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Chapter 46 Pills

Xuanwei shook his head: 'whether there is any connection or not, but it is not possible to make a judgment now. I dare not say anything.'

he added: 'Now Lady He Qi is here too. If master Feng really wants to prove himself, let lady he Qi investigate with me. How about that?'

what can he Qiniang, a little girl, do?

after all, she is a member of the he family. As long as Taoist Xuanwei is willing to explore possible clues and clear Feng's suspicion, Feng Tong will be grateful.

he hurried to take Taoist Xuanwei to the yard where the warlock had lived, but he was stopped by Heling Jiang.

'Lord Feng, wait a minute. May I come forward and look at the Six Gentlemen carefully?'

Feng Tong frowned: 'Mrs. he, you are a little girl after all. It's wrong to be so afraid.'

Feng also came forward and tugged at Lingjiang's sleeve: 'Lingjiang!'

he Lingjiang smiled and said, 'since my father asked me to come, he meant to let me represent long Fang. Now, it's right to find out the truth. It's better to put aside the big defense between men and women.'

Xuan Wei nodded: 'the seventh lady is right.'

he Lingjiang picks up his steps, bypasses Feng Tong and walks to the front of the bed.

fengliulang was sleeping soundly in his room when he was woken up by someone. Then his father brought someone in to scold him. He was cursed by Xuanwei.

he had been confused for a long time. Now he came back to his senses, and saw a little woman with an unparalleled face coming towards him. He was shocked.

I was about to say something, but I saw the little lady's hands moving. He could not move.

he Lingjiang leaned close to him. Feng LIULANG saw that his face was getting closer and closer to him. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and his face could not help showing some abnormal red.

seeing this, Feng was about to pull her forward, but was stopped by Taoist Xuanwei: 'Mrs. he, take it easy.'

he Lingjiang stopped at a place one foot away from Feng LIULANG. She sniffed lightly at the tip of her nose, and her eyebrows frowned. After a few breaths, the top of her eyebrows stretched out again.

she straightened up as usual and brushed her sleeves on Feng LIULANG.

'have you taken any medicine recently?'

Feng LIULANG's heart was like a challenge. He was staring at the little lady in front of him in a daze. He saw that the little lady suddenly retreated.

hearing the question, he nodded dumbly.

helingjiang continued to ask, 'what kind of medicine is it? Can you take it out for me to see?'

Feng LIULANG suddenly recovered and bowed his head: 'no... no... I just used up the last one last night.'

'how could it be gone?' Feng Tongdao said, 'I've found so many doctors at home and prescribed medicine for you. Have you finished?'

Feng LIULANG looked embarrassed and said, 'Grandpa, I haven't taken the medicine prescribed by the doctor in the mansion recently.'

Feng Tong frowned: 'what do you use?'

Feng LIULANG muttered: 'it was the pill that the magician gave his son. I had some left, so I continued to take it.'

Fengtong was furious: 'don't you stop using the things of the Jianghu warlock? Look at you, a good man, although he was a little weak at first, if he wasn't the warlock, he wouldn't be too weak to collapse. You still use the things he gave, wouldn't you die?'

fengliulang opened his mouth and said nothing.

but this pill really works well. He has always been weak, and even when he started doing that, he was powerless.

the Warlock's technique may not be good, but this solid pill really has some effect. After taking it for a few days, he felt that he had some strength.

Feng Tong knew what the evil creature was thinking when he looked at him. He pointed at him and was too angry to speak.

he Lingjiang had a good idea. He had no intention of watching the farce of their Feng family again. Instead, he said, 'Lord Feng, would you please take me and Taoist Xuanwei to the yard where the magician used to live?'

Feng Tong had to leave Feng LIULANG behind and lead them to the yard.

as he Lingjiang expected, the warlock had wiped away the traces left by herself. She walked around with Xuanwei and found no useful clues. So she had to go back to her house and tell he Xiangshan what had happened in Feng's house.

Xuan Wei walked out of the flower hall and said to Jiang, who was giving him a greeting: 'the person who cast the spell is really cunning. There is no clue left.'

he Lingjiang comforted him: 'Taoist priest, don't worry. Now that it has been confirmed that there is some connection between the six masters of the Feng family and the five masters of the Feng family, the rest will be investigated slowly.'

Xuan Wei sighed: 'it's just a shame that the seventh lady entrusted him.'

he Lingjiang smiled: 'Taoist priest is very serious. Thanks to Taoist priest's help, the previous affairs of he family.'

Xuan Wei shook his head and said, 'the seventh lady is ashamed to say so. If she needs help, she will send someone to visit me in the cloud. I will try my best.'

'thank you, Taoist priest.'

he Lingjiang watched him get on the carriage and watched it drift away. Then he turned back to his yard.

aman watched her enter the room, turned around and put away her umbrella, and said, 'Madam seven, we ran all day today. Are you tired? Can I press it for you?'

he Lingjiang waved his hand and said, 'I'm not tired. I haven't been out of the house for a long time. I think it's quite new.'

ah man sighed heavily: 'yes, it's inconvenient for you to travel now. You really haven't gone out for a long time. It's a pity that you didn't get much from a visit to Feng's mansion today. Thank you for your hard work.'

he Lingjiang sat down at the table and was about to pick up his pen and draw a symbol. When he heard the speech, he smiled and said, 'that's not necessarily true. Today's trip has not been in vain.'

ah man wondered, 'did you find anything? Maybe you can find out who the villain is?'

he Lingjiang Shuo, after drawing a magic talisman, put down his pen and said: 'I found some. As for the villain, he was afraid that he would soon be unable to hold back, so he went to the door himself. Don't worry, don't worry.'

aman was puzzled. She was about to ask again when she saw that she had raised her pen and continued to draw symbols. She had to press down her doubts for the time being.

he Lingjiang Yilian drew more than ten talismans before he stopped.

looking at it, aman felt that the talisman drawn by the seventh lady today was different from that in the past. It seemed that it was a bit of a spirit of killing.

he Lingjiang put down his pen and asked aman to take the big umbrella. He said, 'go and call qiongzhi. I have something to tell her.'

aman should bow his head.

he Lingjiang took over the tung oil umbrella and opened it. As soon as he threw it on his hand, the 24 bone oilcloth umbrella leaped into the air and spun in the air.

with her two fingers close together, she drew several talismans against the void on the umbrella surface, and then quickly stretched out her index finger to bite at her lips. The fingertips quickly burst into red blood. With the flick of her index finger, the drop of blood hit the umbrella surface, and the talisman in the void flashed, and then disappeared.

he Ling brushed Jiang's sleeves slightly, and the umbrella fell back into her hands. The original clean inner wall of the umbrella seemed to have complex patterns, which were faintly visible.

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