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Chapter 73 be in a dilemma

He Lingjiang looked at he Xiangshan, who was getting pale, and asked, 'Grandpa, why do you insist that he's children should not enter the court again?'

he Xiangshan's eyes moved slightly, but he didn't answer.

'I'm afraid that's the only one who can keep the century old heirs quiet.' He Lingjiang knows.

he Xiangshan gave a wry smile and said, 'Jiang is really smart. I don't know if I should be glad that grandpa has raised you so well.'

if so.

he Lingjiang frowned slightly: 'have we, he Shi, ever sinned against saints?'

he Xiangshan shook his head and said, 'never.'

'then why can't he's children become officials at a higher level?'

'although our he family has never been blamed on the saints, they have made the saints suspicious. Since ancient times, which of the ministers who have provoked the suspicions of the kings has come to a good end?' He Xiangshan sighed deeply, and his tone was full of helplessness.

'instead of being afraid in the court, he is afraid that one day he will make a mistake and cause the whole family to suffer. It is better to resign from the office, retain the reputation of this century old family, and continue to be a respected family in Linchuan county.'

'so, this concession is the commitment of the he family to the saints?' He Ling and Jiang tried without expression.

he Xiangshan nodded: 'at the beginning, all he's children left the court and returned to their ancestral home. The sage only gently advised them. He knew this and I know it. From then on, he settled down in the countryside and didn't go to the temple. He threw him away and let him continue to be a safe and stable family.'

actually, it seems that he's leaving the court is also what the sage thinks.

he Lingjiang did not understand: 'what have we, he family, done to arouse the suspicion of the saints, so that we can not tolerate the he family in the court?'

he Xiangshan stood up and sighed with a long sigh: 'this is an old story. You're a little girl, so don't ask me more.'

he Lingjiang knew that he would not say anything more, so he had to give up. She pointed to the things on the table and said, 'Grandpa, do you think the saints sent people to do these things?'

he Xiangshan frowned and shook his head after thinking carefully: 'I'm afraid it has nothing to do with him.'

saints taboo He Shi, but he Shi has not committed any major crime after all. They recognize the wink, take the initiative to resign from the court, and the saints wave their hands to let them leave. Over the next ten years, the past has been buried, and the sage has never asked for trouble from He Shi either openly or secretly.

how can xuanyang and other Xuanshi be ordered to spend many years secretly scheming for he's copper amulet?

if he wants to take down he's family, he can put a name down at will, and then he can catch all of him.

he Ling Jiang droops his eyes. In this way, he Shi arouses the suspicion of saints, which is different from xuanyang and others who secretly hurt he Shi to seek fish charms.

'Grandpa, which is more critical, the saint's suspicion or someone's murder?'

how can he Xiangshan be accurate in this dark situation?

just -

'I don't even know the purpose of the fish charm, and I don't know what xuanyang and others are doing with it. I'd like to give it away to protect the peace of the he family.'

'those people are afraid that they will not take the things delivered to them. What's more, we do not know who is behind the scenes and what purpose.' He Lingjiang picked up the Yixiu token on the table and said, 'Taoist Xuanwei once said that he had seen another Xingxiu token in the north.'

poet he took a look at her and lied. It was clearly what she saw.

he Lingjiang did nothing but go on: 'behind this, I'm afraid there is a big net. Even if we give each other the bronze amulet handed down from home, the other side will say whether they believe it or not, that is, what their attitude towards the he family will be after they achieve their goals is questionable.'

he Xiangshan looked at the copper amulet and sighed: 'it's neither sending nor not sending. It's really a dilemma.'

he Lingjiang put the copper amulet back to the distance, and his tone was calm: 'so, the he family should become an official. He has been far away from the court for so many years, and has no foundation in the temple. The sage should have dispersed his suspicions no matter how serious. But the person behind the murder of he is close at hand.'

'the most urgent thing is that we should save for self-protection.'

although he had private soldiers, since the establishment of the Zhou Dynasty, the number of private soldiers of aristocratic families has been strictly limited. The ZhouLv Shuyi clearly states that the number of private soldiers of the aristocratic family shall not exceed 300. He's a private breeder. I'm afraid it doesn't add up to 500.

what's more, these private soldiers are distributed in Zhuangzi, and there is no reason to surround the he family every day.

however, previously xuanyang and others only plotted secretly, so it can be seen that they can't see the light of this matter, and they dare not openly attack the aristocratic family. If he can enter the court again as an official, be in the temple, be a member of the court, and have a layer of protection.

'the imperial court may not care about the rise and fall of the ruling aristocratic family. But if the official residence of the ruling official is suddenly attacked, it will make a big deal.'

'the conspiracy of those people behind is not small, and he is just one of them. What we want is that they are afraid to do it easily. If possible, it is not possible to pull out this group of people with the help of saints.'

poet he finally spoke in support of he Lingjiang: 'brother, I think Ling Jiang is right. Besides, although they don't say anything about the restriction of the family's children from entering the civil service, they still have complaints in their hearts. We should also take a warning from the second house. We he's children can't always live in this small world near Sichuan.'

he Xiangshan pressed his eyebrows and said wearily, 'let me think about this again. Go back and have a rest.'

he Lingjiang and he poet looked at each other and didn't advise again.

she went up and took the things on the table: 'my daughter took them back first.'

he Xiangshan waved his hand: 'go.'

he looked at he Lingjiang's gradually disappearing figure and sighed faintly.

he knew that Ling Jiang was right. Someone had murdered him secretly. It was only decent to scare the other side with the help of the court. What's more, he's settled in the countryside for five or ten years, but what about 20 or 30 years?

for so many years, they have been stable and low-key. Will the doubts of saints be dispelled?

as soon as he walked out of the courtyard, poet he couldn't help poking he Lingjiang: 'how dare you say how angry you are?'

he Lingjiang said: 'this is the acne of he's family. You can't get rid of it without being cruel. It's better to take this opportunity to ask father to give up the practice of suppressing he's children from entering the government.'

she leaned over and motioned aman to take a few steps back to make room for her to speak. Fang continued: 'he had aroused the suspicion of the sage, so he took the initiative to withdraw from the court for security. It's right to do this, but it's not good for the development of the he family in the long run.'

'blindly retreating will not solve any problems.'

to tell the truth, although she does not agree with what he Xiancheng did, she can understand it. His incident is a tragedy for Mr. He's family and for himself. '

he Lingjiang didn't approve of and defend he Xiangshan's practice when he killed him. It's just that he took the lives of innocent people on his hands and He Qi Niang died because of him. Since she took advantage of He Qi Niang's body, she naturally had to seek justice for her.

' I don't agree with my father's practice. Now that I have the opportunity to persuade him, I will naturally tell him. As for what he should do, it depends on his own thinking, and I will not interfere any more. '

he Lingjiang is not the seventh wife of he after all. It is extremely kind and righteous to think about the safety of he's family and the development of he's family to this extent.

He Shi's heart knows everything. With her ability, she can get along well wherever she goes. It's really unnecessary to be tied to the dangerous ship of he's family.

but now, she has helped her brother and supported the whole he's family.

He Shi was moved and bowed down to deeply salute:' Ling Jiang, Thank you so much! '

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