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Chapter 406 the husband

He Ling Jiang Dan glanced at her plainly and said, 'Don't think about it too much. This is the heart of Princess Yongle who doesn't say that all the little ladies in the city are staring at her. Can't you not understand?'

He Yunjia blinked his eyes and said, 'I naturally understand that. However, after several times, I think that Cui Shiyilang treats you a little differently. But you are really not interested in such an excellent man?'

She approached He Lingjiang and stared at her curiously.

To her disappointment, He Lingjiang's face was as usual, without any sense of shyness of a little girl. Hearing this, he just shook his head slightly: 'None.'

'That's the beautiful Cui Family Eleven Lang...'

He made Jiang Dan smile and said, 'So what? Although beautiful jade is good, it may not be loved by everyone.'

He Yunjia couldn't help sighing and sat down: 'Ah, I'm so disappointed with your appearance...'

'What are you disappointed about?' He Lingjiang said, 'I see that you adore Cui Shiyilang very much. Why are you disappointed with me?'

He Yunjia held her chin and pouted: 'Everyone has a love for beauty. It's not surprising that I love Cui Shiyilang. However, this love is just like appreciating a tree flower, a cloud and a mountain. Pure appreciation of love does not necessarily have to be close to owning.'

'The Cui family is at the zenith of the day. Although I have recovered, I can't compare with him in the end. This Cui Shiyilang is also the most outstanding young man in Yingdu and even the whole Zhou Dynasty. Except for Pei Shizi, who rarely shows up, I see that no one can match him. Countless women are staring at him.'

'I have the self-awareness. I'm just plain qualified, so I'm too lazy to make it up.'

You should know that if these women fight for the right Lang Jun, the means can't be underestimated.

She looked at it from a distance, looked at it freely and happily, and also expressed her love for beauty. When we find the right husband and share the same white head in the future, this young time is also pleasant.

'But you are different...' He Yunjia looked at her and said with envy, 'You are both from a famous family and famous for your mysterious skills. That's why the princess Yongmu who is popular with everyone can compare with you.'

'And I see that Cui Shiyilang is also a little different from you. If you want, it may not be impossible.'

She held her cheek and said longingly, 'If Cui Shiyilang becomes my brother-in-law, it will not be envied by others? If I want to see his handsome face later, I don't have to follow the young ladies to squeeze and see it. I can't say I can still drink the tea that Cui Shiyilang gave me...'

'Stop, stop.' He Lingjiang poked her in the head. 'You can't think of it. You said that the Cui Lang is the sweet cake in the eyes of the young women in the whole city. I don't want to make such a big trouble for myself.'

'If you treat him with no other thoughts, you just appreciate it. If you see him in the future, you can only look at him from afar. Don't take the initiative to provoke him. You also saw the last wedding banquet. Princess Yongle treats him with thoughts, but you and I can see clearly.'

'I know. I still know these reasons.' He Yunjia replied with a smile

Anyway, since Ling Jiang talked with her last time, they no longer have to force her to see each other. Even if she has made arrangements, she can also take this opportunity to refuse.

This carefree young girl's time, and there is still a period, she should cherish it well, don't miss the good time.

The procession of the cross-horse parade circled the city for a week, and the whole Yingdu was boisterous and bustling, and everywhere it passed was blocked.

At the gate of the city, a carriage staggered into the gate and headed for the city. However, in the middle of the way, it had to stop in front of the crowded road.

The horse who pulled the cart snorted and shook its tail.

Listening to the loud noise ahead, the curtain of the car was lifted by a slender hand, revealing a beautiful face like the begonia jade dew: 'What happened ahead?'

The coachman replied in a respectful voice, 'It's the number one men in Jinke and the flower scouts who are crossing the street.'

'Today is the day, but it's time to catch up with the excitement.' The woman looked at the situation ahead and said in a flat voice, 'Go around this road.'

I'm afraid this noisy appearance is disturbing Qingjing.

'Yes.' The driver answered, and then raised his whip to drive the car around.

The carriage stopped and stopped. After several turns, it finally stopped at a house in the city.

This house is located in the east of the city, which is also the boundary of every inch of land and every inch of gold. Although it is not particularly large, it is better than the quiet.

The coachman jumped out of the carriage and put down the footstool. Then he saw the curtain of the carriage open and walked out of the beautiful woman in green clothes.

The woman got out of the carriage and did not immediately go to the house. Instead, she ordered someone to take out a wooden wheelchair from the back of the carriage and lay it flat in front of the carriage before bending her head and knees: 'Lang Jun, you can get off.'

'Hmm.' There came a lazy male voice.

Then, a slightly strong maid dressed in Chu color emerged from the carriage. She turned around and helped a man in thick robes out of the carriage.

The man seemed to be very cold. Compared with ordinary people, his clothes were obviously thicker.

He looked powerless at his feet, and the maid held him to the footstool. She bowed slightly and carried him onto his back. She carried him out of the carriage, and then gently put him on the wheelchair.

The man sat in a wheelchair. The spring breeze was still a bit chilly, and it was still cold when it blew. He could not help coughing.

The maidservant in Cuiyi hurriedly took out the blanket and put it on his knee, and put a small stove in his hand: 'It's still cold, so you should be careful.'

The man sighed with a faint sigh: 'At least this winter has passed.'

'Yes,' said the maid in Chu Yi beside her. 'The spring day is getting warmer, and my husband will get better.'

The man chuckled, 'Who knows?'

This hidden disease, year after year, is not as healthy as ordinary people, although it has no worries about life.

The two maidservants could not help but be silent when they heard the words. Lang Jun's disease was brought out of her womb when she was young, and she could not survive. Only by using the secret method can she survive.

The body is a little weaker than ordinary people. In winter, the body is cold and cold, so we have to take care of it.

The maidservant smiled and comforted her. The man saw the two men look worried, and the corner of his lips slightly ticked: 'I have seen it for so many years, why do you do it?'

'Death is impossible, and it is not impossible to ask others to die.'

He looked up at the sky, and his eyes narrowed slightly. He said that coming to Yingdu is not to hurt the spring and mourn the autumn.

The man raised his hand slightly, and the maidservant stepped forward to push the wheelchair, and the group went to the deep part of the house.

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