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Chapter 67 Secret passage

He Lingjiang raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the disciple standing at the end: 'what's strange?'

the guards did not look at him from the side.

that disciple is only sixteen or seventeen years old. His name is Shou Xin. He is the youngest disciple of xuanyang.

he has always been timid. In addition, he is dull and has few words. Among many disciples, he has the weakest sense of existence. Now so many eyes are staring at him, and his white and tender face can't help blushing.

'I... I...'

he Ling Jiang rourourou looked at him and said in a low voice: 'this Taoist priest, don't be nervous. Just tell me what you think is different.'

her eyes were soft and her face was encouraging. The disciple could not help but take a deep breath. Fang slowly opened his mouth: 'I felt a little strange when I went to the master's courtyard once.'

on that day, there was one missing magic instrument enshrined in the front hall, which could not be found everywhere. Shouxin was worried. Xuanyang said that he had extra ones there, and asked Shouxin to follow him to get them.

Shou Xin took something and left, but as soon as he walked out of the courtyard, he suddenly noticed that the Qingxin charm he had always carried slipped out of his sleeve and probably fell into the master's room. He turned back to look for it.

unexpectedly, he stood in front of the door and knocked for a long time, but he never heard the sound in the room.

being faithful, fearing that master might have an accident, he pushed the door in to check, but the room was empty.

there is only one road outside xuanyang's courtyard. If he goes out, he should meet the trustworthy man who turns back halfway. However, he had never seen xuanyang all the way.

Shouxin was puzzled, so he waited outside the hospital for a while. He planned to find out again if he didn't see Master coming back. After about a cup of tea, xuanyang opened the door and walked out.

'it's strange that I went indoors to have a look. There was no one in the room. At that time, I only thought that I hadn't paid attention to it. Maybe master was meditating somewhere and didn't have time to take care of me, so I mistakenly thought he was not indoors.' After learning what Shifu had done, I kept my word. When I think back, I naturally feel something wrong.

'I took back the Qingxin charm that day and left in a hurry, without taking it to heart. It seems a bit strange now.'

he Lingjiang's eyebrows are slightly raised. I'm afraid there is a secret room in the xuanyang room.

she looks at Xuanwei, and when she sees the other person, she suddenly says: 'has Taoist Xuanwei ever checked xuanyang's inner room?'

Xuanwei nodded and said: 'I've seen it, but I didn't find anything wrong before. Now, I'm afraid there are other things in the dark, but I've ignored them.'

he Lingjiang looked at Shouxin and asked: 'have you ever seen anything else strange, Taoist priest?'

Shou Xin Ning Mei pondered for a while, and Fang shook his head: 'no more. I can only think of so many.'

'well, thank you, Taoist priest.' Although it is only a small detail, it is enough to make people suspicious of the layout of xuanyang house. If you explore carefully, you may find some clues.

he Lingjiang asked others if they had anything to add.

however, except for the eldest disciple, xuanyang seldom called others to his courtyard, and naturally he could not find anything wrong.

Shou Dao lowered his eyes. Now he wants to come. I'm afraid that the elder martial brother was the only one who was really trusted by Shifu?

he Lingjiang glanced at Xuanwei.

Xuanwei understood and comforted several disciples: 'in that case, I'll work hard for you today. If you think of anything wrong in the future, please tell me again.'

'please take it easy. Although your master has gone, he is after all a disciple of our cloud dwelling temple. As a martial uncle, I have never tried to embarrass you.'

'just a little --' Xuan Wei paused and looked a little serious. 'Don't make any trouble. Your master's matter has been discussed here. Don't probe in private to avoid affecting the overall situation. Otherwise, our whole Yunju temple will not be stable.'

'yes, martial uncle, disciples and so on must be careful in their words and deeds.' How many people should salute.

although they are not angry that master has disappeared like this, they are in the wrong after all. After this discussion, they also know that this matter is not something they can interfere with at will. They have to honestly press their minds to become a member of the cloud dwelling temple.

