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Chapter 75 Magnolia

He Lingjiang waved his hand and said, 'it's human nature, and there's no need for jinniang to be shy. Only now, you and I are familiar with each other. Jinniang can speak frankly about anything from now on. If I can do it and am willing to do it, I will not refuse.'

although both of them are maidens in the boudoir of Linchuan County, they have not met before. Sun Rujin wants to ask her to handle affairs, and it is reasonable to give gifts to flatter her.

what she said now is just that she hopes to circle less in the future.

'thank you so much for Lingjiang.'

now that the conversation had begun, sun Rujin no longer forced himself to hide his worry: 'my grandmother began to be ill last autumn. Previously, she only thought it was a cold wind, so she asked the doctor to prescribe some medicine. Unexpectedly, the cold wind dragged on for a month, but she did not recover. Instead, she began to speak again.'

'Grandpa invited many doctors to see him, but he only said that he was suffering from wind and cold, so he continued to take this medicine. But Grandma's body was getting weaker and weaker, and it seemed that the oil was running out and the lamp was dying.' As she spoke, her voice could not help falling.

'I haven't seen anyone like Mrs. sun. It's hard to say what's going on at this time. As for whether I can help Mrs. sun get better, I can't be sure.' He Lingjiang made it clear to sun Rujin in advance.

after all, she is not a doctor. If Mrs. sun's illness is caused by evil things, she can still help, but if it is really caused by difficult and miscellaneous diseases, she has nothing to do.

sun Rujin nodded: 'I know all this, and I won't force Jiang. I just came here today to ask you to go and see if the disease is caused by filth. If not, I'd better find another way.'

she asked, 'when will it be convenient for Jiang to come?'

'just today.'

sun Rujin was surprised, turned his head and looked outside: 'at this time, the sun is burning...'

he Lingjiang picked up another piece of Touhua glutinous rice cake and bit it gently: 'so, we should wait until after sunset.'

'if Jiang RuRu leaves the house at night, will he Gong and his wife agree?' Sun Rujin has some worries in his eyes.

she heard that a few days ago, the fourth Lord of he's house was kidnapped, and he's house was attacked by thieves at night. There was a scuffle in the house. Although nothing happened later, it also made many rich families in the city feel vigilant and strengthened the defense of the house.

in all the houses, they all told their husbands and wives that they should not go out at will unless they had something important to do. They had to leave the house and return before dark.

Mr. He and his wife should pay more attention to the safety of the younger generation in the house just after this disaster?

at this time, she came to ask someone to go to sun's residence, which was a bit difficult.

he Lingjiang's eyebrows curved slightly when he heard this: 'jinniang has something new recently, and she often doesn't forget to give it to me. In my father's and mother's hearts, you and I are close friends in the boudoir. Since we are close friends, it's OK for me to go to sun's residence to harass you for two days.'

'what's more, there will be guards in the house, so there's nothing for parents to worry about.'

sun Rujin was relieved.

after having dinner in the morning, he Lingjiang took green bamboo qiongzhi to pick up his things and said that he would go to sun's residence with fourth lady sun for two days.

he Xiangshan and song listened to aman's message, but said nothing, only that he Zheng should accompany them.

it's unreasonable to go to the door at night, but since it's a matter between their little maidens, song's family is not easy to intervene. They only let people prepare some gifts for aman to take with them.

he Lingjiang left Qingzhu at home to look at the yard, only Qingzhu and aman.

sun Rujin had sent someone to his home in the afternoon to tell him that the seventh wife of he family would come to live in his home for two days, and they cleaned up the room.

therefore, when the concierge saw he Lingjiang's door, he was not surprised and eagerly bent down to welcome the people in.

watching he Lingjiang and his entourage meander away, he couldn't help but be shocked. The he family is worthy of a century old family, and even the guards followed by the lady in the house are so extraordinary.

the courtyard of sun's residence is not large, but the layout is very meticulous. The trees are sparse and the flowers and plants are interlaced. Although it is only early spring, there is no decadent color. Winter jasmine flowers are dotted along the roadside, bringing a little spring atmosphere. It can be seen that there are people who are proficient in flowers and trees gardens.

after all, it's a visit at night, and it's still a few days to bother. It's better to see the host first.

