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Chapter 403 who

According to the investigators, Master appeared briefly in Fusang Kingdom in the East China Sea, and then went to the east.

If you wait for him to return to Tai Zhou, it may take a long time.

He Lingjiang is not in a hurry. She has also been practicing metaphysics with her master for nearly 20 years. Now, if she wants to return to herself, it is not easy, and it is not necessary to implement it.

Today's body is different from the body of the deceased at the beginning. It has fused her spirit and become a living person.

If she leaves the present body and goes back, then this body must die.

On the other hand, Princess Yongmu will not wait for her to regain her body. No one can tell if there will be any damage at that time.

But if she doesn't go back, she can't let Princess Yongmu act in her body all the time.

She also wanted to hear his views when she invited Master back this time.

But since Shifu can't come back for a while, she simply put the matter aside.

After the New Year, it will be a new year in a twinkling of an eye.

A banquet was held in the palace to invite the ministers of the central government and their family rolls. He Lingjiang naturally followed him into the palace.

There are not a few aristocratic dignitaries traveling between the seats. He Lingjiang sat quietly at the table and looked up at the top of the table.

The emperor and queen naturally took the first place, with the crown prince, prince and princesses sitting on both sides.

It's just that Duan Wang, who should have been one of them, is not there.

It is obvious that the eucalyptus was involved in Duan Wang years ago. Although it proved that he had nothing to do with the temple, the emperor did not intend to lift his foot ban.

First, the prince was used by the temple to cover for the private collection and sale of eucalyptus in Linchuan, and now even the Duan Wang he always valued has been carried to them.

The emperor was obviously annoyed. He was determined to let King Duan learn from his mistakes and never dare to act carelessly.

The crown prince was banned for three months at the beginning, but now Duanwang is almost the same.

I just don't know whether the Chaotang power will change after he comes out.

The prince is stupid and inappropriate. After passing through Linchuan Yiyu, the emperor was even more disappointed with him.

For so many years, the crown prince has been the prince of the country and has never made any achievements. However, the emperor had no great demands on him. It was nothing to be timid. As long as he could be honest and honest as a savior, he would not be as cynical as his first two brothers. After that, he would become a conservative ruler.

However, if the prince is stupid enough to be used without knowing it, or even does something that shakes the foundation of the country, he will not tolerate it.

In addition, since the Prince's affair broke out, King Duan has become more and more interested in his actions, and the emperor even has a vague idea of easy storage.

Only he still has concerns in his heart, so he just has an idea.

And with the return of Princess Yongmu, the crown prince has done a lot of things, and the emperor has arranged everything for him to be impeccable.

The emperor looked, and his previous dissatisfaction with the prince gradually faded away.

Now Duan Wang, who has always been valued by the emperor, has made mistakes again, and his thoughts have been suppressed.

He Lingjiang holds up the tea cup and drinks it with his head down.

Recently, dark waves flow above the hall.

The king of Duan was forbidden by the emperor, although he had instructed his men not to show their heads and just to do their own work with great concentration. However, the morale of his department was a bit low after all.

Although the Crown Prince is not doing anything right, the Queen, Princess Yongmu and the wife of the Crown Prince are not stupid. They should take advantage of the opportunity to make more profits for themselves.

The previous situation of Duan Wang's seclusion will change after some time.

He Lingjiang, who inadvertently created this situation, inevitably became the thorn in the eye of Duan Wang's family.

Not to mention Duan Wang, the wife of the Zhongshuling Zhao family, who was with her at the table, has coldly gouged her out several times with an eyeknife, and is eager to poke a hole in her flesh.

Fortunately, Helingjiang has always been thick-skinned and just looks like he didn't feel it. He should eat, drink and feel at ease.

In the eyes of Lady Zhao, she could not help biting her silver teeth.

It was the prince who changed the way he spoke to her before. After the empress sat down for a moment and withdrew, he also spoke to her mildly.

'Mrs. He Qiniang, have you tried the remaining sins of the temple that you arrested years ago?'

He Lingjiang nodded, He replied simply: 'It has been several rounds of interrogation.'

The prince said curiously: 'I heard that you also caught the right envoy of the temple during your trip. This is a big fish, and I don't know what news can be found from him?'

He Lingjiang sighed helplessly: 'The people in the temple are hard, and it is a difficult thing in the interrogation. The right envoy of the temple bite more tightly. He also used many means in the company, but he hasn't got any useful information yet...'

The prince nodded plainly: 'Don't worry. It is extremely difficult for Lady He Qi to find out so many shrine forces by means of a small murder. She has done a good job! She can't wait to interrogate this matter, just grind it slowly.'

He Lingjiang was slightly picky. This 'good job' is not only to find out the shrine forces, but also to lead Duan Wang into it by mistake, right?

She looked at the prince's smiling and kind face and replied: 'The prince said yes. This trial is too urgent. We have many mysterious means in our hands. After grinding, we can always find something.'

After that, she glanced at Princess Yongmu sitting on the other side of the head without any trace.

However, this person seems to have never heard of it. He looks like watching from the eye, nose, nose and heart.

It seems that Princess Yongmu doesn't care about the fate of the right envoy of the temple.

At the beginning, Princess Yongmu took her body with the help of the old woman in the temple. According to the words of Wu Ao before she died, she could not get rid of the relationship with the temple.

Therefore, He Lingjiang has been sending people to look at her since she entered Yingdu. However, since she entered the palace, she has never revealed any trace of contact with the temple.

He made Jiang frown. At that time, the god of the temple helped her to lose herself. Isn't it just because she saw the identity of Princess Xiao Xuan and went to the temple to help her succeed?

But now she has been fighting with the Holy Palace all the way, and Princess Yongmu has never wanted to help the Holy Palace for more than half of the time.

Now, whether the Department of Punishment or the Department of Misfortune, there are many remaining sins in the temple, and even those who are worthy of fame are not a few.

If you don't want to reveal the secret of the temple, it is best for the temple to send someone to kill itself secretly.

When she transferred people from the Ministry of Punishment to the Department of Misfortune, she also deliberately and secretly disclosed the route of transportation to Princess Yongmu. If she wanted to intercept, she could make it.

However, from the beginning to the end, the person who secretly stared at her did not notice that she was half changed.

Is this person with the Holy Palace? Or is it just a relationship between her and the shrine to use and defend each other?

According to Wu Ao, this person's surname is Mei, and he comes from the big family.

However, she sent someone to check the most likely Mei family in Jiangbei, but she never heard of such a woman who is about the same age and is dying.

Who is she?

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