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Chapter 402 Press

He Xiangshan couldn't help twisting his eyebrows: 'What the princess said is good, of course, but... when there was a turmoil in the early days, He's agreed with the sage that he's retired to Linchuan and ordered Jiang Zebing to follow the last wishes of the former princess, grow older than He's as the seven women of the He family, and protect her from the royal disputes.'

'If I want to go back now, I'm afraid I have a lot of problems in my heart.'

The long princess raised her eyebrows slightly: 'If he doesn't go back, he will have no grudge in his heart?'

If He Ling Jiang stays in Linchuan, the emperor may never miss her.

But since she chose to go out of Linchuan and become famous in Dazhou, she was destined to enter the eyes of the emperor again and become more prominent.

Throughout the ages, the powerful ministers, brothers and even flesh and blood around the throne can become the enemy of emperors.

However, if a gentleman wants to sit on the throne, he must have the heart of balance. He must have a choice between the trivial grievances and the effective help he can use.

Today, although he is not a magnanimous sage, he can also understand the priorities.

He Lingjiang's return to the royal family at this time may not be his wish, but there is no harm or threat to him. As for the details of the events of that year, there are natural ways to cover up the past without the royal face.

The eldest princess looked up at He Xiangshan and said, 'He Zhongcheng, this is the best time to bring Jiang back.'

He Xiangshan smiled bitterly and said, 'I know the meaning of the princess. However, Jiang has no intention of returning to the royal family...'

When she came back from the dinner the day before yesterday and talked with him about the invitation of the eldest princess to meet her, she had many guesses in her heart. She also thought that, according to the eldest princess's temperament, she might want to restore her identity.

Today comes, as expected.

He also asked her what she thought. Everyone else is envious of the royal identity, which is just a burden to Jiang. It's better to be the seven ladies of the He family.

'So that Jiang already knows his life experience?' The eldest princess frowned slightly and then stretched her eyebrows

I can't blame her for interrupting her speech that day. I'm afraid she already knows what she wants to say

'The child grew up in Heshi when he was young, and I don't want to go back to the completely strange royal family. I naturally understand. It's just that......' The eldest princess sighed sadly, 'She is the only blood of Valjean...'

'It is the best choice to go back, either for the sake of Ran, who has passed away, or for the sake of Lingjiang, who is now a blade.'

He Xiangshan hung his eyes and said nothing. There was a silence in the small tea room, only the fragrance of tea and the mist were lingering.

After a long time, He Xiangshan sighed: 'I know what the princess means.'

'But Jiang is not an ordinary woman. She has her own thoughts and decisions. For more than a year, her many means are that I, as an elder, often feel inferior.'

'This matter is still based on her opinion. Although the princess is kind to protect her, she also asked the princess not to rush and force her.' After that, He Xiangshan bowed to her.

If the eldest princess insists on restoring Ling Jiang's identity, she has some ways. At that time, it will be done. No matter what Jiang wants or doesn't want, she can only accept it.

The eldest princess shook her head reluctantly and sighed: 'You are trying to make Jiang good. How can I not?'

'I came here today mainly to get a promise from you. Now that I have an answer, I won't force Jiang if she doesn't want anything else. She is so intelligent, and she will always know what is good for her and He's.'

'No matter when, I will always be her aunt, and I will protect her in the future.'

He Xiangshan got her words and relaxed a little. Finally, the eldest princess was not determined to make Jiang's life experience known to the public.

As for the rest, let's look at it again.

He Xiangshan returned to his mansion and ordered someone to invite him to his study.

Hearing the idea of the eldest princess, He Lingjiang was not surprised.

According to her contacts with the eldest princess, it can be seen that her relationship with Prince Yiwen should be very close. Hearing that he is still alive, she will not be indifferent.

However, she did not want to go back to the royal family.

The seven women of the He family and the princess of Big Zhou have very different responsibilities and constraints.

As the seventh wife of He, she can be a noble and noble lady of the family. Even if she is in the wrong company now, if she wants to leave and wander in the Jianghu one day, it will be OK.

But if you become the princess of this big week, it looks like you are high above others, but there are also many involuntary.

And Princess Yongmu, who occupied her body and was in the palace

She still needs to think about it

He Xiangshan looked at her and sat down. He wanted to say something, but he swallowed again.

It's all right. That's all. The child knows everything. It all depends on her choice.

He Xiangshan sighed secretly. If there were no magic palace in Linchuan to kill the He family, they might still be living in Linchuan safely, so there would be no such tangled thoughts?

However, the He family also regained the chance to return to Yingdu. Although they took every step carefully, they finally recovered.

Everything... who can say exactly?

He waved his hand and whispered, 'Don't worry, as long as the temple is not clear and the sage still needs He Shi and you, we will have a chance. As for the future, even if you don't want to go back, we just need to stand firm.'

He looked at the child who was brought up by himself with gentle eyes: 'In this matter, my lord always respects your idea. As long as you like, here will always be your home.'

He made Jiang feel soft. He Xiangshan really gave her too much with such trust and support, such care and indulgence.

Even though she is not the real Helingjiang, she cannot help but be moved.

He Xiangshan smiled and said, 'Go back and have a rest earlier. It's getting late.'

She nodded, lowered her eyes and stood up to salute He Xiangshan.

After that, He Lingjiang took the time to go to the Princess Chang's Residence twice, and the matter of her life experience was not mentioned for the time being.

It was a message from Pei You that made her miss her. It was about her master, Taoist Priest Wu.

At that time, Taoist Changwu was in the East China Sea for recuperation. He ordered Jiang to go back to the north, but he didn't think of an accident. He woke up and changed his body.

She once wanted to contact her master, but she didn't take it into account at that time because of Linchuan.

Later, in Yaozhou, Pei You immediately sent someone to find her master to see if she could solve her problem.

However, Shifu seems to have gone out for a tour later. His whereabouts are uncertain and can't be found for a while.

Now, there is some news!

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