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Chapter 60 Suspicion

In addition to divinatory symbols, the three men had not seen the path for a long time.

poet he even roasted it on the fire according to the words in the script, but he still didn't find it.

they had no choice but to put it away again and try another way.

although he Cheng has led people to collect the corpses lying around the flower hall, the thick smell of blood in the air has not gone away.

when he Lingjiang walked out of the flower hall, he frowned: 'Uncle Cheng, what should I do with these bodies?'

after the incident in the early morning, he Cheng dared not take the seventh lady as an ordinary little lady any more. He replied respectfully: 'in the early morning, the sound of fighting in our house can't hide from the servants and nearby families.'

'I was about to send someone to take charge of the order. I went to the County Yamen to report that there were thieves in the mansion last night.'

all aristocratic families that have been handed down for many years have private soldiers. At present, although it is forbidden to keep them privately, in order to protect themselves, there are also many family soldiers who can solve the problem by themselves when they encounter thieves and bandits, without waiting for the government to send troops.

as for what is the matter, there are always some inconveniences for aristocratic families. People in the county government won't ask the whole story.

he Lingjiang nodded: 'it's hard to be uncle.'

as she walked back to her courtyard, she saw that the servants and maidservants who were locked in the courtyards had opened their doors and were getting busy.

although this night was shocking, it was the past.

he Lingjiang fought all night and hurt his soul. At this time, he is also sleepy.

after bathing and rinsing, she ordered people to close the door and go to sleep.

this is the evening.

she didn't like to enter the house without permission. Green bamboo and qiongzhi didn't dare to come in and light the lamp at will. The house was black.

he Lingjiang didn't call anyone out, but just got out of bed, put on his shoes, and sat down in the dark in front of the dressing table.

there were two candlesticks beside her. She stretched out her hand to light them. Then she took one of them and looked closely in front of the mirror.

on the forehead, there was only a thin layer of tender red scab, which had been completely formed. The scar between the neck seemed not as ferocious as before.

her fingertips lightly crossed her neck, but it was only two days short.

in only two days, such a big change has taken place in this delayed wound.

as the lights flickered, she squinted.

after a long time, he Lingjiang wrapped up the wound again and called out: 'hold the lamp.'

green bamboo qiongzhi came in with a candle and lit the lampstand in the house one by one. The whole room lit up at once.

'seven maidens, it's getting late. Do you want to eat now?'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'order someone to bring it in.'

the food tonight is quite light.

hexiancheng's new funeral. The servant woman in the house didn't know why. She just thought that he had been killed by gangsters. Therefore, the meals were also handled according to the funeral ceremony of the home, not involving meat.

he Lingjiang lowered his eyes, moved his chopsticks and sandwiched a few pieces of vegetarian vegetables with porridge for a simple dinner.

'have all the ladies gone to the front yard?' She looked at qiongzhi, who was cleaning up the dishes, and asked.

hexiancheng's coffin is now in the front yard and will be buried after seven days.

qiongzhi, who was bending over to clean up, stopped and replied: 'Lord Lang said that just now that there was a big mess in the house, you can just stay in your own yard. Only a few ladies and gentlemen in the second room are allowed to go to the wake.'

he Lingjiang liaoran, since he Xiangshan has not disclosed the real cause of he Xiancheng's death to outsiders, he does not want outsiders to get a glimpse of the family's affairs.

after all, he once hurt the eldest son, and almost hurt he Xiangshan and heziyu. There is no reason to let other rooms wake for him.

'what will the government do about the funeral of Erlang master?'

qiongzhi said in a low voice, 'keep everything simple. Lord Lang has entrusted this matter to Lord Sanlang. The seventh lady will stay in her own yard for a rest these days.'

he Lingjiang nods.

