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Chapter 95 mining area

He Zheng was in the prison of the county government. Hearing the message from green bamboo, he ordered his men to keep an eye on him. He went back to the mansion to see seven maidens.

he followed green bamboo into the study and bowed to salute: 'seven maidens.'

he Lingjiang raised his hand slightly, indicating that he didn't need to be polite: 'what can be found in the county government prison?'

'not yet.' He Zheng replied, 'that man is really a tough guy.'

indeed, it's not easy to get something out of his mouth.

he Lingjiang asked again: 'is there any movement in Liu Yuan?'


he Lingjiang snorted: 'calm down.'

however, she doesn't want to wait for a rabbit.

the so-called holy palace, no matter how many people it has and what it wants, as long as it bumps into one of her hands, she will find a way to pull people out one by one, with mud and earth.

one day, she will be able to see clearly what this holy palace is!

at present, the most important thing is to find out whether the case of private mining in Nanshan is true and whether it is really related to Liu Yuan.

'get ready. We'll leave for Nanshan Mining Area in the afternoon.'

He Zheng was startled: 'seven niangs, sun Juncheng has sent someone to investigate the mining area. If you are still not confident, I will take someone there. You really don't need to go there in person.'

if there are really people mining Copper privately in Nanshan Mining Area, there must be a lot of danger in it. How can seven maidens personally take risks?

he Lingjiang stopped his next words and said: 'xuanyang, like Zhao Qie, is undoubtedly related to the temple.'

although only xuanyang, the winged Su, and nu Su, the two masters of the stars, have appeared at present, it can be seen from their respective locations in the South and north of this big Monday that the sacred palace behind them is playing a big game of chess.

he's just a small part of it. Even in such a big case as private copper mining, it may not be so.

after she went to the desk, she took out the scrap paper found in the bamboo house in xuanyang, and then picked up the two official documents on the desk and handed them to He Zheng.

'when I returned to my house, I borrowed Liu Yuan's official letter from Sun Jun Cheng.'

the official documents are not allowed to be viewed by ordinary people, but Sun Jun Cheng used some tricks and secretly brought out two official letters written by Liu Yuan. Fang ordered someone to send them.

he Lingjiang's chin was slightly dotted: 'open it and compare it.'

this is the Zhu criticism that Liu Yuan sent to the lower officials. He Zheng unfolded it and looked at it at a glance. He didn't find any difference.

he Lingjiang said: 'look at the date.'

he looked along and saw two official letters, one written on 'January 30, Xinsi' and the other on 'February 11, Xinsi'.

'you see, if you make up the words' January 21st 'on the above, it will be the same as the strokes on this scrap of paper?'

He Zheng suddenly realized that his handwriting was the same, and he was also in Linchuan County, and the distance of his message was also right.

'Liu Yuan was the one who wrote to xuanyang.'

he Ling nodded Jiang's head and said, 'qiongzhi has already passed through the poison bag and confirmed that xuanyang and Zhao's concubine are both from the temple.'

'now, this official letter can confirm that Liu Yuan is the person who corresponded with xuanyang. Thus, it can be confirmed that Liu Yuan has a profound relationship with the temple.'

'my second uncle is a county guard under him. Both of them have had more contact in public and private. I'm afraid he's indispensable for the story of all the previous changes in our he family.'

he Lingjiang sat down at the table and continued: 'sun Juncheng suspects that Liu Yuan may have something to do with the private mining of copper. Since it involves Liu Yuan and the sacred palace behind him, we, the he family, can't completely stay out of the private mining of copper.'

'if we want to find out who is plotting against Mr. He, we must first hold Liu Yuan down.'

she looked at He Zheng, and her face was full of no doubt: 'since the enemy has handed me the handle, I naturally have no reason to turn a blind eye. I must go to the Nanshan Mining Area to explore it myself.'

'but this is a dangerous thing. The seventh wife might as well report it to the owner of the house and make plans.' He Zheng advised.

'if I want to report to my father, I'm afraid this matter will have to be discussed again. At that time, my father may not let me go. Time waits for no man. I will tell my father about this matter when I come back from Nanshan and have conclusive evidence related to Liuyuan and the private lottery copper mine case.'

He Zheng frowned: 'but...'

he Lingjiang's eyes sank slightly: 'He Zheng, since you worship me as the Lord, you should know that I am not an ordinary woman. I don't need to be guarded everywhere, and I don't like being restrained by others.'

'I will do what I am determined to do.'

He Zheng's face changed and he quickly knelt down: 'it's my subordinates who have overstepped.'

he Lingjiang's face slowed down slightly, and he stepped forward to help him up. He said in a warm voice: 'I know you care about my safety, but you have been with me for some time. When you know that I have the ability to protect myself.'

He Zheng bowed his head in shame. How can seven Niangzi protect herself? Her ability is worse than herself.

it was he who took the picture. He could not help but treat the seven maidens as ordinary little maidens.

when he Lingjiang wants to go out, he should naturally tell his family.

song couldn't help being surprised: 'didn't you just come back from sun's residence? Why did you have to leave again?'

he Lingjiang explained with a smile: 'I heard that some ores have been newly discovered near Nanshan, which can be used as pigments. I want to go and have a look.'

'Lingjiang, haven't you painted a lot lately?' Song Shi Dao.

'even so, this mineral pigment will always be useful in the future if you collect it. Now that you have good ones, naturally you should take them first.'

he Xiangshan couldn't help laughing when he heard what he said: 'you, I can say that you are stable now, but the result is still the same as before.'

he waved his hand: 'that's all. If you want to go, go. Just a little. Take care of He Zheng and them. Be careful on the way.'

he Ling's eyes curved slightly and he saluted him: 'thank you, Grandpa.'

on this trip, he Lingjiang only brought green bamboo with high martial arts skills with him, and he Zheng selected several good players to follow him.

Nanshan county is the county with the most extensive area and the least population under Linchuan's rule. It covers an area of more than 700 kilometers, more than half of which are continuous mountains.

in the early years, the imperial court discovered a copper deposit in the southeast mountain range of Nanshan, and opened up a mining area here. It has been eight years since the Huaiyu mountain range was the center, covering a 40 mile radius.

although the Nanshan Mining Area is under the rule of Linchuan, it is still a distance from Linchuan county. Although the party is not slow, it is also the sunset of the second day when the carriage stops at the Nanshan Mining Area.

standing outside the mining area, you can look into the distance. In the distance, there are endless barren mountains.

although it is spring, the Huaiyu mountain, as a mining area that has been mined for nearly ten years, has long lost its verdant appearance, and everywhere is man-made desolation.

the mining area is desolate. Naturally, there are no guest houses and hotels here. Only the miners who work here as a living have scattered high and low shacks around. The better ones are just a few wooden houses.

at this time, it was time to prepare dinner. Smoke curled up in the residential buildings around the mining area.

he Lingjiang led the people all the way, and the miners who came and went all looked at her curiously.

such a good-looking little lady, accompanied by servants, is from everyone. How can she suddenly come to their dilapidated mining area?

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