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Chapter 99 Intercept

Liu Da is playing drums in her heart. She doesn't know whether this person is an enemy or a friend, and she doesn't know whether she should talk about it to her.

he didn't speak, and the man beside him didn't dare to speak.

he Lingjiang waited for a long time, but they didn't speak. Her eyebrows slightly raised: 'what's wrong? Do you have to tell me that you don't know anything?'

if you don't know anything about this, how can you be so vigilant when you see he Lingjiang's obvious lodger? In the middle of the night, he sneaked into the room with someone, as if he wanted to tie he Lingjiang up.

'did you sneak in just now to see that I was so rich and rich that you wanted to steal or tie me up for some money?' He Lingjiang asked.

Yes, this is a reason.

Liu Dagang wanted to nod his head, but heard the little lady in front of him say again: 'the law of thieves in the great Zhou Dynasty says that if you steal stolen goods, you will be punished by 30 days of labor; if you do not profit from it, you will be punished by moving it; if you exceed it, you will be tattooed as a city Dan; if you reach it, you will be punished by corporal punishment, breaking one hand or one foot. What's more --'

'put to death.'

she took off the brocade bag from her waist and shook it with her fingertips: 'the money coupons in it alone can be exchanged for more than 50 yuan. How do you think the penalty will be imposed if we report to the government?'

'not to mention that you still want to tie people up for blackmail, which is more serious, but the death penalty is worthy.'

speaking of this, he Lingjiang looked at the two people in front of him coolly and said, 'have you thought about it?'

a drop of cold sweat slowly slipped from Liu Da's sideburns. He swallowed his saliva and spoke with difficulty: 'I...'

before he could speak, the man beside him could not help but tremble and ask: 'you... What do you want to know?'

'money five!' Liu shouted loudly.

I don't know the origin of this person in front of me, and I don't know whether I am with that group of people. If I rashly tell them the truth they know, I'll kill myself, and I'm afraid my family will suffer.

he Lingjiang kicked the low stool in front of him to Qian Wu and slightly raised his chin: 'sit down and talk slowly.'

Qian Wu swallowed his saliva and sat down according to his words.

he Lingjiang smiled: 'do you know that someone in Nanshan is mining Copper privately?'

Qian Wu nodded, and Liu Da couldn't help closing his eyes.

'well...' he Lingjiang Xing squatted down in front of him and stared at him coldly. 'Did you take part in the process and make private purchases with others?'

the man was stunned, then waved his hand repeatedly: 'no, it's a matter of beheading. How dare we!'

he seems to be eager to explain, which is not like faking.

in that case, what are you afraid of?

he Lingjiang's eyes narrowed slightly: 'you are informers.'

her words were not loud, but they were loud.

Qian Wu's body suddenly shook.

he Lingjiang knew from his heart that private copper mining was a matter of beheading, but if that group of people had done a good job, there was nothing to be afraid of. Instead, ordinary miners who accidentally discovered the secret should be frightened.

once that group of people found out, they actually knew about it. In order to prevent them from divulging secrets, they would certainly silence them.

not to mention that they sent people to the county to report.

I can't blame this group of people for being so careful and vigilant.

he Lingjiang stood up, looked at Liu Dawen and began in a voice: 'you don't need to be so afraid. I'm not a group of people who secretly collect copper materials, and it won't be harmful to you.'

'I know from sun Juncheng that there are people here who secretly collect. That's why I'm here to find out the truth.'

Liu Da's eyes moved: 'did you know the news from the county magistrate?'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly.

in this case, Xiao Si should have handed the secret letter to the magistrate, but why hasn't he come back? Why did the county magistrate only send this little lady to investigate?

he asked out his doubts.

he Lingjiang frowned slightly: 'do you mean that the person who sent the secret letter has not come back? Have you never met the person sent by sun Juncheng?'

'did the county magistrate send someone else to come?' Big Liu frowned slightly and said suspiciously.

Sun Jun Cheng has been in Linchuan County for nearly ten years. He has brought down the former governor who was corrupt and bribed, and also sent away the former governor who was colluding with the party for personal gain and bullying the people. However, he has no intention to be promoted, and only stays firmly in the post of county minister.

during his tenure, he did a lot of practical things for the people of Linchuan.

in the hearts of the people of Linchuan, who is the most respected official? It is not their parents in the county, nor the highest officer in Linchuan. It is this sun Juncheng who seems to be in the second place.

therefore, when they discovered that someone had opened a copper mine privately, they did not think about reporting it to the junior officials of the mine or the guards of Nanshan county. Instead, they sent someone to find sun Juncheng.

however, the secret letter has been sent for several days, but we haven't received any news here.

at the beginning, they were still playing drums in their hearts, wondering whether Xiao Si had been caught in an accident, or whether the county magistrate was unwilling to intervene.

unexpectedly, the county magistrate actually sent someone over

but where was the person? Why didn't I see you?

'as soon as Sun Jun Cheng received the secret letter, he immediately sent someone to investigate. I heard you say that, but I haven't seen anyone?' He Lingjiang suddenly had a bad idea in his mind.

Liu Da also has speculation in his mind.

now that I have received the letter and sent someone to investigate, there are no outsiders in the mining area except he Qi Niang.

he thought again of the inexplicably tense atmosphere in the mine in the past two days, and trembled his lips: 'but the news is known by those people? Both Xiao Si and the county mayor sent...

it should be so.

Sun Jun Cheng's place was watched by people early in the morning. His movements were all within the scope of surveillance. How could others honestly let him check it.

he Lingjiang sighed faintly.

fortunately, she couldn't wait for Sun Jun Cheng to find out the results. She brought people to Nanshan first. Otherwise, she would have to wait for several days this time.

since he began to suspect Liu Yuan, he Lingjiang deliberately hid his whereabouts when he went out.

therefore, except for he Xiangshan, no one knew when she left the house and where she went.

I haven't encountered any interceptions all the way.

wanted to come, but the other party hadn't noticed that Zhao's concubine's exposure was actually related to her, let alone that he and sun's family had secretly joined hands to investigate this matter.

it's just that she came to Nanshan to look for stones at this stall. Not only are Liu DA and others on guard, but the people who secretly collect copper materials will also notice her soon.

he Lingjiang's eyes softened a little when he looked at the sad looking Liu DA and others: 'they have met with misfortune, and we can't recover it. The deceased has passed away. You should pay more attention to your own safety.'

'the other party now knows that the matter of private copper mining has been leaked out. Intercepting and killing the people sent by sun Juncheng to investigate is only the first step. After that, they should try to silence all those who know it.'

he Lingjiang looks at the three people in the room and says, 'what's wrong with you recently in the mine?'

the one who was scared by her said weakly: 'in the past two days, the mine is checking the big guy's mining record, responsible area, and the number and whereabouts of people in the mine.'

this is to see who has the chance to get close to the place where the private copper mine is mined!

it is also because of this that they can't sit still after they go to the mine this time and want to think about ways together.

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