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Chapter 408 Dream

He Yunjia threw a flower branch into his arms that day, and the Tanhualang happened to pass downstairs. At that moment, He Lingjiang felt that there seemed to be a strange fluctuation in his breath, but it was only fleeting.

Later, as people went farther and farther, she did not continue to explore.

She also asked the housekeeper. In addition to going to Jinke Tanhualang's place several times these days, Princess Ruyang has been staying in the mansion and has never been out. There have never been other strangers in the mansion.

It is difficult to say whether it has anything to do with him.

The housekeeper looked anxiously at the comatose Princess Ruyang on the bed and said, 'Lady He Qi, what is the matter with you?'

He Ling frowned and said in a slow voice, 'It's a dream. As for how it is, I will have a closer look.'

'Don't wake up?' The housekeeper was shocked. 'Is she possessed by evil?'

'It needs to be said whether it is evil or not.' He Lingjiang did not make a conclusion.

'Anyway, please wake up the princess first. It has been two days. If you fall asleep again, the princess will not be able to eat.' The housekeeper looked worried.

'Don't worry.'

He Lingjiang looked out at the sky. It was near noon and the sun was rising high.

'People who are trapped in dreams often lose their way in their dreams. They can't get out of their dreams, so they can't wake up.'

'If you want to wake up the princess, you need someone to dream, find her in her dream and break the fog.'

She pointed to the sun outside: 'At noon, when the sun is in full bloom, it is not appropriate for outsiders to dream. It is very likely that they will be rejected and blocked by the princess's dream accidentally.'

'If you don't sleep deeply, you will be more confused when you are half asleep. If you are not careful, you may be trapped in the princess's dream.'

'So we have to wait.'

'Is that until evening?' asked the housekeeper.

He Lingjiang nodded: 'It's best after midnight.'

'Well, the old servant will arrange a clean yard for Mrs. He Qi to have a meal and rest for the time being. It's next to the yard of the princess. After nightfall, please come to perform the martial arts.' The housekeeper said, and quickly sent someone to clean up.

He Lingjiang also did not refuse. At this time, he still had to run back and forth to return to the Division. He simply waited at the residence of the Princess Ruyang for the time being.

The sun is slanting, the golden black is falling in the west, and the dusk is coming.

After He Lingjiang had dinner, it was getting late.

The night is sinking.

The housekeeper, as instructed by He Lingjiang, sent all the people who served in the Princess Ruyang's courtyard to rest, leaving only two people to guard outside the courtyard.

Without the maidservants who shuttle back and forth, the huge courtyard suddenly becomes deserted. Only the lanterns under the corridor hang quietly, flickering in the night.

He Lingjiang gently pushed the door to the room, motioned to Green Bamboo to guard outside, and only led Man into the room.

There was only a candle lamp beside the bed in the room, which was as bright as a bean, reflecting the room was yellow, and the face of Princess Ruyang was half bright and half dark in the slightly flickering candle light.

He Lingjiang leaned down slightly, took out a silk thread from his sleeve and tied it on Ruyang's wrist, then kneaded the formula in his hand, and gently touched her forehead, and took out several small bells to hang on the silk thread.

The bell has no bell heart, but it doesn't make any sound when she moves.

Next, she neatly tied the other end of the silk thread between her wrists.

In this way, the two ends of the silk thread are connected with her and the Princess Ruyang.

Man found Zhang Futuan and put it beside the bed. He ordered Jiang Wei to step back and sit down with his knees crossed.

When Ah Man saw this, he retreated a few steps and stood not far from her, but his eyes were firmly around her.

'Seven ladies...'

He Lingjiang's hands were lotus shaped and nodded slightly: 'OK, let's start.'

Ah Man nodded, and with a wave of her hand, the bedside candle lamp went out 'poof' and the room was dark.

Man slowed down his breath. It was so quiet in the dark night that even her breath could not be heard.

She has studied with He Lingjiang for more than a year, and has improved a lot. She can barely see her actions in the dark.

He Ling Jiang's eyes were closed, his hands were flat on his legs, his hands were knotted with Samadhi, and he looked meditative.

The room was as quiet as water. With the passage of time, Helingjiang's breathing gradually calmed down, and she fell asleep.

I don't know how long it was before I saw a light golden light in the dark inner room flashing between the hands of He Lingjiang. Then, the light streamed along the silk thread on her wrist to the end of Princess Ruyang.

The bell on the line jumped suddenly, and Man's eyes widened. Fortunately, the bell didn't make a sound, which made her feel relieved.

The room was as dark as ink, but the seven-foot silk thread was overflowing with gold.

In front of me was a thick and thick fog, a vast expanse of white, and people could not even see the place three steps away.

He Lingjiang reached out and touched it. It was wet and cool.

She looked down at her feet. There were green grass and wild flowers with blooming buds. There were dewdrops hanging on her head. The train of skirt brushed through it and soon wetted the skirt corners.

The soles of the shoes are sticky and full of wet soil.

It seemed to be a rural morning, with heavy fog and dew, and the whole dream was full of moist air.

The surrounding scenery is not clear, especially the figure of Princess Ruyang.

She took a few steps and then stopped.

He Lingjiang recited a mantra in his mouth, kneaded the formula with one hand and stroked it between his other wrist. The wrist flashed, showing a light golden silk mark.

One end of the silk thread was tied to her hand, while the other end was hidden in the thick fog and disappeared.

He Lingjiang turned slightly at his feet and walked forward in the direction of the silk thread.

I don't know how far and how long it took. He Lingjiang only felt that her clothes would be wet by fog and dew. However, just as she stepped out of the next step, she suddenly felt a change in front of her.

The moist air around us suddenly faded away, and the clear and warm sunlight shone on us warmly. The flowers and plants around us were full, and the butterflies were flying.

However, where the silk thread points, the figure of Princess Ruyang is still invisible.

Not discouraged, she continued to walk along the silk thread, past the morning and noon, past the afternoon and dusk, and then entered the darkness.

Black is the ultimate black.

Like thick ink, it covers everything in the world, but the silk thread between my wrist still shines with gold.

When she walked down this circle, she also vaguely understood the dream of Princess Ruyang.

From the early morning to the dark night, so cycle, day after day, round after round, as long as she can not walk out, she will always be trapped in it.

This dream was clearly set up for her.

If she walks in front and follows herself, it will be difficult to catch up with her.

He made Jiang put his fingers together and pressed the silk thread between her wrists. As she chanted a mantra, the silk thread tightened a little. She gently pulled it, and felt that there was resistance coming from an unknown distance.

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