Bai Po was hung up in the whole he mansion. In the next few days, people came to the house to offer condolences. It was strange to see that only he Qianli's widow and his wife, Lang Jun, were greeting and seeing him off as a gift.

however, this is a private matter of the he family. Those who come to mourn are all from a big family. They know the rules and don't ask much even if they are confused.

hexiancheng's body will be buried in the coffin for seven days. Tomorrow morning, he will be buried in his ancestral tomb.

he Lingjiang looked at the sky and said, 'aman, follow me to the front yard.'

the night is getting dark and all parts of the house have stopped. Aman follows her all the way. The yard is quiet. I just don't know which yard occasionally hears oneortwo cat cries.

there are only two old servants in the hospice. Maybe they can't stand it anymore. Their heads are moving down involuntarily.

as soon as he Lingjiang raised his sleeves, the old servant leaned on the door frame and went to sleep.


she pushes the door in.

in the middle of the hall, there is a thick dark coffin. The shelves on both sides are full of candles. With the opening of the door, a gust of wind blows past and the candles flicker slightly.

there is a figure kneeling in front of the coffin.

when she heard the sound, she turned her head.

'Ling Jiang, why did you come here?'

'let me see.'

'you have a heart.' Wu lowered his eyes and threw a few pieces of paper money into the brazier. The flames started to burn on the paper, and suddenly spit out a thin tongue of fire, which then disappeared, turning into a few wisps of gray smoke circling in the air.

'Auntie has been guarding for a long time. Do you want to rest?' He Lingjiang asked, staring at the gray smoke.

Wu shook his head and said softly, 'it's the last night. In the future, I want to guard your second uncle. I don't have this chance.'

she turned her head slightly and looked at he Lingjiang, who was standing beside her: 'what are you doing here?'

Lord Erlang has been dead for seven days. No one in the long room has ever appeared. Now in the middle of the night, the seventh lady appears in the mourning hall. If she comes here without anything, I'm afraid no one will believe her.

she stares at he Lingjiang, the matchless seven niangs of the he family. Up to now, her forehead is covered with a gauze and her neck is wrapped with silk satin to cover up her old scars.

'you disappeared in Yunju Temple years ago and returned home one night after missing. This injury is related to your second uncle?'

he Lingjiang smiled: 'aunt a guessed it? Or... Aunt a knew it early in the morning?'

Wu's fingertips tightened as he held the paper money: 'I'm just a little suspicious.'

'on that day, you were injured and returned to your house. However, two hours later, Erlang returned and went straight to your hospital. When he returned to his room, he looked a little wrong.'

'he works in the county. Except for taking a rest, he is not in the mansion. However, since that day, whenever he returns to the mansion, he always asks me about you without any trace, so that I can pay attention to your differences.'

Wu said: 'I have slept with him for twenty years. He is so abnormal. How can I not be aware of it?'

'but Auntie didn't say it.' He Lingjiang looked at her and said.

'just as eight years ago, he designed to make his eldest brother fall off his horse and die, and then colluded with xuanyang to cast a curse on his father and cast spells on Wulang. Auntie Ming was suspicious, but she never asked or said.'

Wu smiled miserably: 'yes, I was suspicious, but I never dared to ask or say. I just pretended that I was blind. If I pretended like this, nothing happened.'

she said 'ha' and said: 'it's really self deception.'

'let yuan come here now, but you want to find me to settle this matter? Since I know nothing about it, it is my fault, and I am willing to bear all the consequences. But it has nothing to do with my husband and wife. Don't be angry with them.'

he Lingjiang shook his head and said, 'I can think of these things. Does aunt a think her father can't guess? Since he doesn't say it, he has no intention of getting involved.'

'although the second uncle is hateful, the brothers and sisters in the second room are innocent. This is what my father means and what I mean.'

helingjiang squatted beside the fire pot and threw some paper money into it. The flickering light of the fire made her face a little hazy.

'I really just came to see.'

Wu frowned and was about to speak when she saw that the fire reflected in her eyes.

'Auntie, have you ever heard of seven days of soul searching?'

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