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Chapter 7 Sewn

Heyunchu and heyunjia came over.

'Aung, I really won't let her cure it?'

'what can we do if Ling Jiang doesn't like it? Don't stay here either. Go back first. When Ling Jiang wakes up, you can see her again.'

when she was accompanied, she was in a good mood and would be happy to let the doctor come for treatment.

heyunjia poked Yunchu's arm: 'elder sister, is the wound on Heling Jiang's forehead very deep? When she came back, she covered her head, and she didn't want to see anyone. Do you think she was...

song looked back at her and said,' don't talk nonsense. '

heyunjia had to swallow the words 'broken face' silently.

'Ling Jiang just broke his forehead. Dr. Sun's ointment always works well and will not leave a scar. As a sister, don't talk nonsense, let alone mention it in front of her to make her unhappy.'

song scolded the two men before they went back to their own yard.

although she said so, she was worried that he Lingjiang would not see anyone because of the wound on his head.

after returning to the room, he called Chen Yu in: 'take out the pot of Hibiscus cream and send it to the seventh lady.'

Chen Yu exclaimed, 'madam, isn't this what you left to the third lady?'

this Hibiscus cream was bought by the Song family leader at a high price from a familiar doctor when he was doing business in Yingdu.

it's said that the noble masters in the Imperial Palace use it if they accidentally knock it. It can not only remove scars and skin, but also make skin more white. This is a secret recipe of the court. It has never been passed on.

the Song family has two daughters to be married. The little lady's skin is delicate. The Song family leader specially found a way to buy a few cans at a high price as a dowry for the daughters. Thinking that the third lady would get married this year, she also gave song a pot.

song waved his sleeve: 'take it. Find something else for Yun Chu.'

it's really not beautiful if there are scars on the body. What's more, the seven maidens' face is unparalleled in the whole Linchuan city. It would be a pity to leave a scar like this.

in helingjiang's yard, the maidservants were told to work.

it is winter, and it is hard to avoid the scattered vegetation in the yard. However, a red plum blossom in the southeast corner is just blooming, which dispels some depression and chill.

ah man moved a small machine, sat quietly in front of the door with his chin propped up, and watched the little maids making contact in the corridor.

the people in the room have taken off their clothes and sat in front of the dressing table.

the bronze mirror reflects her appearance. She is only 14 or 15 years old. Her face is as big as a palm. Her eyebrows are as slender as a picture, and her eyes are like colored glass. His complexion is too pale, but he looks like a crescent moon, like a flower tree piling snow. He is amazing and pity at the same time.

this is a beautiful girl.

just -

this is not her face.

she raised her hand and took down the cloth around her neck. There was a long and thin hole between her neck. The blood stain had solidified, the skin and flesh were slightly turned out, and the mouth was wide open. It was even more frightening on the white neck.

gently rub your fingertips on the wound. The cut is not slanting and just cuts your throat. The wound is not deep or shallow. It happens that it can make people feel cool.

the experience of He Qi Niang is obviously not that simple.

during breathing, it seems that the breath is drilling out along the seam.

such a young lady is gone.

she sighed, and the slit throat hissed slightly.

she frowned and wrapped the wound again, which made her feel better.

there were still unfinished stitches and threads on the small table outside. She got up and looked around to find something suitable.

when aman, who was guarding the door, heard what was happening inside the house, he asked, 'Madam seven, are you awake? Do you want to eat?'

after a moment of silence in the room, he replied, 'I want to take a bath and bring water in.'

when aman heard this, he immediately asked his maidservants to arrange it. She carried the bathtub into the house alone and carried hot water in.

the curtain on the bed has been put down, and you can see the figure of the seventh lady faintly.

with their heads bowed, the maidservants put aside their bathing utensils and clothes, and then walked out with aman.

when the door is closed and the room is quiet again, the people in the room get out of bed, wash themselves from top to bottom, and then change into clean clothes.

the needle and thread found earlier are being placed on the bed by her.

the needle is an embroidery needle and the thread is a colorful thread. If you let the embroiderer come, she will surely be able to embroider a beautiful picture.

however, the things to be embroidered are unusual.

she sat cross legged on the bed, pulled out a thread of silk, put it in front of her with an embroidery needle, took a deep breath, and kneaded the formula in her hand.

this figure is extremely weak. She woke up earlier and walked only a few miles.

it took a long time to gather a trace of Zhenyuan in the body.

she was not at ease. Fortunately, this body, like her, belongs to pure Yin. It is much easier to practice metaphysics than ordinary people. In addition, I have already learned from the practice. If I do it now, I will get twice the result with half the effort.

she felt the Qi in her body and led it around for a long time before returning it to Dantian.

there is a hidden warm feeling from the Dantian, which makes this cold body seem a little warm.

she drew a magic talisman in the air with her fingers together, facing the needle and thread in front of her. She pushed her right palm slightly and attached the power of the talisman to it. Then he took a needle and thread and sat down again in front of the dressing table.

the bronze mirror was taken to the front of the dressing table by her, just facing the wound on her neck.

the hands are smooth and delicate without any scar. The fingers are long and the nails are round and full. It is the soft jade cut spring onions that grow in the fragrant luocui sleeves.

at this time, he was turning a crack in the skin and flesh on his neck along the edge of the knife. His green fingertips passed through the red flesh and finally touched the half broken throat.

she fumbled a little, then picked up the needle and thread, and threaded the needle and thread in front of the mirror.

the girl tilted her head slightly, and she was very serious about wearing and drawing. If she didn't know the truth, she really thought she was embroidering her favorite LOPA.

it's really hard to breathe air. Even if the needle and thread have been coagulated, she tries to keep the stitches as close as possible.

outside the throat, there was the skin and flesh of the neck. She sewed it up with great patience.

wait until it is almost noon.

looking at the threeorfour inch long wound, the stitches were fine and neat. Even though it was on her neck, she couldn't help praising herself: 'good stitching!'

it seems that even the master who always complains that he can't do needlework can't stab him against his heart: 'what you embroider is not a needle and thread, but an iron pestle?'

it's just the location of the wound. It's still frightening.

although the applied silk thread has the power of coagulation, it only makes the wound stick together, and can not really heal the wound of the body.

touch it with your fingertips, and it feels slightly undulating.

in order to avoid scaring others, she found a plain silk satin in the room, cut it to two fingers wide, and covered the wound completely around her neck.

the boudoir of He Qi Niang is fresh and elegant. There is also a picture of spring dawn in Linchuan hanging on the wall, which is clear and elegant.

willow shoots are exposed in the morning smoke, a bay of canal water flows around the city, and mandarin ducks and silver pheasants fly and inhabit. Several girls and children leaned on the fence to look at the flying pheasants on the water.

the left side of the painting is inscribed with 'he's ordered ginger painting in the spring of Gengchen'.

it's just that the girl named Ling Jiang can't wait for the spring day.

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