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Chapter 90 Sneak attack

The man wielded a big knife and danced with great vigor.

take this delicate Mrs. he first, and take her as a pledge. It's easy to say next.

he Lingjiang quickly dodges and pulls out the lightsaber in the umbrella behind him.

the man didn't expect that the little girl, who looked weak and delicate, would carry a sword with her and hide it in an umbrella.

in his eyes, he attacked again.

he uses a heavy knife. In addition, he walks a brutal way. A knife is as heavy as a thousand.

in contrast, the thin lightsaber in he Lingjiang's hand seems to have a feeling that he can't catch it.

he Lingjiang did not directly carry his sword to carry his heavy sword, but dodged flexibly to avoid close combat with him.

she drew out the gap and said to He Zheng who wanted to go forward: 'take Zhao's concubine first.'

He Zheng's martial arts can be regarded as a master. It's easy to take Zhao's concubine alone.

however, the concubine Zhao was also familiar with some magic tricks of the Xuanmen. During the fighting, several talismans were thrown out from time to time, which made him unable to hold people for a while.

he Lingjiang has no intention to fight with the man again. She jumps up lightly, puts her toes on the wall in the alley, and turns over behind him.

just as the knife wielding man wanted to turn around and draw the knife, the thin body of the sword was pointing directly at his vest, and he could not help but freeze.

'don't move, swords don't have eyes.'

at the same time, the fight with He Zheng also stopped. After all, Zhao qieshi's Xuanmen skills are limited. He Zheng and I can only tie a cup of tea together, but we can only rely on talismans.

after this talisman was thrown away, people naturally fell under the sword.

He Zheng comes over, takes out a cloth belt from his sleeve, and binds the two behind him with their backhands.

he Lingjiang watched him bind people. He was so skilled and experienced that he even took the bandage with him.

she said secretly that she should have one next time, so as not to smoke another's belt.

He Zheng then pinches the two people's jaws and takes out the poison capsule hidden in their mouths.

'seven maidens, they have hidden poison bags.'

he Lingjiang frowns and is a poison bag.

those who hide poison bags in their mouths are mostly dead. If you don't succeed, you will become benevolent. If they are arrested carelessly, they will often bite through the poison bag and kill themselves in order not to reveal the secrets of their masters.

nowadays, some aristocratic families or courts also raise a number of dead people.

however, this is a minority after all. Thinking of the previous xuanyang, he Lingjiang's eyebrows slightly frown. The probability of encountering poison capsules is somewhat higher.

Zhao's concubine attendants seem to be coming for Sun Jun Cheng. What's their connection with xuanyang?

she told he Zheng: 'put the poison bag away first, take it back and let someone test it to see if it is the same as the previous one.'

He Zheng whispered yes and asked, 'what should we do with these two people?'

'let someone inform sun Juncheng to come.' He Lingjiang said.

this courtyard is located in a remote place. Zhao concubine waited around all afternoon before coming here, which shows her caution. I think there should be someone to meet her in this courtyard.

he Lingjiang stared at him in the dark, just to see what they would do.

it was getting dark, and the two of them really wanted to go out. Who would have thought that the man was extra cautious, and he noticed that it was wrong.

this plan to catch the big fish behind it naturally made soup.

in that case, let Sun Jun Cheng finish it.

she asked Sun Fei about it earlier, and it was through his mouth that she suggested again that Zhao Qie might have some problems. If Sun Jun Cheng is not stupid, he should be a little defensive against Zhao concubine.

it is not foolish for Sun Jun Cheng to sit in this position of Linchuan Jun Cheng for nearly ten years, and he has also pulled down two immediate superiors in succession.

today, Zhao's concubine left the house. He Lingjiang noticed that in addition to her own group, another group of people were watching her in the dark.

at this time, I knew that Zhao qieshi, a concubine of sun's residence, was going to go out to enjoy the music and was watching secretly. Besides Sun Jun Cheng's people, I thought nobody else would come.

however, that group of people did not follow up now. It was obvious that they were either misled by the singer or abandoned by Zhao's concubine. After all, her people followed Zhao's concubine for a whole afternoon, and almost walked through most of Linchuan city.

the moonlight is cool and sprinkled in the narrow lane, like a thin layer of frost.

about half an hour later, Sun Jun Cheng, who got the message, finally came with someone in a hurry.

a group of people rushed into the alley with torches, which immediately illuminated the whole alley.

seeing Zhao's concubine bound in the lane, Sun Jun Cheng didn't look surprised. He just stepped forward, crossed his hands, and thanked he Ling Jiang: 'thank you for your help.'

his people secretly followed Zhao Qie today, but she didn't want to get rid of him halfway, so they had to return without success.

in the end, it's up to the seven wives of the he family to find the trace of Zhao's concubine.

as the head of the sun family, the head of a county, he can't compare with such a young lady who has not yet reached her hairpin.

Sun Jun Cheng was embarrassed.

he ordered Jiang Qianqian to return the salute: 'the county mayor has said a lot.'

she said: 'I wanted to find out if there were other people behind these two people, but I was careless. I accidentally showed traces, which alerted them both.'

'however, I just saw that the two of them went out in the dead of night and behaved very carefully. It may not be as simple as it seems that Zhao's concubine wanted to murder Mrs. sun.'

Sun Jun Cheng nodded slightly and said, 'I know. I'll certainly try to find out.'

people say that those in power are obsessed. When he spoiled Zhao's concubine in the past, he didn't feel anything wrong. After being noticed by others, he also felt something wrong.

he is not a mallet.

on the night when the house appeared strange, he naturally understood the hints of the seventh wife of the he family. Although he didn't say it, he took care of it at the moment.

that night, he left Zhao's concubine to sleep with him in his courtyard, but she did not fall asleep.

Zhao qieshi secretly got up and went out. He also saw it.

later, Sun Fei said he Qi Niangzi's question to him again. He was more certain in his heart, but he just kept silent.

since Zhao qieshi wanted to go out, I let her go out and see what she was doing.

if she wants to take the opportunity to escape, she can catch her and leave her speechless. If there is an accomplice, they will be caught together.

now, according to He Qi's words, Zhao's concubine's conspiracy to harm his wife is certainly not as simple as ordinary disputes between wives and concubines.

his mind turned and he remembered the past.

he was handling political affairs in the study, and Zhao's concubine always came to the study inadvertently, either to serve her hot tea soup or to add fragrance to his tea.

in the past, I just thought that this was a means to please the owner of his family. Now, it seems that the purpose behind this behavior is to think more.

Sun Jun Cheng solemnly thanked he Lingjiang, and then ordered his subordinates to take Zhao concubine and the two men back to the house for trial.

at this moment, several hidden arrows suddenly darted toward the two people who were tied up and sun Juncheng, who was standing opposite he Lingjiang.


a scream followed and spread in the empty lane.

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