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Chapter 51 Unwilling

Poet he stared at hexiancheng, his eyes full of anger: 'why do you want to do this again? What good will it do to you if you harm the head of the he family?'

'there are benefits... Of course there are. You are a legitimate son. You have what you want since you were young. How can you understand the difficulties of a son born from a concubine?'

hexiancheng lowered his eyes and seemed to be a little angry: 'you, fourth brother, Mingsheng has a good mind. You only know how to eat, drink, play and waste your time. I'm afraid you can't understand my ambitions.'

poet he was disappointed and said sadly, 'in the final analysis, it's just for your own ambition.'

'although you are a concubine of the he family, your mother treated you very well and never scolded you for your daily food. Because of our family, our children are not prosperous. My father wants to cultivate everyone into talents.'

'from childhood, you studied with the same pen, ink, paper and ink as your brother. After your father left, your brother supported the he family and never treated you two badly.'

'never treated lightly?' Hexiancheng sneered and said, 'why did he force me to remove my official title and return to Linchuan County, which is far away from the national capital, to be a small county guard after he resigned his official post after asking to leave Beijing?'

'if he wants to go into seclusion, he will go to seclusion. Why drag me and the whole he family?'

'for the whole 14 years, the he family, who was once famous for a while, lived in this Linchuan county and never took a step!'

'although I am not as good as him as an official, my political achievements are not bad. However, in the past 14 years, no matter how many opportunities I have for promotion, he will not let me stand out and only let me stay in that small county as a county guard. How can I not hate it in my heart?'

poet he frowned and said, 'brother, there must be his reason for this arrangement.'

'reason?' Hexiancheng ha ha! With a smile, 'what's his reason? It's just that the government is complex. We, he Shi, are far away from the center of power. Instead, we can find some peace.'

'the man is ambitious. I don't know why he suddenly retreated when he was just an official. But I didn't and couldn't intervene. But what about him? He was willing to settle down in a corner, so it was all right, but he still pressed me, making me trapped here and making the whole he family fall here.'

poet he shook his head and said, 'I don't understand and have no interest in official career and official position. Naturally, I can't talk to you and your brother.'

'I only know that elder brother is not a narrow-minded and short-sighted man. He is the head of the he family and shoulders the fate of the entire he family. Every decision is made after careful consideration. He must think for the entire he family.'

'brother, since you are a son of he family, you don't understand what brother means. You should also follow the orders of the family leader.'

hexiancheng grinned and said with a sad smile, 'yes, I am the son of he family, and I should obey the orders of the family leader. Therefore, even though I was full of puzzlement, I did what he said, and wasted the past 14 years!'

'the fourth younger brother can see that the Cui family in Jiangzhou has reached the second grade, and students are everywhere. Can you also see that the poor Lu family also lives in the temple, ranking high?'

'but what about the he family? I was born in the Ming Dynasty. I was an important official in the previous dynasty. I was once proud of the scenery. Now I'm just trapped in the countryside. I'm a small county guard and do some business!'

poet he doesn't agree with his resentment: 'it's not bad to be trapped in the countryside. What's more, I, he Shi, don't feel as bad as brother a said now.'

even though he family retreated to his ancestral home in Linchuan, he family is still a well-known family. He family is prominent in Linchuan and Jiangzhou.

when he's children go out, they are also accompanied by Baoma Xiangche, luxurious servants and beautiful maids. They are no worse than those court officials.

hexiancheng held his hand, looked into the distance and said, 'the swallow and the bird know their ambition. How can I know what I am thinking after my four younger brothers have been wandering about for more than 20 years without any intention of official career?'

poet he paused and sighed: 'I really can't understand brother a's ambition. Since you are so persistent to the court, you should try to convince brother to let him down, instead of doing this thing to ruin the family.'

'ah.' Hexiancheng sneered and said, 'do you think I didn't persuade him? But it's useless for me to wear my mouth out. He is determined to let him settle down.'

'so you decided to kill him?'

he Lingjiang looked at him and said in a cold voice, 'or did you decide to destroy he's long house and take over the title of home owner?'

'yes.' Hexianchengyou answered. He looked back and said, 'eight years ago, I had a chance to get a promotion. If I did that, I could go up. I was so excited to find my brother, but he turned me down. He said frankly that if I wanted to go, I would ask for the removal of my family first. It's no use trying to persuade or beg.'

'that's when I made up my mind. Since the he family leader was determined to be inferior to me, I lifted him up and did it myself!'

he Lingjiang sighs in his heart. How can he tell who is right and who is wrong?

however, she was a little unclear: 'it is not difficult for you and the leader of xuanyang temple to join hands to want the life of the he family leader. Why did you choose to cast a charm on the he family leader, so that he could linger in his bed and die again after exhausting his vitality?'

hexiancheng looked at xuanyang and said, 'do you think I don't want to make a quick decision to avoid wasting time? However, the he family is a big family after all. My brother was raised as the head of the family since childhood. I can't control his contacts and things in a hurry.'

he Lingjiang looked at his face and suddenly realized: 'it's not that you don't want to, but that the collaborator, the Lord, doesn't allow it.'

she looked sideways at xuanyang and said, 'the Lord is willing to cooperate with hexiancheng. I think he has something you must have. It is in the hands of successive family owners. If hexiancheng kills the current family owner and rushes to the top, he may not be able to get it.'

'he has to exhaust the hope of his wife bit by bit and let the he family leader willingly pass on his secret.'

therefore, they chose to put a lead curse on he Xiangshan, and let his eldest son, who was 15 years old at that time, fall off his horse and die. He Ziyu, who was born from a concubine of his eldest son, became mute after a fever. I'm afraid it's also in their plan.

poet he heard that his eyes were ready to split: 'you... You, how dare you hurt the man in the long house so early in the morning!'

Xuan Yang looked down at poet he lying on the ground and said with pity: 'the struggle for power is so cruel. If you want to get what you want, you must be ruthless.'

'similarly, if you want to keep what you have in hand, you have to exhaust your mind. Lord hesilang, you are still too young...'

'come on.' He Lingjiang interrupted, 'it's not wrong to be ambitious. However, in this world, people want many things and have many ways to achieve their goals. But there is only one person who can achieve their goals by hurting others.'

she stretched out her finger, nodded xuanyang and hexiancheng, who were standing opposite, and said slowly, 'that's you - villains!'

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