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Chapter 44 The Feng family (Jiageng)

Hearing that Taoist Xuanwei had arrived, Feng hurried to get up from his bed.

he Qianli got a family meal last night, but she got a little fever after applying the medicine. She followed her for a long time and fell asleep with her pillow in the late midnight.

before going to bed, she also told the people around her to wake her up if Xuanwei Taoist priest was long enough.

she has to explain to Chang Fang that the matter of Wu Lang Jun has nothing to do with them.

she thought about it in her mind. She didn't sleep very well last night. She only felt that her dream was complicated, but she couldn't remember anything when she woke up.

she felt he Qianli's forehead on the bed and felt relieved when she saw that the heat had subsided.

Feng whispered to the servant woman beside him: 'go to the stove and prepare some porridge for Lord Lang to wake up. I went to the flower hall in the front yard and told the people in the yard to keep their hands and feet light. Don't let anyone disturb Lord Lang's rest.'

'yes, madam.' The servant woman whispered.

Feng also said, 'send a message to the second wife, the fourth wife, and the three and four gentlemen. Let them stay in their own yard. Today, you don't have to come to greet them.'

after that, she hurried to the flower hall.

when Feng arrived, Taoist Xuanwei had been sitting in the flower hall for a long time.

Feng Tong is still explaining the change of life: 'Mr. He, I really don't know about the change of life, nor have I ever tried to murder the five gentlemen in your house.'

hexiangshan was unmoved, but said: 'yes or no, you will know when Taoist priest goes to Feng's house to see the Six Gentlemen of your house.'

Feng stepped into the flower hall with one foot, and said loudly: 'brother, you're doing this, but you're suspecting me that Sanfang was plotting against Wulang?'

he Xiangshan looked at him and said, 'what do you think of my sister-in-law?'

Feng sneered and said, 'if I said that San Fang didn't do this evil thing, my brother would certainly not believe it. The five brothers in the long room had an accident, and now they are confused with the Feng family, San Fang's in laws. It's natural for me to doubt.'

'however, the government pays attention to the evidence when solving cases. Even if you are the he family leader and suspect that our three rooms have done this, you must show evidence.'

hexiangshan stroked his sleeve and said, 'this is nature. Taoist Xuanwei was going to Feng's house to see the body for the sixth doctor. Taoist Xuanwei understood the mantra of the fifth doctor. If the two people really changed their lives, Taoist priest can see it.'

Feng asked: 'even if the magic spells of the six brothers of the Feng family are the same as those of the five brothers, how can we conclude that the Feng family or my three rooms murdered the five brothers?'

he Xiangshan narrowed his eyes and said: 'it's impossible to judge by this alone. However, on this basis, the Feng family and Sanfang are afraid to be involved. At that time, it's not my long room that should be explained, but you.'

Feng was speechless.

he Xiangshan continued: 'Taoist Xuanwei said that the seven star life changing technique must be guided by the hair and blood of both sides, and also know the eight characters of their birthdays.'

'five Lang was introverted when he went to the temple fair. He didn't want to go, but four Lang dragged him to the temple fair. But at the temple fair, five Lang was stabbed by a ferrule and took blood.'

'besides the birth date eight characters, younger brothers and sisters should know how much the aristocratic family values the birth date eight characters. Apart from their biological parents, only the very close elders in the family can know them.'

'these things are very difficult for outsiders to take, but for those close to us, they are just a matter of raising our hands. If we can prevent outsiders, how can we prevent people around us from having other thoughts?'

Feng angrily said: 'so, brother, do you think this is the work of our three rooms?'

'as I explained earlier, Si Lang took Wu Lang to the temple fair. It was just a child's nature. He wanted to find Wu Lang to play with him. As for the eight characters of the birthday, it was not only our three rooms that could know. Why don't you doubt the second room and the fourth brother?'

he Xiangshan shook his head and said, 'don't feel unfair to younger brothers and sisters. Naturally, I once doubted the second and fourth younger brothers. But now, the evidence handed to me actually points to the third room.'

'I won't talk about lending and using the shop for personal gain. How do you explain the story of Mr. Feng LIULANG?'

Feng's eyelids jumped when she heard about the use of the shop for profit. She forced herself to explain: 'it must have been framed by someone else!'

'I don't know whether it's a frame up. All I know is that San Fang is really not innocent now.' He Xiangshan waved his hand and said, 'it's useless for my sister-in-law to argue with me here. It's better to discuss with the third brother to see how to prove that you three Fang really didn't do this.'

'if this matter really has nothing to do with San Fang, I will certainly apologize to you. But if San Fang really puts his hand on my eldest son, I will not be merciless!'

he turned to Taoist Xuanwei and said, 'it's been a long time. Now I'd like to bother Taoist priest to go to Feng's house in person to see if I can find a clue and find out the villain.'

after that, he asked Fengtong: 'Lord Feng, can you lead the way?'

Feng Tong nods with a bitter face. He doesn't take it with him. Will they not go?

Feng looked at Taoist Xuanwei, then looked at he Xiangshan and said, 'I'll go too.'

Taoist Xuan Wei has heard of the name of Taoist priest Xuan Wei. However, it is obvious that the Feng family and Sanfang have been framed. She must look around to rest assured.

'if you want to go, go.' Hexiang mountain road.

he Lingjiang, who had been sitting in a corner in silence, stood up and saluted, saying, 'Grandpa, I also want to go with you.'

'are you going too?' He Xiangshan looked up and said, 'now the sun is just right, your body.'

he Lingjiang smiled and said, 'it doesn't matter. I will take good care of myself. Besides, there are aman and they will take care of me. Surely they won't let me bask in the sun.'

he Xiangshan was not at ease. He was just about to say something more when he saw Taoist Xuanwei standing up and said: 'Madam He seven, as the eldest wife, is OK if you want to go to see her. Don't worry, he Gong. I have a poor Taoist beside me. I won't let madam he have an accident.'

he Xiangshan had no choice but to sigh: 'go, go.'

he told helingjiang: 'be careful. If you feel uncomfortable, come back to the house quickly.'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'thank you for your concern. My daughter will pay attention.'

the Feng family is a merchant's home, located in the east of the city.

it was only because the ancestor of the Feng family had helped the great ancestor of the he family a great deal to get married with the he family.

the Feng family's residence is not small. However, due to the poor operation in recent years, the family business has become more and more declining. It is inevitable that there is a sense of decline. The surrounding walls look like they have not been repaired for a long time.

the old servant who kept the gate saw that it was his husband, followed by a group of people behind him. He hurriedly opened the gate and welcomed the people in.

he Lingjiang followed Taoist Xuanwei and walked through the yard of the Feng family.

compared with the he family, the courtyard of the Feng family is not big, but half a cup of tea is in front of the yard of the Six Gentlemen of the Feng family.

Xiaotong, the doorkeeper, saw that his master had come. He was scared out of his wits and rushed into the courtyard before he could salute.

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