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Chapter 81 Missing

He Lingjiang looked at the bare branches and sighed faintly: 'jinniang, this is why your auntie is so healthy today.'

'what does this mean?'

'wait and see.'

he ordered Jiang to close his eyes and concentrate. He kneaded the formula in his hand in front of his chest. Then he said it softly. The plants and trees around him shook slightly. After a moment, there were tiny lights like fireflies flying up and converging on the magnolia trees in the courtyard.

the moon is like water, and the fluorescence converges into a sea of stars, falling on the branches of magnolia trees, and then disappearing.

when she moved her hand slightly, she saw the branches of the flower branches tremble slightly, and then between the tree trunks, a bright light rose.

the bright light beats slightly in the wind in a rhythmic manner, just like the human ventricle.

sun Rujin could not help staring: 'what is this?'

'is the tree spirit.'

'tree spirit?'

he Lingjiang said, 'all things have spirits. Besides human beings and animals, plants and plants also have souls. Even mountains, rocks, soil and water have souls. Otherwise, there would have been no mountain gods since ancient times.'

in the Xiaoyao volume, it is said that in ancient times, there was a big Ailanthus, and eight thousand years old was spring and eight thousand years old was autumn. It can be seen that ancient trees that have been boiled for thousands of years are no different from those that have been refined.

it's just that plants don't have the same three souls and six spirits as humans. They don't know where they come from and where they go. They are born and grow naturally. Compared with human beings and animals, their practice is difficult, and it is even more difficult to achieve success.

but naturally, it is also unique. Plants are naturally raised and grow in the soil and mud. They are blessed by the sun, moon, stars, clouds, rain and dew, and also tempered by wind, frost and thunder.

this makes it form an ability to communicate with nature. With this kind of ability, if we meet the chance again, we can also give birth to spirituality.

sun Rujin blinked and said: 'do you mean that this magnolia tree is born with spirit?'

'yes. Once a plant has spirituality, it can unconsciously begin to practice. From then on, wind, sun, thunder, rain and dew are all practices for it.'

'your grandmother said earlier that people in the family always like to offer incense under this magnolia tree on New Year's and festivals, praying that it can protect peace.'

he reminded Jiang of what Mrs. Sun said: 'if you don't believe, there will be nothing. If you believe, there will be living things. People's mind power is also very strong. The power of faith and incense has given birth to the spirit of this magnolia tree. It is not only the spirit of nature, but also the spirit of faith.'

'therefore, it will protect our family...' sun Rujin choked.

she reached out her hand and stroked the rough trunk: 'as a result, my grandmother's body is getting weaker day by day, but this magnolia tree has opened more than ten days earlier abnormally. Today, my grandmother rarely sits in the courtyard for a long time, so it blossoms all over her body and scatters all her fragrance. It protects my grandmother from the fragrant rain of flowers in the daytime.'

'it gives your grandmother the vitality of her body, and her spirit will naturally be much better.'

sun Rujin looks at the Magnolia growing up with his grandmother and himself. His fingers touch the cold tree, and his tears slowly fall: 'what will it do?'

'it gave her life. Now the petals are all gone, but she is dying?'

he Lingjiang shook his head and said: 'it's not so bad to die. We just borrowed some spirit from other plants and trees to protect their tree spirit. But since it knows how to protect and protect people, it also gives birth to some intelligence. Now, although the tree spirit exists, it is damaged and must be rebuilt.'

sun Rujin was depressed after hearing this.

'plants have a weak sense of the length of time. They can stand loneliness better. It's not difficult for them to rebuild.'

he Lingjiang incorporated the bright light into the tree and comforted her: 'after that, your family will carefully maintain it, devoutly believe in it, and then offer some incense to help it recover quickly.'

sun Rujin was still sad, but still wiped his tears and patted the flowers and trees in front of him: 'don't worry, I will take good care of you in the future. Even my descendants must do the same.'

'I have thought about future generations.' He Ling Jiang couldn't help smiling when he heard the words. 'Jinniang, you really think long-term. It's very human.'

sun Rujin snorted: 'what's wrong with future generations? One day, you will marry and have children.'

he Lingjiang Xiaoxiao didn't argue with her any more, but instead said: 'I already know why I saved your grandmother. Next, we'll go to find the thing that hurt your grandmother'

'do you have a guess in your heart?'

he Lingjiang nodded.

'also in my grandmother's yard?'

'also here.'

sun Rujin could not help sighing. Auntie, there is really everything in this courtyard!

she asked: 'where are we going next?'

he Lingjiang looks at her and asks, 'where is the coal ball?'

sun Rujin took a cold breath and said: 'you don't want to tell me that my grandmother's disease is caused by coal balls? Is it really a cat demon?'

he Lingjiang Pu chuckled: 'I don't know about the demon, but I think it's a little strange. It doesn't let me get close to it. I haven't looked at it carefully in the daytime. Now I'm here to ejaculate the cat while the dark wind is high at night.'

sun Rujin felt uneasy when he thought about the power of the coal ball to explode when he saw her. I'm afraid there are really some problems with this cat?

is it sure that the cat ejaculation mentioned by Ling Jiang will not become a cat beating?

she stealthily takes he Lingjiang to the coal ball house.

Mrs. sun has always loved this cat, so she specially set up a spare room next to her room to house it.

in the daytime, servants will feed and take care of it here. Today, the coal ball just made a mistake and was ordered to be kept in a cage hungry for two days. Moreover, it was night, and the room was empty.

the house is extremely quiet, only the moonlight shines in obliquely, sprinkling a few minutes of white frost.

it's late at night when the moon is hanging in the West building.

sun Rujin walked softly to the cage and looked at it intently under the moonlight. He saw that the cage was empty.

she didn't know whether she was worried or afraid. She only murmured, 'the coal ball has disappeared.'

he Lingjiang walks over and reaches for the small lock on the lower cage. The lock has been cut open by sharp objects and hung obliquely on the cage door.

'who opened the lock?' Sun Rujin could not help frowning.

'there are two kinds of situations, one is that it is driven by others, and the other is that it is driven by itself.' He Lingjiang glanced at her leisurely. 'What kind do you want?'

sun Rujin wants to cry but has no tears. I don't want any, OK?

the first one means that someone else sneaked in the Aung's courtyard and carried away the coal balls without even knowing it. The second, more terrible, can only show that the cat is not a demon, but a spirit!

at this time, a courtyard in sun's mansion was silent, and the two lamps hanging in the corridor scattered dim yellow light.

a gust of wind blew, and the wick went out with a puff. The whole courtyard was suddenly dark.

a dark shadow streaked across the moonlight, and with a light sound of 'squeak', I saw the dark shadow darting into the half closed door and disappearing into the night.

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