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Chapter 55 Known

Xuanyang was killed, and all the people in black were hanged. The only remaining one, hexiancheng, was held by poet he and tied up with a rope.

he Lingjiang walked over with an umbrella and saw he Xiancheng kneeling on the ground with his hands tied behind him. He poet stood in front of him with his sword.

one of them lowered his head without saying a word, and the other hung his eyes. He didn't know what to say.

'what are you going to do?' He Lingjiang asked.

poet he was silent.

the second brother killed the eldest brother's legitimate son, and then plotted against brother a and Wulang successively. Such acts should be handed over to the family owner to repay him with his life.

it's just that fratricide between brothers is a human relations tragedy after all. If brother a is pushed into such a dilemma, he can't bear it.

why don't you say that he was killed in the scuffle when he came to solve the problem.

poet he moved his hand to lift the sword, but felt that the lightsaber, which was always light, was now as heavy as a kilo.

hexiancheng moved his drooping eyes and said with a sarcastic smile: 'what? The fourth brother is trying to kill me. He can't do it anymore?'

he ha ha! A smile: 'if you have the ability, you will kill me immediately. I will not be wronged if all the people of he family are buried with me.'

there are also many people gathered in the he mansion. He Lingjiang will attack after he leaves the city. The head of the he mansion is the same as the third room. He can't leave his life.

poet he shook his hand and his eyes were about to crack: 'you!'

he Lingjiang patted him on the shoulder to calm him down.

she looked at hexiancheng and said, 'do you think the people who besieged the he mansion will succeed? Lord Erlang should know that even if I hurry out of the city, I won't come out without any arrangements.'

'all the people in he mansion gather in the flower hall. Outside the hall, there are all the elite guards in the mansion guarding with swords. How can people easily invade the mansion?'

hexiancheng sneered: 'I don't know the geometry of the guards in the mansion. Tonight, something happened suddenly. We transferred you from the mansion. Naturally, we know that if you want to protect the mansion, you will leave without making any arrangements.'

'but what if you gather all the people in the flower hall and protect them? People can block the open sabre, but they can't prevent the means in the dark.'

he Ling squinted in Jiang's eyes: 'you and xuanyang really arranged people who are familiar with xuanshu to mix in.'

'in the whole he mansion, besides you, are there anyone who knows xuanshu?'

hexiancheng looked at the rising sun and his eyes flashed: 'I think it's a bloody scene in the he mansion now. Ha ha! Ha ha!... very good, very good.'

he Lingjiang shook his head: 'your wife, children and children are still among them. If both sides start, they will be the first to bear the brunt. The Erlang leader doesn't care?'

'I was the one who murdered Chang Fang. They didn't know anything about it. According to brother a's temperament, they just tied people up and threatened them, but the other side won't be merciful to him.'

hexiancheng's voice gradually sank down: 'he was so ruthless that he was doomed to failure.'

poet he's eyes are red. When he comes forward with his sword, he will cut down hexiancheng, a lunatic.

he Lingjiang stopped him: 'slow down, I still have something to ask him.'

'what else do you ask him? I will kill him to pay for the people in he mansion!'

he Lingjiang patted the sword on poet he's hand: 'since you know that they are going to lure the tiger away from the mountain, and Xuan Yang is also familiar with metaphysics, how can I not be prepared? Don't be stimulated by him to lose your mind.'

poet he can't believe it: 'people in he's mansion will really be ok?'

he Ling nodded and said, 'I asked aman to bring a letter to Taoist Xuanwei. I am sure that even though he will not help me deal with xuanyang this time, he will certainly help the he family at my request.'

'besides, before I left the mansion, I had set up an array around the flower hall. After counting the time, there was a maximum difference of two quarters between when I left the city and when Taoist Xuanwei arrived. Even if there were changes in the he mansion, he would have time to help.'

poet he breathed a sigh of relief.

hexiancheng looked defeated and sighed: 'you are better than me, and I lost completely.'

he Lingjiang squatted down, looked into his eyes and said, 'Erlang master, you and I know that you and xuanyang will die if their plans fail.'

'you still have your wife, children and children in Kehe mansion. If you want to keep them safe, tell me the truth. Who is xuanyang? Is there someone else behind him? And the bronze medal of he family, why does he have to take great pains to get it?'

thinking of his wife and children, hexiancheng hesitated for a moment and finally said: 'I don't know much. Xuanyang and I are just using each other. He wants to get the bronze medal. I want to get the he family, so I can have cooperation.'

'I only know that he is indeed the leader of this cloud dwelling temple. Therefore, when he came to me and said he would cooperate with me, I was hesitant.'

Yunju temple is the first grand temple in Linchuan county. It is also well-known in Jiangzhou and is one of the seventy-two palaces under the Xuanmen imperial palace.

it is said that there are all outsiders in the Xuanmen sect. He doesn't understand it. Xuanyang, the leader of a temple, came to him, the concubine of he family, and said that he wanted to help him win the he family. What's the purpose.

until xuanyang asked, he helped himself to take charge of the he family. However, the bronze medal handed down by the head of the he family through the ages should belong to him.

xuanyang wanted something, so it was reasonable to help him. Hexiancheng was a little relieved.

he tried xuanyang. Why did he, the he family, not know about the bronze medal, but xuanyang, an outsider, know so well.

in order to reassure him, xuanyang also disclosed some information to him with half truth.

'xuanyang once said that the bronze medal was lost by his school and related to the secret of his school. It happened to fall into the hands of he's great grandfather by chance. It was later used as a keepsake of he's family leader and passed down from generation to generation.'

hexiancheng frowned and said, 'as for the use of the bronze medal, he never told me.'

he Lingjiang nodded and asked him: 'have you ever seen him interact with others after cooperating with xuanyang for many years? Is there any sign of other people's participation behind him in the pursuit of he family?'

hexiancheng shook his head: 'xuanyang and I are not common. I really don't know if there is someone behind him.'

I know very little about it.

he Lingjiang sighed in his heart. Seeing that he was not lying, he stood up and said, 'I don't know. Does Erlang have any regrets?'

'xuanyang acted in this way, just to see your unwillingness and lure you to work for him with the whole he family as bait, so as to obtain the bronze medal that only the he family leader knows.'

'even if you can succeed, the whole he family and your two rooms will be able to go up like you think, rather than be killed?'

hexiancheng smiled miserably: 'so what can I do? I am not willing to be trapped here. If I want to pursue my ambition, I have to use some means. I have nothing to say when I am defeated.'

helingjiang doesn't agree: 'if you really only aim at the temple, the master of the he family has blocked you, but it's not impossible to get rid of it.'

'you can break away from Hess and find your own way.'

'but you dare not, and you are unwilling. You are unwilling to be a son of the he family, but you are suppressed by the long house, so you choose to murder the long house and seek skin from the tiger to take the whole he family from the long house.'

she sighed: 'there is never only one way in this world. It depends on which one you want to choose.'

when the words were finished, her hand holding the sword moved and crossed hexiancheng's neck.


he Xiancheng fell into a pool of blood quietly. The only thing left was a pair of eyes staring at the rising sun and slowly shed a tear.

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