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Chapter 78 marvel at flowers

In the morning of the next day, he Lingjiang had breakfast and left with sun Rujin to Mrs. sun's yard.

as soon as I got to the gate of the courtyard, I saw a slim young lady coming out in a hurry with her head bowed, and almost bumped into he Lingjiang.

she twirled under her feet and sidestepped the woman, but aman had no time to react. The umbrella in her hand did not catch up in time, exposing half of her shoulder to the sun.

'seven maidens!' Aman was surprised.

he Lingjiang felt a pain all over. Fortunately, amanli moved the umbrella over to cover her.

she waved her hands and did not speak.

sun Rujin raised his eyebrows and said: 'Zhao Qie, don't offend the distinguished guest.'

the concubine looked up. She looked at Yue Mo, who was young and beautiful.

when she heard sun Rujin's scolding, she was not angry, and her eyes were somewhat apologetic: 'jinniang, I'm sorry. I was careless!'

after that, she clasped her hands on her chest and bowed her head to salute he Lingjiang: 'madam, I almost bumped into you. I'm sorry! Please forgive me.'

her words are sincere, and her voice is clear and pleasant to listen to closely, which makes it difficult to criticize again.

he Lingjiang just smiled and said, 'no problem.'

Zhao Qie's waiter was relieved to see that she had never seen anything strange. He looked up again and asked curiously: 'your lady's appearance and charm are so outstanding. I don't know which family she is.'

'he Fu Qi Niang.' He Lingjiang spoke softly.

Zhao's concubine's eyes brightened and she said with a smile: 'it's the seventh wife of he family. I've just been rude!'

I didn't ask much about Jiang chunri's umbrella holding behavior.

the little ladies of these aristocratic families are all born with gold and jade. They have different temperaments. It's not strange to have any quirks.

sun Rujin looks a little impatient. The news that the seventh wife of the he family is going to stay in your house for two days has probably spread to the whole family. What is she pretending not to know now?

'concubine Zhao, I have something else to do with Ling Jiang Xun's grandmother. I'll go in first and stop chatting with you.'

Zhao's concubine was humiliated by her, and she didn't look angry. She just smiled and said, 'it's my concubine who bothered you. I'll go back first.'

after saying this, she saluted them again, and then left.

sun Rujin looks at her back and can't help humming.

he Lingjiang is staring at the gradually disappearing figure of the concubine, and his eyebrows are slightly raised when he hears the sound: 'it seems that jinniang doesn't like this concubine Zhao?'

'naturally I don't like it.'

sun Rujin seldom had someone to talk with, and all her depression came out: 'she always pretends. On the surface, she looks gentle and petty. Who knows what she looks like behind her back? Because of her, Auntie was angry a lot.'

'this concubine looks young.'

she is so young and beautiful, and her manners are gentle. Since ancient times, men have always been good colors. I think that sun Juncheng will certainly like her.

'yes, she's 15 or 16 years younger than my grandmother. It's when she's in her prime.' Sun Rujin sighed in his heart.

her grandfather came from a poor family. His grandmother and he are young couples. They have endured a lot of hardships and crimes with him. He once said that he would never take concubines in this life to disappoint his grandmother.

later, grandpa won the imperial examination, and although he did not rise to the top in his official career, he also became the chief of the county.

he was originally born in Xunyang County under Linchuan Commandery. Now that he works in Linchuan, he has been there for nearly ten years.

he and his grandmother can also be regarded as harmonizing, and the husband and wife are harmonious.

seeing that life is getting better day by day. Unexpectedly, in the spring of last year, Grandpa went to the governor's mansion for a banquet. When he returned, he was followed by a beautiful looking lady.

grandma's face turned white at that time.

since then, there has been an additional Zhao concubine in the sun family.

although grandpa treats grandma with respect as always, since there is a third person between the couple, no matter how strong the affection is, it will gradually disappear.

