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Chapter 96 Overnight

It was just at sunset, and the whole mining area looked desolate and grayish yellow. However, he Lingjiang and others were dressed brightly, like pearls falling into the dusty dust.

the travelling miners, young and old, looked at them in wonder.

the children who grew up in the mining area with their parents followed them curiously.

he Lingjiang took out the maltose and gave it to them. The children jumped forward to pick it up as soon as their eyes were neutral.

they can't help squinting their eyes as they enjoy the sweet maltose.

a child who looks only seven or eight years old pulls the maltose in his mouth to the right side of his cheek with the tip of his tongue and asks curiously, 'lady, what are you doing here?'

he was born and grew up in this mining area. The most common people he saw were the miners who were all black, the miners who were busy working, and the people who came here to transport mines.

it is rare for outsiders to come here in such good-looking clothes, and I have never seen such a good-looking young lady.

he Lingjiang touched the child's head and smiled softly: 'I'm looking for some mineral pigments.'

'mineral pigment?' The child's face is gray, but his big eyes are very smart.

he Ling Jiang eyebrows and says, 'yes, this mineral pigment is used for painting. I always like collecting these.'

'I know, I know.' Another child said, 'isn't it just like we like to collect all kinds of stones?'

he Lingjiang smiled and nodded: 'right.'

'I didn't expect that your mother would collect these things like us at your age. In the past, my grandmother would scold me for taking these useless stones home all day.'

the child blinked his big eyes: 'won't your grandmother scold you?'

he Lingjiang thought carefully, then shook his head and said, 'I have never had this before.'

'then your grandmother is very kind...' the child mumbled.

the woman on the side came forward and pulled his ear. 'Can this lady's collection be the same as your stones?'

she has been working in the mining area with her own man for many years. She knows that those mineral pigments that can be used for painting are valuable. If she encounters a scarce one, she can sell one, and she can eat and drink all her life.

it is a pity that they mainly extract copper here, and rarely see the ores that can be used as pigments.

she looked at he Lingjiang and said: 'young lady, if you want to find some mineral pigments here, I'm afraid it will be difficult to find them. Our Nanshan Mining Area mainly produces copper, and private mining is not allowed. Even if you can mine that precious ore, it is collected by the government, and private people can't move it.'

'no harm.' He Lingjiang smiled. 'I'm just wandering around here to see if I can find something useful among the waste rocks. It's impossible to pick up a leak.'

the woman shook her head: this little lady, who was born in a rich family, is naive.

if we can really find any leakage, there are so many families of miners in the mining area, wouldn't we all rush into mass action?

she looked at the green bamboo and he Zheng who followed her. Her family actually let her go like this. It was really rich and noble.

he Lingjiang looked at the sky and asked the woman, 'I'm looking for stones in this mine. I'm afraid I'm going to stay for two days. I wonder if there is a place to stay at my mother's house. By the way, let's have some hot meals.'

said that, the green bamboo behind him took out the usual money and handed it to him: 'I am in a hurry today, and I have to ask my wife to make arrangements. This is the cost of accommodation and food for the next two days.'

consistent money!

the woman's eyes brightened and she swallowed her refusal.

Zhou's copper is expensive, which is enough to support ordinary people's spending in January.

let this woman live for two days, and she will be able to withstand her own man working in the mine for one month.

fearing that the job would be robbed by the people next to her, she quickly reached out and took the string of money and said with a smile: 'no trouble, no trouble. Although the conditions in the mining area are poor, my man is at least a foreman, and his living place is more spacious than others. After cleaning up, he can still free up an empty room for his wife.'

'just...' she looked at He Zheng. 'You attendants...'

He Zheng said: 'we're all right. Just ask your wife to prepare some food for us. We'll find a place to sleep at night.'

there is enough room for people to rest in the carriage. Moreover, it is common for them to find a place to lie down for a night when they go out to do business.

seeing he Lingjiang, she didn't dislike him. The woman smiled so much that she wanted to fly. She hurried to welcome him to her home and said, 'it's a coincidence that my man is coming back from the mine today. I just went to cut two catties of mutton in the morning and just opened the meat.'

the miners work hard in the mine. Once they enter the mine, they can only eat some dry food they carry with them. Even if someone sends them rice, they can't eat it.

therefore, if they come back, the conditions at home are OK, and they must prepare some good food to eat.

seeing such a good opportunity to make money, the miner on the side was taken by her, and his eyes could not help showing some envy.

I only blame myself for building a shelter at home, which is not comparable to the situation of the Liu family.

because men have a small job in the mine, the women's family lives in a better place than others. There is also a small yard simply enclosed by wooden fences.

it's just that it's still not big after all. As soon as he Lingjiang and others enter, the yard is almost full.

it seems that there is no room for so many people in the room.

the woman quickly set the table in the courtyard, carried several large porcelain bowls and poured water: 'madam, sit down and rest first, and I'll prepare meals.'

'hard work, I don't know what to call your wife?'

'my surname is Zhao, and the man's surname is Liu. The little lady can call me Mrs. Zhao or Mrs. Liu.'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'then I'll call you lady Zhao.'

with a sigh, Mrs. Zhao went to the kitchen to make arrangements.

with so many mouths at home, there will naturally be more things to cook, which requires more effort.

green bamboo put the cakes he brought on the table and followed him into the kitchen: 'Madam Zhao, let me help you.'

Niangzi Zhao waved her hand hurriedly: 'no, no, I just need to rest. I can do it alone.'

I have heard that the maids of this big family are no worse than the maidens raised in the boudoirs of ordinary families. They usually just do some delicate work for their wives. They may not understand these things in the kitchen.

what's more, after receiving so much money, there is no reason to keep people busy.

seeing her insistence, green bamboo had to give up. In fact, compared with qiongzhi, she was really not good at cooking.

the child of Mrs. Zhao's family is only seven or eight years old. Now he is sitting in the courtyard talking to he Lingjiang.

'he Niang, what are the ores you collect on weekdays?' The child asked curiously.

he Lingjiang picked up a piece of cake and handed it to him. He said, 'there are all kinds. Some can be ground into red, while others can be used as blue and green.'

the child couldn't help licking the corner of his mouth. After taking the cake, he put it in his mouth and took a big bite. He puffed his mouth and said, 'that's really magical. Those I looked for in the past are dark gray.'

he Lingjiang touched his hairy head: 'it's nothing. Your stone naturally has its use. At least, it makes you happy, doesn't it?'

the child nodded heavily with his eyes slightly bent.

the stones he was looking for were in all shapes. They were the first among his friends.

'who are you?'

was talking when a rough male voice suddenly came from outside the yard.

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