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Chapter 401 discuss

Cui Shu watched the carriage disappear in the distance, and then looked down at the box held by the nurse from his hand. He could not help sighing.

'Lang Jun, come back?' Hucong asked in a low voice.

'Go back...' He sighed quietly and then returned to his carriage.

He Lingjiang returned to He's house and told He Xiangshan about the fact that the eldest princess had called her to go.

Sure enough, but two days later, the son-in-law He Yan invited He Xiangshan to drink tea.

He Xiangshan got out of the carriage and looked up at the teahouse in front of him. The surrounding environment of the teahouse was very quiet. Along the way, the shadows were oblique, the water was shallow, and there was a faint fragrance of plum flowers floating on the tip of his nose. It was a good place to drink tea.

However, when He Yan was called to come, it must not be as simple as drinking tea.

He Xiangshan entered a small courtyard under the guidance of his servants. As soon as he entered the tea room, he saw He Yan kneeling in front of the small table to cook tea.

He quickly swept the room. The decoration in the small tea room was very elegant and simple. There was only a screen in the distance, which covered the situation behind it.

His eyes paused slightly on the screen, and then he turned around and bowed to He Yan: 'The son-in-law.'

He Yan smiled and called out to him, 'Bo Yu, you are going to see me out like this.'

He pointed to the opposite side and said, 'The tea is ready. Sit down and taste it.'

He Xiangshan smiled and sat down according to his words: 'Why did you think of inviting me to have tea?'

He Yan raised his eyebrows and said, 'What are you talking about? Can't I invite you to have tea without anything?'

He Xiangshan drank tea with his head down and smiled without saying anything. If you invite him to drink tea, you can, but you don't need to find such a remote and quiet place.

He had just come all the way, and saw that there were no tea guests nearby, and there were also hidden guards outside the yard.

With such caution, He Yan has a clear idea of the purpose of his trip.

After drinking a cup of tea, He Xiangshan glanced at the screen and said, 'Why don't you come out and sit down?'

A smile came from behind the screen, and then the eldest princess in plain clothes turned around the screen and came out: 'He Zhongcheng is really sharp.'

He Xiangshan got up and arched his hand

The eldest princess sneered, sat down a few minutes ago, raised her hand and slightly adjusted her sleeve: 'I haven't praised you. However, over the years, He Zhongcheng has become more thoughtful and sophisticated!'


He Xiangshan was clear in his heart, but his face was still puzzled: 'What does the princess mean?'

The eldest princess raised her eyebrows and looked at him sternly: 'You have nothing to say about Lingjiang?'

He Xiangshan asked, 'Lingjiang is the daughter of our He family. What does the eldest princess want to know?'

The eldest princess was slightly cold on her face and said in a cold voice, 'He Xiangshan, now that I ask you, I have checked everything out, and you should not be careless with me here.'

As she spoke, she had collected many things she had found.

'I have already guessed in my heart about this matter. I came here today just to hear from you.'

He Xiangshan said with a smile on his face, 'What if the eldest princess insists on a letter of approval? Are you still going to let Jiang return to the royal family?'

As soon as the words came out, the heart that the eldest princess was hanging was finally settled, and he admitted it.

She raised her eyebrows and said, 'Why not? Since Jiang is the daughter of my royal family, she should naturally return to the royal family and become a princess.'

'Do you really think it is better for Jiang to be the royal princess now than the seven women of the He family?' He Xiangshan asked back.

The princess of the royal family may sound like an infinite beauty, but it can make the landless mother behind Jiang close to her, and it is also the only heir of Prince Yiwen. It is also embarrassing in the court.

Today, if she is generous, but if she has a grudge against her, life in the palace may not be so easy.

What's more, Ling Jiang is now in her hair. Once she returns to the royal family, her marriage will be decided by that the final say. It's hard to tell who she will be.

But if he was in the He Mansion, he would not have wasted his heart. It was the one who intervened. If she didn't want to, he could fight back.

The eldest princess would not have thought of all the above, but she was not willing to let the only daughter of Valjean recognize him as her father.

She watched Valjean grow up. After the palace change at the beginning, she was almost gone with a serious illness.

Now that she knew that there were still children alive, she thought she could bring the child back to her family.

Besides, Jiang Ruo is just an ordinary or slightly capable young lady. She can naturally have a lifetime of stability when she is raised in He's family. But now, how can a He's family support her?

She looked at He Xiangshan and said, 'I naturally understand He Zhongcheng's worries.'

'But although the He family is a century-old family, so many years will also make Yuan grow up so well, but in this Yingdu, it is no better than that in the past... You see, making Jiang clearly born and noble, and facing those far less than her royal family children, she has to bow down and salute. What is my feeling as an aunt?'

'What's more, He Zhongcheng really thinks that today's Lingjiang can be protected by a He family?'

He Xiangshan couldn't help but jump. Yes, even he has asked himself many times how long he can protect Jiang?

Since Jiang has entered the Department of Misfortune and involved in the court, there will be many complicated things coming, and it is also difficult to hide the open fire and the hidden arrow. With the current He Shi alone, she can't afford to worry about it.

Because of this, he thought, ask He Shi to stand on the court more stable, more stable. At that time, neither He nor Jiang will move easily.

However, even for a century-old family, it is difficult to resist the attack of imperial gravity.

The eldest princess looked at him and slowly said, 'Ling Jiang is not an ordinary woman. Although He Shi can protect her for a while, she can't protect her for a lifetime. Although there are many disadvantages in the royal family, what can be used well may not be her help. Standing tall and stable enough is good for Ling Jiang and He Shi.'

'The emperor now depends on Ling Jiang's ability, but He Shi and Ling Jiang are just a knife for him. What will happen after the palace is killed?'

'But if Jiang returned to the royal family at this time, it would be different.' The eldest princess did not know the emperor's mind completely, but it was also close.

'After all, she is just a little girl, not a boy. Even if the emperor has a grudge against her, it will not be too much. It is the right time to restore her identity while the emperor wants to use her.'

'As long as Jiang does not endanger his throne, the addition of such a princess is just a jewel in his crown.'

'As for the future,' said the eldest princess, 'as an aunt, I naturally want to protect her. You can rest assured that as long as she doesn't want to, I won't let the people in the royal family embarrass her in marriage.'

Looking at He Xiangshan's desire to speak, she waved her hand to stop his words and continued: 'Let me tell you the truth. In the past, there were still some old ministers in the court. For so many years, although Ran was not there, they remembered the friendship in the past.'

'With me and them, Jiang is not alone. Compared with the instability of your He family, it is most appropriate for her to return to the royal family and have someone to protect her secretly.'

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