what's more, Auntie is getting older and her face is gradually declining. With such a young, beautiful, gentle and small hearted person in the house, Auntie is gradually disappearing from Grandpa's eyes.

after a long time, the only thing left between the couple is to respect each other.

she had heard Aung's private sigh countless times. She was secretly worried about Aung, but there was nothing she could do.

now that my grandmother is seriously ill, she and her two brothers are worried, but I'm afraid Zhao's concubine is secretly happy?

even if grandma's illness has not been cured for a long time, she feels that there must be some reasons for her depression.

after entering Mrs. sun's room, sun Rujin hurriedly accepted her face and smiled to greet her and salute: 'Auntie, do you feel better today?'

with a smile in her eyes, Mrs. sun patted her hand: 'it's very good. Why did you bring Mrs. He Qi here again?'

'let's see auntie.'

'yes, auntie.' Sun Rujin asked, 'what did Zhao Qie's waiter do?'

Mrs. sun gave a light cough and said, 'she just didn't come to say hello.'

sun Rujin tilted his lips secretly and said nothing.

'OK, you've seen me too. Jinniang, take He Qi Niang to the mansion. She's the first time. You should treat her well.'

'I see, auntie, have the two brothers ever come back?'

'No. your brother and they are all studying in Jiangzhou. Why are you coming back before it's time for vacation?'

sun Rujin wrinkled his nose: 'Auntie is not feeling well, and I will not send someone to inform brother a to let them come back with you.'

Mrs. sun smiled and said, 'what are you calling them to do? Your brothers have serious things to do. Auntie has always been like this. What can she do with her?'

she looked at he Lingjiang and said, 'it's spring today. Seven niangs asked jinniang to accompany you to visit the mansion. Although it's still early spring and the flowers in the mansion are not in full bloom, it's a bit interesting that the plants and trees are green. If you have nothing to do, you can also ask jinniang to accompany you to cook tea and play chess in the pavilion.'

'thank you, madam.' He Lingjiang smiled and nodded, 'but when it comes to Chunguang, madam, there is a place in the courtyard that is just open.'

Mrs. sun suddenly realized that she almost forgot that the Magnolia in the courtyard opened early this year, and it was at the right time to bloom.

'if the seven maidens want to enjoy the flowers, I'll ask someone to prepare some tea under the tree to enjoy the scenery and drink tea. It's interesting.'

he Ling Jiang Qian smiled and nodded: 'madam, I'd like to thank you for taking the trouble. I and jinniang alone are always lonely. Today, there is no wind outside. Madam, why don't you join me?'

sun Rujin saw her eyes and said: 'yes, auntie, you can accompany us.'

Mrs. sun smiled and waved her hand and said, 'I'm not fit. I don't like to see light these days. I'd better not affect you.'

'madam is weak. We should see more sunlight.' He Lingjiang began to persuade her, 'people say that Yang Qi is not enough to cause all kinds of diseases. Sunlight belongs to Yang and is the most fundamental source of all heat and Yang Qi in the world. Madam, if you get more sun, you may get better soon.'

'yes, auntie. The doctor told you to go out more to get some sunshine, but you didn't listen. You just stayed indoors all day.'

sun Rujin pulled Mrs. sun's sleeve and said, 'listen to me. Even Ling Jiang says that now. Come and sit in the courtyard with us. Don't you love the magnolia flower most? What's the meaning of sitting in the house and looking through the window every day?'

'I'm not comfortable seeing sunlight recently, so I'd better not go.' Mrs. sun looks pale. She doesn't like to go to bright places recently.

sun Rujin hears words and looks at he Lingjiang.

'on this point, my wife and I are in the same boat.' He Lingjiang frowned slightly and sighed softly. 'Jinniang also knows that I'm prone to rashes recently, so I need to hold an umbrella when I go in and out. If madam doesn't go, I'll be troubled if I'm alone...'

madam sun looked at the servant behind her, and saw that the dark and strong man behind her had a big umbrella in his arms.

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