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Chapter 59 Copper symbol

He Xiangshan waved his sleeves and sighed, 'go back first and let yuan and his fourth brother stay.'

this is about Cuiwei peak.

he Qianli looked a little moved. However, since he said so, he had no intention to stay. He had to get up and straighten his clothes and back out.

at this time, there were only three people left in the hall. He Xiangshan frowned and asked the poet he: 'fourth brother, you just said that xuanyang colluded with the second brother and secretly plotted against him. I understand the second brother's mind. Only xuanyang, why did he attack me?'

poet he glanced at he Lingjiang. She had fought with xuanyang. It was better for her to say what should be said and what should not be said. She could also control it by herself, so as not to let him slip.

he Lingjiang received his eyes and said, 'Grandpa, xuanyang once said that he helped his second uncle to seize the he family for a bronze amulet.'

'copper symbol?' He Xiangshan's eyebrows moved, and he suddenly remembered the one handed down to him by his father before his death.

'what copper symbol?'

he Lingjiang looked at his face and knew that he had already guessed in his heart: 'it was handed down from the previous family owners.'

'it's the one...' he Xiangshan looked frozen.

poet he was puzzled: 'brother, what's the use of that copper amulet? It has attracted the coveted salivation of outsiders like xuanyang?'

he Xiangshan shook his head, his eyes still a little confused: 'to tell you the truth, I don't know...'

'brother, I don't know?'

'that copper amulet was passed on to me by my father before he died. I just say that it is a keepsake handed down from generation to generation by our he family and cannot be easily displayed to others.'

poet he suddenly realized that it was no wonder he had never heard of the copper talisman.

'but his father had not explained the usefulness of the copper talisman.' Speaking of this, he Xiangshan could not help frowning.

he Lingjiang raised his eyebrows and wondered: 'could you show me that copper amulet with your daughter?'

when she wanted to see it, he Xiangshan would not refuse: 'wait here for a moment, and I'll get it.'

he led He Cheng to the study, opened the door and went in alone.

He Cheng bows down and closes the door for him, then stands aside with a sword and waits.

the study was laid out in a simple and elegant way. He Xiangshan had been ill for a long time and seldom came here. He seemed a little lonely.

there is a seven stringed zither on the case. On the penholder on the desk, there are several pens of different sizes hung. A row of ancient books are arranged on the bookshelf. He Xiangshan's fingers brush over the rack, which is free of dust.

he looked around for a week. After he recovered from his illness, he came to this study only twoorthree times. He usually reads in his own small study.

hexiancheng came to the small study from time to time to find him, so it was the copper amulet, right?

as for this large study, I'm afraid it has been turned upside down.

a picture of farming and reading is hung on the wall behind the desk. The mountains are high and the clouds are swirling. Several houses are looming. A farmer cultivates in the mountains with four nails of palladium. There is a house nearby. A person is reading at the window.

he Xiangshan reaches out his index finger and points on the window in the picture. The wall is slightly sunken. Just listen to click! With a snap, the bookshelf moved away slowly, and a dark box popped up behind it.

he took out the box in the dark box, which contained the bronze amulet handed down by the he family leader through the ages.

the copper amulet was collected in the dark space after he took it from his father. He took it in his hand and looked through it, but he didn't see anything unusual.

he Xiangshan pulls out the books on the left side of the second row of bookshelves and gently presses them on the shelf wall, and the bookshelves slowly move back to their original places.

it was almost noon, and the sun was at its strongest. The doors of the flower hall were closed, and only the candles on the lamp trees in the hall swayed gently.

he Lingjiang looks at the copper amulet handed over by he Xiangshan.

the copper amulet is about the size of an adult man's palm. It is in the shape of a fish. There is an eight character at the tail of the fish. It is covered in purple gold and carved with dense fish scales.

she rubbed the copper symbol on her hand. The carved fish scales were slightly raised and arranged vertically. It felt slightly undulating.

it is indeed an ordinary fish talisman.

she took the copper amulet to her eyes and looked at it carefully.

the whole body of the fish looks nothing different, but the color of the fish eye is a little brighter than that of the other places.

helingjiang pressed down on the fish's eye. He Xiangshan and he poet also looked at it quickly, but after waiting for a few moments, the copper symbol did not move.

her eyes narrowed slightly, her thumb stroked the fish's eyes, and then raised her hand to remove the hairpin from her hair.

the jade hairpin is no different from ordinary hair ornaments, but the end is very sharp.

he Lingjiang holds the fish symbol in the palm of his hand, holds the hairpin in his right hand, faces the light of the candlestick in the hall, and looks intently. Then he uses the tip of the hairpin to place it in the middle of the fish's eye, and gently, the hairpin will be slightly trapped.

her eyes narrowed slightly, and she put a force on her hand. Just listening to the sound of 'pa', the fish talisman broke into two halves from the middle along her back, revealing what was inside.

poet he has a bright eye: 'there is something!'

he Lingjiang reinserts the Hosta back into the hair room, picks up the small note in the palm and unfolds it.

after the note was spread out, it was only two inches long and one inch wide. The words 'mountains and rivers are covered, roots are mountains, ridges are springs, and springs come from the foot of mountains' were written on it.

poet he frowned: 'what does this mean?'

he Lingjiang's eyes are light and deep: 'it's a divinatory symbol, and it's the middle and lower divinatory symbols.'

both he Xiangshan and he poet took a breath: 'what is the meaning of the divinatory symbols?'

'the upper hexagram of the Mongolian hexagram is that the root is the mountain, and the lower hexagram is that the ridge is the water. The water at the foot of the mountain transpiration to form a fog, forming a natural landscape of mountains, rivers and Mongolia. This is the hexagram image of the Mongolian hexagram.'

'the divinatory symbols formed by the divinatory symbols are combined with the meaning of the word' Mongolia ', which is a pastoral landscape painting with drizzle and mist rising between the mountains and rivers. This hazy scene is caused by the early opening of heaven and earth and the application of cloud and rain.'

'if the village hexagram in the 64 hexagrams of Xuanmen represents the embryonic period of things, then the Mongolian hexagram represents the further growth of things. It has the meaning of the beginning of obscurity, that is, it is about to get out of the state of obscurity.'

poet he doubted: 'in this way, the meaning of the divinatory symbols is not bad?'

he Lingjiang nodded and then slightly shook his head: 'although this divination means to get out of obscurity, it is shaped as a danger at the foot of the mountain. If you continue to move forward, you may be able to get out of obscurity and gain access, or the road ahead may be more dangerous and drowned in water. Finding a ray of vitality in obscurity is not a desperate situation, but it is also difficult. Therefore, this is the middle divination.'

poet he sighed and said, 'this divinatory symbol is in line with the current situation of the he family. The he family has attracted the attention of the thieves such as xuanyang, but you and I can't even figure out the reason behind it. Isn't it in the midst of ignorance?'

he turned to hexiangshan and said, 'brother, our ancestors hid this divination paper in a copper symbol. Do you know what it means?'

'I thought it was a keepsake handed down by the family leader. I don't know that there is something hidden in the fish talisman. How can I know the meaning of it?' He Xiangshan sighed at the speech.

he Lingjiang turned his head sideways: 'didn't my grandfather mention it when he gave it to my grandfather?'

he Xiangshan looked disappointed: 'your grandfather had a relapse of heart disease and suddenly went away. He only had time to pass this fish token to me as the master's keepsake, and the rest had not yet been explained.'

so, although we found the divination paper in the copper amulet, the mystery is still unsolved, and the road ahead is still very remote...

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