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Chapter 49 murderer

He Xiangshan confirmed with her again and again: 'Taoist Xuanwei has really made arrangements there. Don't lie to me and let yourself get into trouble.'

he Lingjiang said with a helpless smile, 'it's about my daughter's life. How can I talk nonsense and ignore my own safety? Don't worry, sir. It's already arranged. My daughter will certainly be fine.'

he Xiangshan's hanging heart could not help letting go of her words.

'in that case, let he Cheng take someone with you. He is waiting for you at the foot of the mountain. If there is any news, he will pick you up at any time.'

He Cheng is a good martial artist. His martial arts are beyond ordinary people's control. Even the two green bamboo and qiongzhi beside he Lingjiang were taught by him.

with him, he Xiangshan can rest assured.

he Lingjiang shook his head, but the problem was still to go around: 'Grandpa, the house is short of people now, and uncle Cheng is even more important. If his daughter takes someone away, that person can rush up and the whole he house will be pocketed by him.'

'at this time, he tied up the fourth uncle and asked me to go to redeem him with a silver ticket. Even if I was allowed to go, I would be worried and let the experts in the house follow. In this way, the guard of he house was empty and fell into his trap.'

'however, you have to bring some people to guard you in case of need.'

he Lingjiang said firmly, 'I'm going to let Yunfu drive the car, but I don't take any people with me.'

when Qingzhu qiongzhi heard that the lady didn't even plan to take them with her, she was in a hurry.

he Xiangshan wanted to say more, but was interrupted by he Lingjiang. She pointed to the direction of Yunju temple and said: 'Grandpa, have you forgotten Taoist Xuanwei again? I asked aman to send him a letter before I came to the flower hall. He will meet me.'

he Xiangshan smiled bitterly in his heart. He didn't forget it. He just let yuan go alone. How could he really relax?

Yunfu has prepared his carriage and is waiting outside the house.

at this time, all the rooms of the he family were gathered in the flower hall. Under the guard of the first floor, no owner spoke and no one could go in and out.

at this moment, he Lingjiang came out alone, with only green bamboos and Qiong branches around him, which seemed particularly cold.

he Lingjiang puts the package with the money coupon in the car, turns back to take over the curtain fence and umbrella from qiongzhi, and whispers a few words, then lifts the curtain and enters the carriage.

Yun Fu gently whipped his whip, and the driving horse would 'bang' forward and gradually disappear into the thick night.

at this time, the city gate has been open for half an hour. I think ah man will soon see Taoist Xuanwei.

the small carriage passed through the city gate, followed the official road for a while, then rounded the path, staggered with the usual road to Chu mountain, and headed for the Cuiwei peak behind Chu mountain.

the driver is a good horse, but the horse and carriage are at the foot of Cuiwei peak.

it is still some time before sunrise. However, the people on the mountain are afraid that they will not let her leave easily. He Lingjiang has to take Mi Li and a big umbrella with him.

she first carried the package on her back, and then tied the umbrella and power fence behind her with a cloth strip.

Yunfu looked at her movements and hesitated: 'seven niangs, do you really want to go up alone?'

he looked at he Lingjiang's clothes and said, 'if not, let me change your clothes and go up for you? The villain may not be able to see his face before dawn.'

he Lingjiang is not amused. Yun Fu is only 21 or 12 years old this year. She has a beautiful face and thin body. She is not tall among her peers. If she pretends to be her, she may have some similarities.

however, she must go to Cuiweifeng in person. Otherwise, she would not object when he Xiangshan proposed that someone disguise herself as her and go to redeem her.

'that man may be a member of the he family. You can't fool him.'

he Lingjiang tightened the package on his back and said, 'you can wait here first. If I or my fourth uncle come down, I will meet you immediately.'

after that, she walked up the mountain.

the Cuiwei peak is a complex mountain. Few people come to it at ordinary times. Naturally, the mountain road has not been repaired. There is only a path trodden by the herb collectors who come and go here, with weeds and rocks.

he Lingjiang has martial arts skills, so it's not difficult to walk, but there are tree branches stretching out on the path, so she has to slow down to avoid accidentally cutting her skin.

it took her about a stroke of incense to climb to the top of the mountain.

it's nearly half past its prime. Standing on the top of the mountain, the veil of the dark night has been taken off, and the sky shows a touch of fish belly white.

when the mountain wind blows, the surrounding grass rustles.

he Lingjiang looked around and did not see the poet he and the kidnapper.

she raised her voice and said: 'the ransom has been brought in full. Can you release me now?'

there was silence at the top of the mountain. I only heard the rustle of wind blowing vegetation.

she raised her voice and said again.

no response.

he Lingjiang sighed and decided to go down the mountain.

'He Qi Niang is so impatient?' A man turned out behind the rock. The man was tall and straight. The mountain wind blew his sleeves flying. 'It's not half Mao yet.'

he Lingjiang turned around and said calmly: 'it's the master of xuanyang temple. I didn't expect to see him again so soon after I left the temple the day before yesterday.'

Xuan Yang brushed his sleeves and said, 'in ancient times, there was a saying that the sweet dew did not moisten the rootless grass, and the Tao did not cross the fate of people. It can be seen that I had a fate with He Qi Niang.'

he Lingjiang smiled and nodded: 'I really have some fate with Taoism. I just don't know if I can start and finish with the Lord.'

xuanyang asked leisurely at his feet: 'did the seventh lady ever use the ointment she gave her earlier?'

he Lingjiang shook his head, and there seemed to be regret in his tone: 'that ointment is extremely rare. I haven't been willing to use it yet.'

'it's just that the Centella asiatica impressed me. I don't know how generous the LORD was. He not only used these precious medicinal materials in the ointment given to me, but also used them in the pills for strengthening the body of the six masters of the Feng family.'

'we should not only make drugs, but also use good medicinal materials.'

Xuan Yang looked at he Lingjiang: 'it seems that even if he Qiniang didn't use the ointment, she was worried about the snow grass. Otherwise, she wouldn't stand here to talk to me now.'

he made Jiang laugh and said, 'if you make Jiang fail to understand, you have failed him in vain.'

what happened to Mrs. He Qi in the cloud dwelling temple was a fatal stab on her neck. The primary suspect was the people who went in and out of the cloud dwelling temple that day.

after she returned to the mansion, she asked Yunfu to secretly investigate the people who stayed at Yunju temple with He Qi Niang that day. However, they are just girlfriends.

Yunfu investigated them for many days, but failed to find anything wrong with them.

since the issue of empress He Qi has nothing to do with them, those who can kill empress He Qi and bring her body down the mountain without knowing it are the people in Yunju temple.

she wanted to go up the mountain to invite Xuanwei, so that she could go to the Yunju temple to find out.

the Lord xuanyang greeted her in person, which made her puzzled. Most of his words were full of concern for her injuries.

when xuanyang handed the box of ointment, she looked down and saw his right hand, and suddenly understood.

the hand, thumb and index finger are all covered with thin cocoons, and the tiger's mouth is slightly turned out, which is the trace left by using a knife all the year round.

the wound between the necks of Mrs. He Qi is a knife wound!

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