Xuanwei took a deep look at them, and then waved his sleeves lightly: 'please step down first.'

he Lingjiang looked at the gradually distant figures of the Taoist guardians, reached out to pour himself a cup of tea, lowered his head and took a sip. Just then he said: 'Taoist, I wonder if I can be free now. How about you and I go to xuanyang courtyard to have a look?'

'I should listen to what he Qiniang said.'

xuanyang, as the leader of this cloud dwelling view, naturally lives in a huge courtyard.

in recent days, Xuanwei has secretly searched his courtyard and found nothing.

now that Shouxin said that there was something strange in his house, they naturally went straight to the inner room.

Xuanwei didn't think about the secret room at all. Now that there was a clue, they groped around the room.

he Lingjiang's fingertips crossed the rows of bookshelves, and then his eyes stopped on a piece of Shoushan stone, which is much smoother than other stones. He should play with it often.

her eyes narrowed slightly, and she reached out to pick up the Shoushan stone. There was a slight bulge on the bookshelf panel under it. She tentatively pressed it, and the bookshelf moved away, revealing a secret passage behind it.

Xuanwei turned his head when he heard the sound, and his eyes brightened: 'it's here!'

said that, and I leaned in.

he Lingjiang put out his hand to stop his movement: 'Taoist priest, wait a minute!'

she randomly pulls a volume from the bookshelf, raises it in her hand, and the volume shoots into the empty secret passage, and then 'pops' to the ground.

next, I heard a hidden noise in the wall, and several sharp arrows were instantly shot in the direction of the book.

Xuanwei's eyes trembled: 'there are still mechanisms!'

if he barged in just now, I'm afraid he would be shot into a honeycomb.

'seven maidens, look...

' Taoist priest, please wait. '

he Lingjiang went to the door and told aman and green bamboo who were waiting outside: 'go and call He Zheng and pick up some stones with me.'

aman and I don't know what she means, but since the seventh wife ordered us, there is no reason why we should not follow her.

one of them went to call for He Zheng, and the other squatted in the courtyard to pick up some stones of moderate size and put them into brocade bags.

He Zheng comes in a hurry. When he opens the door, he Ling and Jiang Zhiyi are sitting at the table. Xuanwei is standing in a secret passage behind the bookshelf and watching.

'seven maidens.' He Zheng bowed to salute.

he Ling Jiang Qing said 'Hmm' and asked, 'He Zheng, can you know the secret secret way mechanism?'

'a little general. My subordinates will learn these things when they train.'

'in that case, follow me to this secret path today.' He Lingjiang nodded, then looked at aman and green bamboo, who were eager to try. 'You stay here and don't let anyone break in.'

unexpectedly didn't let himself follow. Ah man was disappointed: 'yes, seven maidens...'

he Lingjiang raised his hand and motioned He Zheng to hold the candlestick on the table. Then he picked up the brocade bag filled with stones on the table and crossed Xuanwei into the secret passage.

'seven maidens!' He Zheng was surprised and reached out to stop her.

there are many mechanisms in the secret passage. If it's not the master, I don't know the layout design. I'm afraid I will inevitably be hurt by the mechanisms.

unexpectedly, he Lingjiang avoided him on one side of his body and took a few steps.

'don't worry, I just saw that he Qi Niang should know some mechanism skills.' Xuanwei looked worried and came forward to comfort him.

He Zheng wrung his eyebrows and raised his hand to shine the candle lamp. Only then did he see seven or eight short arrows lying on the ground, which he thought was the result of seven maidens' previous exploration.

He Zheng hurriedly carried the candlestick and followed: 'seven maidens, be careful.'

he Lingjiang walked leisurely. Hearing what he said, he turned back and told him: 'you and Taoist Xuanwei keep close to me, and remember to protect some Taoist priests.'

He Zheng's hand holding the candlestick froze. The seventh lady called him over and asked him if he knew the secret way mechanism. Instead of letting him open the way, he followed behind her to protect the old Taoist?

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