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Chapter 77 False alarm

He Lingjiang quickly drew back his hand to avoid the cat's claws, and then sidestepped it.

when the cat saw that he could not hit it at once and wanted to attack again, sun Rujin pressed it to the ground quickly.

'come, put the coal balls in the cage first!'

the servant woman hurried forward, took the cat with a look of panic, held it in her arms, and caught several claws together with herself.

Mrs. sun was startled and hurried forward to pull he Lingjiang and asked, 'are you all right, seven maidens?'

she took he Lingjiang's hand and looked carefully. She was relieved to see that he was not scratched.

none of the young ladies of the aristocratic family is not expensive. This He Qi Niang is also the favorite of the he family leader. If anything happens in the sun family, it is difficult for the sun family to explain.

'I'm fine, madam, don't worry.'

Mrs. sun's face was even more ugly in panic. She coughed and gasped again in excitement. He Lingjiang helped her to sit down.

sun Rujin quickly got up and stroked her back: 'Auntie.'

she coughed until her face turned red. After a long time, Fang stopped coughing: 'jinniang, you pressed the coal ball in a hurry just now. Have you ever been scratched by it?'

'my daughter is OK.' Sun Rujin poured another cup of tea for her, then looked at he Lingjiang and said, 'Lingjiang is surprised? Coal briquettes don't usually do this.'

she forced herself to smile: 'I invited you to come today, but I didn't want you to be scratched.'

'I'll be all right. Jinniang needn't feel guilty.' He Ling Jiang Wensheng comforted her, 'you should know that I won't be easily scratched by a cat.'

said, and she blinked.

hearing what she said, sun Rujin felt relieved.

Mrs. sun has been ill for a long time. She used to get up to treat guests. Now, after some twists and turns, her face is more tired.

'I've been bothering my wife for a long time today. You're not feeling well. Please take a rest first.' He Lingjiang said persuasively.

Mrs. sun coughed softly: 'it's all right. The seventh wife was shocked just now. I'm sorry. I'll order someone to boil two bowls of tranquilizing soup later. You and jinniang can use some to avoid nightmares at night.'

'thank you for your concern, madam. Let me and jinniang help you go back to the inner room to have a rest.'

Mrs. sun just wanted to say that there was no need to bother her. Sun Rujin had already helped her up: 'Ling Jiang, come!'

she also had to be helped back to the inner room by two people, one left and one right.

he Lingjiang looked at the furnishings in the room, placed a bed in the middle, hanging a sky blue curtain, placed a wardrobe hanger on the left and right, and placed a dressing table next to it. It is simple and warm. It is a place suitable for rest.

she and sun Rujin helped Mrs. sun to the bed and sat down.

Mrs. sun waved her hand and said, 'go and have a rest first. Go and ask Qingmei to come in and serve you. He Qi Niang is a guest, and Jin Niang, don't lose your courtesy.'

'no harm.' He Ling Jiang's eyebrows and eyes were gentle. 'Madam Jin's heart is worried. She can't rest at ease even if she wants to go back. You can let her serve you and sleep.'

sun Rujin turned his head sideways and looked at her. Fang helped Mrs. sun take off her blouse and took a wet brocade handkerchief to clean her face.

as soon as the makeup on her face fades, the waxy yellow on her face is obvious, and the black at present is even more frightening.

Mrs. sun blushed: 'I've been ill for a long time, and I don't look good. I hope you don't mind.'

he Lingjiang shook his head and comforted him in a gentle voice: 'it's common for people who are ill to look bad. My grandfather was seriously ill and his face was even worse. But now he's all right. Madam, take it easy. I think he will recover soon.'

Mrs. sun also heard about the fact that the head of the he family has been bedridden for many years and has been searching for famous doctors for solutions, but he has gradually recovered from his illness a few days ago.

I just don't know if she is as lucky as he's the head of the family and can get better.

she knows her own body. In recent days, there has even been a phenomenon that the oil has run out and the lamp has dried up. I don't know how long she can last.

she looks at her busy daughter in front of her, but it's a pity that jinniang has just reached the hairpin age, and she may have to encounter the loss of her mother first.

she tugged at her lips and said: 'I'll borrow the auspicious words of seven maidens.'

even for jinniang, she has to hold on for a longer time.

he Lingjiang took advantage of sun Rujin's shelter to have a look around the room. After Mrs. sun lay down, he retired with sun Rujin.

the magnolia flowers in the courtyard are just blooming, and the breeze blows gently, bringing bursts of fragrance.

they stand side by side and go all the way to sun Rujin's courtyard.

'Ling Jiang, can you find anything wrong with my grandmother just now?'

he Lingjiang looked at the flickering lights in the corridor and his eyes narrowed slightly. 'No. I think your grandmother looks bad, but she doesn't have the appearance of being contaminated with filth.'

she also took the opportunity to check all over the room and found nothing wrong.

sun Rujin frowned and murmured: 'is it true that my grandmother is only suffering from the wind and cold, and her body is getting weaker day by day?'

'it's too early to draw a conclusion at this time. Today, I just have a rough look. I'll stay in the mansion for a few more days. I need to look again before I can make a conclusion.'

he Lingjiang turned to her and asked her: 'your grandmother said earlier that she was infected with the cold when she came back from the autumn banquet. Did you notice anything different when you went with her?'

sun Rujin frowned and recalled it. Fang said: 'on that day, my grandmother and I went in a carriage..'

it was just after the Mid Autumn Festival, and the weather was not cool yet. Mrs. sun and she were dressed lightly. However, it was windy in the suburbs after all. Mrs. sun still told her servant to take two cloaks for a rainy day.

there was a lot of food during the banquet. Because it was an autumn feast, it was mainly to enjoy chrysanthemums and eat crabs. The crabs were cold. Mrs. sun only used one, and she specially told her not to eat more.

then, they made friends with the ladies at the banquet and returned to the city.

'yes, the coal balls were picked up by my grandmother at that time.' Sun Rujin added.

'Oh?' He Lingjiang frowned. 'The coal balls are so beautiful. Were they picked up?'

sun Rujin said: 'at that time, it was small and huddled in the middle of the road. Uncle Shao, the driver, was afraid to press it and stopped in a hurry. Grandma saw it and felt sorry for it, so she took her back.'

as she spoke, she looked at he Lingjiang sheepishly and said, 'coal balls are always very good. With their company, my grandmother's mood is much better.'

he Lingjiang smiled: 'you can rest assured that I don't blame it. Maybe I suddenly went up to touch a stranger and scared him.'

he Lingjiang's room has been tidied up, next to sun Rujin.

after the servant woman of the sun family brought the washing things, she voluntarily retired and left Qingzhu and aman to serve in the house.

Qingzhu tidied up the bed again, put the daily incense of Heling ginger aside, and turned around and said: 'seven maidens, please rest early?'

he Lingjiang responded: 'go and have a rest with aman.'

seven maidens never let anyone watch the night. Green bamboo and aman saluted, and then they went out with their things, and then went back to the wing room arranged by the sun family to rest.

he Lingjiang stretched out his hands and frowned. In the candlelight, his fingers were thin and white, showing some warmth.

Unfortunately, this hand is cold and tight.

the cat suddenly stretched out its claws to catch her, but did it notice something unusual?

however, she clearly has cast a spell to cover her breath. If it is not for the close contact of a profound Xuanshi, she is an animal with an exceptionally sensitive sense of smell, and she will not be able to detect anything.

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