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Chapter 63 Mainly

In the afternoon, he Lingjiang was teaching aman the talisman in front of the table. Green bamboo came in and bowed down: 'seven niangs, Taoist priest Xuanwei of Yunju Temple sent a letter to you.'

he Lingjiang put down his pen and took over the letter sent by Qingzhu, which was written with the words 'he qiniangzi sincerely enlighten'.

she opened the envelope and looked down.

'He Qi Niang, at Cuiwei peak, I have sent someone to clean up, and everything has been arranged properly. Seven Niang doesn't need to worry. Previously, your house was newly mourned, and I was busy with things in the temple, so I'm inconvenient to go. Please forgive me.'

'at present, I will be in charge of everything in the cloud residence. Yesterday, when I was sorting out the relics of elder martial brother, I found something accidentally, which may be related to the affairs of he family. If it's convenient for the seventh lady, I might as well spend two days in the cloud residence by serving incense. I'm waiting for the seventh lady.'

he Lingjiang raised his eyebrows slightly, folded the paper in half and put it back into the envelope: 'green bamboo, you and qiongzhi go to pack up some things, and we'll go to Yunju temple for a short stay for two days.'

green bamboo looks surprised: 'go to Yunju temple and stay?'

the previous time, Qi Niang went to live in Yunju temple for a few days because of looking for stones. As a result, she fell off the cliff and had an accident.

this time? She is really worried.

he Lingjiang smiled: 'what are you afraid of? Last time, I was just careless. This time I won't walk around. Naturally, nothing will go wrong. Just clean it up.'

green bamboo can't but bend its knees.

at sunset, Qingzhu and qiongzhi stuffed bags of things into the carriage and stood outside the house, waiting for the seven women to come out.

hearing that he Lingjiang was going to live in Yunju temple for a few days, song subconsciously frowned: 'why do you want to live in Yunju temple for a few days? Previously, your second uncle colluded with the Lord of xuanyang temple to plot against he mansion. Then, in Yunju temple, I don't know if there are other people with ulterior motives.'

when she looked at he Xiangshan, she didn't blurt out that he Lingjiang had an accident in Yunju the previous time.

'besides, you haven't fully recovered from your injuries. Don't leave a scar. You'd better stay at home.'

the seven maidens' wound is really strange. It has been so many days since she removed the gauze and silk. I don't know if I really have a scar, so I don't want to show it to others.

he Lingjiang said, 'my mother is at ease. Now Taoist Xuanwei is in charge in Yunju temple. He has helped the he family a lot. Is it not safe for my mother to have him?'

she brushed the gauze between her forehead and said with a smile, 'as for this injury, it's nothing. But it's just that she recovers more slowly than ordinary people. After all, she will be fine.'

song was helpless and looked at he Xiangshan: 'what did Lord Lang say?'

he Xiangshan said with a smile, 'since Jiang wants to go, he will go. However, he needs more people to protect her. Don't worry. She used to run outside. Now she has been bored in the house for more than a month. I'm a little surprised.'

song raised his forehead: 'please spoil her.'

heyunjia jumped up and said, 'then I'll go too!'

song glanced at her crossly: 'what are you going to do? The day before yesterday, didn't you just go to Chuang Tzu with the fifth lady of the Zhao family for a few days?'

she looked at heyunchu, who was sitting on the side smiling and saying nothing, and said, 'learn from your elder sister!'

heyunjia was dissatisfied. He began to talk and cried in a charming voice: 'Aung...'

song ignored her and only replied coldly: 'don't go!'

Qi Niang couldn't persuade her. Could it be that he Xiaoliu couldn't manage it.

heyunjia looks at helingjiang eagerly and hopes that she can intercede with him.

she was loved at home. Don't say anything about auntie. Even ah Ye seldom stopped her. A few days ago, she joined hands with Taoist Xuanwei to solve the danger of he family. Now her words are more than half of ah ye in the family.

he Lingjiang is not soft hearted, showing an air of helplessness.

what a he Qiniang. She only goes out to play by herself, but doesn't bring herself!

he Yunjia's stomach is full of stomach Fei, but he looks pitifully at he Xiangshan.

unexpectedly, he Xiangshan just lowered his head to drink tea, but he didn't see her eyes.


he Lingjiang interrupted her: 'well, sixth sister, I have something to discuss with Taoist Xuanwei when I go to Yunju temple this time. If you really want to go, I will go with you another day.'

heyunjia also knew the importance. Seeing that she did have something important, she had to give up bitterly: 'OK. In that case, you can call me next time you go.'

he Xiangshan put down his tea cup, thought for a moment and said, 'since there are important matters to discuss, we should pay more attention to safety, and we should also have competent people under our hands. I will send him to you, and he will follow you in the future.'

the Song family was shocked when they heard the speech. He Zheng was the eldest son of He Cheng.

if he Cheng is the most capable person under he Xiangshan, he Zheng is prepared for the successor of the next family leader.

when Dalang was 15 years old, the leader wanted to point out He Zheng to him, but he had an accident. This was not the case. Since then, he Zheng followed his uncle to work under the leader.

now, do you want to point him out to Qi Niang?

how important it is!

thinking of his eldest son who died early, song's heart was sour and sad, but he also had to admit that the reason why today's he mansion could settle down was greatly related to Qi Niang.

she deserves the attention of the founder.

he Lingjiang also knew he Zheng, but she didn't expect he Xiangshan to point out people to her. After her surprise, she solemnly saluted he Xiangshan: 'thank you, grandpa!'

'thank you for your concern.' She knew that Song Shi was not in a bad mood, but worried about her accident.

Songshi thought of his eldest son, who died early. At this time, he looked pale and waved his hand: 'go, take care of yourself, and don't get hurt again.'

'let Jiang write it down.'

he Lingjiang and aman walked out of the door and saw a man standing next to the carriage with a sword on his waist. It was he Zheng.

seeing he Lingjiang, he came forward to salute: 'seven women.'

'the master told me that since then, my subordinates have followed seven niangs.' He Zheng's tone was gentle, and he seemed to have no dissatisfaction with the matter.

he is only twenty-five or six years old now, which is the best age. If he's eldest son is alive, he Zheng should follow him.

even if he's eldest son is away, it's a good future for him to work with the owner.

now, I have to follow the little lady he Lingjiang. I wonder if he is unwilling?

he Lingjiang nodded slightly and looked at him in a gentle tone: 'it's not easy to follow me. If you don't want to, you can tell me that I'll go to Grandpa and refuse.'

He Zheng was stunned, leaned over and said respectfully, 'the seventh lady, my subordinates are willing. From then on, he Zheng must be dominated by the seventh lady and work hard.'

grandpa told him that the seventh lady was not an ordinary lady in the boudoir. It can be seen from her ability to work with Taoist Xuanwei to fight xuanyang wisely, break the conspiracy of the villain, and protect the safety of the he mansion and the fourth Lang Lord.

if he follows the seven maidens, he should serve her as the LORD with all his heart. He should not despise her, let alone have two minds.

grandpa asked him if he would like to.


this is his own answer.

once he has chosen this, he will continue to do so.

she is the main one, not the order of the owner.

he Lingjiang chuckled: 'get up. Let's go to Yunju temple.'

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