Mrs. sun is seriously ill, but sun Rujin's father sun Juncheng is in the mansion. She leads he Lingjiang to the front hall.

sun Rujin had previously told his father that the seventh wife of the he family would stay in sun's residence for two days. Now that the people are here, I'll ask the boy to tell them..

the lights in all parts of sun's residence have been lit, and the corridors in the courtyard are bright.

Sun Jun Cheng sat on the top of the flower hall. From a distance, he saw jinniang coming with a young lady, followed by two maidservants and a guard.

the seven wives of the he family are also famous in Linchuan city.

it's just that she usually either stays at home to paint, or goes out to find stones. She seldom takes part in poetry banquets and tea parties, and has she ever heard that she wants to spend two days in a nearby home?

sun Juncheng had never seen this seventh wife of he family before. When she looked closer, she could not help but sigh. As outsiders said, her face was matchless.

I just don't know when the seventh wife of the he family made friends with jinniang, and even came to the point of staying at home?

he inadvertently glanced at He Zheng, who followed he Ling Jiang. Although he was not proficient in martial arts, he could also see that the guard was brilliant and restrained, and could not be underestimated.

the he family really values the seven maidens.

he Lingjiang leaned forward and made a handshake: 'Sun Gong. Lingjiang came to the door at night and bothered me!'

Sun Jun Cheng smiled and waved his hand. 'What are you talking about? I'm very happy that he Qi Niang can make friends with Jin Niang and come to sun's residence for a short stay. How are you recently?'

he Lingjiang nodded and replied: 'my father is well now. Thank you for your concern.'

Sun Jun Cheng smiled twice and said a few words to he Lingjiang, then asked sun Rujin to take her to rest: 'jinniang, it's rare for He Qi Niang to come to the door. You should be good at entertaining. Don't slack off.'

'yes, Grandpa, jinniang wrote it down.'

sun Rujin saluted and said, 'I want to take Lingjiang to see my grandmother.'

Sun Jun Cheng could not help but frown when he heard this: 'your grandmother is still ill. I'm afraid she's hard to see. Don't pass on her illness to He Qi Niang.'

he Lingjiang smiled: 'it doesn't matter. When Lingjiang came here today, he should have paid his respects to sun Gong and his wife.'

Sun Jun Cheng saw that she was so determined and could not say anything more, so he let Sun Rujin take her.

compared with the bright lights in other parts of sun's residence, Mrs. sun's yard is a little dark, and only a few lights are scattered in the corridor.

'since she was ill, Auntie didn't like lighting the house. She always told people not to light so many lamps at night.' Sun Rujin's side head.

he Lingjiang nodded slightly: 'it's normal for people who have been ill for a long time to stay in the room all day. After a long time, they will feel uncomfortable when their eyes meet light.'

a gust of wind blows, the lanterns in the corridor sway, and a flower petal is swept by the wind and blown onto helingjiang's skirt.

she reached out and picked up the pink and purple petals, wondering: 'but in early February, this magnolia flower has already opened?'

'yes.' Sun Rujin said, 'the flowering period of magnolia flower is very early, and it often opens in the middle and late February. However, this one in Aung's courtyard really opened more than ten days earlier than in previous years. Maybe this year's spring is especially warm.'

Aung has always loved this flower. The flowers bloom these days, which makes her happy for a long time.

he Lingjiang looked at her and saw an extraordinarily tall magnolia tree not far from the courtyard. It was in full bloom like smoke and clouds. Under the dim yellow corridor lamp, it showed some charm.

the night wind gently blows, and the petals tremble slightly in the wind, sometimes falling one piece, and floating leisurely on the ground.

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