snow is covered in the sky, and such a spring is also a different scenery. The simplest is great beauty, and everything belongs to one, is not it the meaning of Taoism?'

'Yes.' He Chen also said with a smile, 'He Qiniang is very Taoist in painting.'

Princess Yongmu sneered: 'Such a simple painting, it makes you two say what you mean. It is worthy of saying that the young ladies of Yingdu are all thinking about it. It's just that they treat Lady He Qi so differently. I don't know how many young ladies will be sad.'

As soon as she said this, some young women looked at He Lingjiang with a different look.

Princess Yongle squinted her eyes and looked at He Lingjiang and asked, 'The painting of Lady He Qi is really like what Dr. Cui said. What is the meaning of Taoism?'

If He Lingjiang dares to answer 'yes', according to Princess Yongle's temperament, she must say one, two, three more.

But if she said no, Cui Shu and He Chentu, who would speak for her, would be embarrassed.

He Lingjiang secretly sneered at how Princess Yongmu came to the wedding banquet. She was doing such calculations

The lady in the boudoir can think carefully because of her heart beating and timidity, or because of the missing halberd and the invisible killing.

In Yingdu, they are all women of the same age from a family background. He Lingjiang's fame is far above many young women.

He Lingjiang seldom went to the dinner party before, and seldom socialized with these young women. They mentioned her all the time, which was naturally peaceful.

But now that we are at the same table, Cui Shu and He Chen and others have maintained her a lot, and some young women who have special thoughts are unavoidably afraid to treat her.

Especially Princess Yongle, she can see. During this banquet, Yongle has had a lot of conversations with Cui Shiyilang. If she still can't see through such frank thoughts, it would be a waste of life for more than 20 years.

The little lady next to her is nothing, but Princess Yongle can be a good knife if provoked.

He Lingjiang glanced at Princess Yongmu, who was sitting at the top of the table and looked at the beautiful scene. She smiled slightly and looked up at Princess Yongle and said, 'Princess, this picture is simple, and it is very meaningful. It is also lucky to be praised by you. However, by making Jiang take a trick and apply some magic spells, it can make a difference.'

She looked at Princess Yongmu with a smile: 'Princess Yongmu and I both practice metaphysics, and know this method. If the princess doesn't believe it, you can ask Princess Yongmu to practice magic.'

'Oh?' Yongle was curious, but was not willing to let He Lingjiang take the lead again. She looked sideways at Princess Yongmu. 'Elder sister, what did Lady He Qi say? Why don't you do it with us? I'd like to see how different this lonely plum branch of Lady He Qi can be.'

Princess Yongmu smiled and patted Princess Yongle's hand with a deep eye. 'Yongle, you have forgotten that Elder Sister is good at spiritual healing. As for the other mysterious techniques, although I have also touched on them, I am not proficient at all.'

Yongle took her hand and smiled and said, 'Don't be modest, Elder Sister. How can you not be proficient? I heard that when you were in the north, you were also praised for your magic spell. Otherwise, how can you go into the desert tribe and kill the rebel leader by yourself?'

'Yes,' He Lingjiang said with a smile, 'when I came to the Northern Territory a few days ago, I heard someone mention the princess, saying that Lady Xiao's magic was unparalleled.'

'Even today's technique is said by the people in the palace in Zhenbei that the princess once performed it in the palace in winter. He Qi is not good at painting. The reason why he drew this plum flower alone today is to take advantage of it. The princess should not be modest...'

The smile on Princess Yongmu's face could not help but stiffen, and she naturally knew some of the magic spells, but what He Lingjiang said to make this simple painting show a little different way, she did not understand.

As for what Xiao Xuan did in Zhenbei's palace, she didn't know.

Now, if you rush out, you will only show the clue, and ask He Ling Jiang to detect something wrong.

She patted Princess Yongle comfortingly and took her hand: 'I have not recovered since I was injured in the wilderness. Now it is very rare to use the magic spell. Let Lady He Qi show you how to use it.'

Princess Yongle pouted reluctantly: 'Sister!'

Sister A clearly knows her mind, but now she can do it herself, but she wants to let He Lingjiang show off. It's clear that she doesn't care about her at all.

Princess Yongmu ignored her, but smiled at He Lingjiang and said, 'Let's go to the seventh lady He!'

He Lingjiang didn't seem to notice the sharp edge in her eyes, and stood up helplessly: 'The princess is really too modest. Since you are kind to give way, Lingjiang will lend you the original method and show you the magic.'

With that, she stood up and reached the center of the pavilion.

Princess Yongle angrily saw that she took the picture of plum branches and spread it on the ground. Then she put a seal on her hand and practiced the art. Her feet also twirled around the painting.

After a few breaths, her eyes widened.

With the action of He Lingjiang, the picture of plum branches on the ground suddenly moved, and the lonely plum branches seemed to jump out of the paper and stand in the pavilion.

Then, the bouquet of plum branches took root, pulled out and grew up. In the eyes of people who could not believe it, it became a plum tree, giving birth to numerous branches and stretching in the pavilion.

He Lingjiang kneaded the formula with one hand, and sketched it in the air with the other hand. With her painting in her hand, there seemed to be a faint flash of light in the air, and the plum tree branches began to bear a little flower packets.

The flower bag of that star point grew bigger and bigger, and finally became a bloated ball.

He Lingjiang smiled slightly, his palms met up and down, one palm was held down, and the fingertips of the other hand were slightly rotated. With the movement of her fingertips, there seemed to be a 'wave', and the bulging flower bag opened, revealing the trembling plum petals.

First, one, then two, three... But in ten minutes, the trees are full of flowers and red like fire.

The pavilion is covered with pure snow, and a red plum is in full bloom in the pavilion.

The crowd could not help admiring.

At this time, there was a wind, blowing the petals on the tree slowly falling, like rain.

The fluttering petals floated down the wind to the table, and the ladies and gentlemen who were close could not help reaching out to pick them up, but the petals passed through their palms. They were ignorant, and people were in vain.

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