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Chapter 57 completely new

Hexiangshan collected his look and said in a deep voice, 'let's go back first and restrain the servants in our yard.'

'three younger brothers, four younger brothers, and all the people in the second room.'

just now, the people who were somewhat relaxed because of the safe return of Jiang and Jiang, and the lifting of the crisis, were worried.

for a while, everyone was busy thinking, but they only retreated in silence.

this means to deal with the family affairs of he family. As an outsider, Xuanwei is inconvenient to stay here, so he said goodbye.

he Lingjiang bowed and saluted Taoist Xuanwei: 'thank you for your help this time.'

Xuanwei quickly put out his hand to stop her movement and sighed: 'the seventh lady really killed me like this.'

he received a letter sent by Mrs. He Qi to aman. Then he realized that there was a senior brother xuanyang's handwriting behind the many incidents of he family.

Xuanwei didn't want to believe it. However, in black and white, madam He Qi sorted it out clearly. When he thought of the day when the seven star life changing skill of the five masters of the he family was solved, he returned to the cloud dwelling temple. His elder martial brother, who had always been sincere to him, paid much attention to him.

when I think about it now, there are many temptations in my words.

his relationship with senior brother xuanyang is not close.

although they both came from the same school, they both grew up in this cloud dwelling temple when they were young. However, they ask themselves that they are not as good as their elder martial brothers in xuanshu.

later, master Xian went to pass on the cloud dwelling view to elder martial brother. He didn't have any objection.

over the years, xuanyang took charge of the cloud dwelling temple, while Xuanwei traveled from time to time and gradually gained some fame.

he doesn't understand why xuanyang planned the he mansion, but human life has been involved here. He learned Metaphysics from his school when he was young to drive away evil spirits and protect the people.

look up without shame to the sky, bow without shame to the ground, walk without shame to people, and stop without shame to the heart.

he doesn't know what hatred or interest dispute xuanyang has with he Fu.

even if we don't mention what happened in the he family, it is not allowed by the Xuanmen to sneak attack at night and use xuanshu to kill many people in the he family.

if it is known by the Taiqing temple, the Xuanmen 72 temple will have no place for the cloud dwelling temple.

since he already knows, he must be opposed.

'what elder martial brother did was beyond my expectation. The current situation of he family really has something to do with our Xuanmen. I am very ashamed.'

Xuan Wei looked at he Lingjiang and hesitated for a moment. Fang asked, 'since the seventh lady has returned, I don't know elder martial brother xuanyang...'

he Lingjiang shook his head lightly.

Xuanwei knew that the night Raiders besieged he Fu, but senior brother didn't take charge here. Instead, he took advantage of Lord he Silang to lead the seventh lady to Cuiwei peak.

this is to lure the tiger away from the mountain. It is also a decision to remove her.

if the two fight, they will lose.

now that madam He Qi has returned safely, the elder martial brother naturally...

he has mixed feelings and doesn't know what to say.

after a long time, she asked: 'do you know the reason why elder martial brother attacked he family?'

he Lingjiang looked at the people in the hall and the people in the second room nearby, and said, 'please ask the Taoist priest to lend me a step to talk.'

she led Xuanwei to the outside of the flower hall, avoiding the crowd and whispered: 'Lord xuanyang once said that there was a bronze medal in the he mansion, which was lost by your school. He joined hands with Lord Erlang, who won the he family, and he took the bronze medal.'

'Taoist priest, do you know about the bronze medal?'

Xuan Wei frowned slightly, shook his head and said, 'I've never heard of anything missing from the school. This bronze medal is unheard of.'

he made Jiang Xinxia disappointed: 'I don't know whether the words of the xuanyang Taoist priest are true or false. We still need to find out why he was eyeing the he mansion.'

'if Taoist priest has any news, please let us know in time.'

Xuanwei naturally knew that this storm was not just about he: 'the seven ladies can rest assured.'

he Lingjiang lowered his voice: 'I may have to bother Taoist priest about the remnant of Cuiwei peak.'

Xuan Wei knew clearly that this meant that they would not report to the officials and let them handle it by themselves.

although he has retired from the imperial court for many years, he is still a century old clan. The leader of the cloud dwelling Temple even went out to seek it. If this event broke out, the clan would be in an uproar, and the century old reputation of the cloud dwelling temple would be destroyed.

for the whole Xuanmen, it is a scandal.

the Taiqing temple is the head of the Xuanmen gate. It is certain that people will be sent to the temple at that time. Great changes in the Yunju temple are inevitable.

he Lingjiang wants to help his family today.

otherwise, it will be impossible to do well.

Xuan Wei leaned over and said, 'thank you, madam he.'

'in that case, I will go back to deal with this matter first. If madam He Qi needs my place, send someone to send a message.'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'Taoist priest, walk slowly.'

after Xuanwei leaves, he Lingjiang turns back to the flower hall.

in the flower hall, poet he had told the story of Cuiwei peak briefly and made up several people who had been arranged in advance. He only skipped the story that he Lingjiang was trapped in the array by xuanyang and finally killed xuanyang with his own power.

however, even so, it was enough for the people in the he family to be surprised: 'can you make yuan master swordsmanship?'

empress He Qi grew up in he's mansion when she was young. She has nothing to do. It's fair to think about dancing a sword. But it's really difficult to say that it's a sword against the enemy.

he Lingjiang was silent and looked at him with only one pair of eyes.

poet he touched his nose and said with a smile, 'I stole the teaching order.'

'brother a also knows that I have always admired the actions of Rangers and have been interested in martial arts since I was a child. Later, when I saw that Ling Jiang was running away to find mineral pigments, I wanted to teach her.'

'I didn't tell anyone about it. I didn't think so. Jiang Conghui is quite talented in swordsmanship. However, after twoorthree years of learning, he has the potential to surpass the blue.'

'I heard that she met a wandering Xuanshi before and was still thinking about learning to draw symbols recently.'

'this smart girl really deserves to be our he family girl.'

poet he gave a thumbs up and said, 'brother a has given birth to a good daughter.'

when he said this, he also blinded everyone.

in this way, he Lingjiang doesn't have to bother to explain his xuanshu and martial arts.

he Lingjiang didn't expect that he was so thoughtful.

she didn't tell him how to explain to he Xiangshan after returning to the house.

empress He Qi is dead. Now, she is just a ghost living here. She is not the real blood of he. She has no intention to force poet he to deceive her.

what about going back to the government.

she gave the decision to poet he.

if he wants to tell the public that the real He Qi Niang is dead, although she can't return the body to the he family now, she can leave and don't bother them any more.

if he keeps this secret, she will stay in he's house and become the seventh lady of the he family.

at present, poet he has tacitly accepted that he is he Lingjiang by his words and deeds. The previous truths on Cuiwei peak only dissipate like clouds and smoke.

from then on, she was the seventh lady of he's fourteenth birthday.

it's also brand-new. You can hold a sharp sword and palm the xuanshu Heling ginger.

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