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Chapter 102 Powerful force

Bang bang.

Tangi kept shooting around to vent his emotions.

just then, through the glass, Tangi found that they had been surrounded by the police.

police cars are parked outside the bank, and some policemen are leaning behind the police cars.

'the police are coming. Go quickly.'

Larry shouted with his probe.

so they planned to take more than 300000 Mi Jin to escape.

as soon as the two persons walked out of the bank gate, they took the initiative to exchange fire with the police.

bang bang.

the powerful firepower continued to fire, making bullet holes on the body of the police car.


the female citizen who called the police was shot in the leg and fell down beside the police with a scream.

'get down! Get down!'

'fire! Fire!!'

the deputy sheriff shouted.

a dozen policemen here shot at Larry and them.

the gunfire was extremely fierce.


a policeman's pistol hit Tangi in the chest, but he found that the bullet hit the other side, but it was directly bounced out.

they immediately realized that they were wearing bulletproof vests.

their small caliber pistols can't work at this time.

on the contrary, the robber's AK47 automatic rifle loaded with cartridges can easily penetrate the police car and the surrounding shops.

the police can only hide behind the police car and dare not show themselves.

in the short two minutes of the exchange of fire, seven policemen were shot and injured, and three civilians were injured by mistake.

but the robber didn't have any scratch.

the deputy sheriff intends to outflank the robbers, but Larry finds out. He raises his gun and aims it. One shot pierces the deputy sheriff's arm.


the deputy sheriff fell to the ground after being shot and fell into shock.

after a few minutes of fighting, Larry's wallet began to smoke inexplicably.

he hurriedly slapped and put out the fire, but it was of no avail.

robbed more than 300000 people, and all of them failed.

it turns out that this is because there are three stacks of simulated cash in the cash they robbed. The money contains a dye bag to prevent robbery. When the dye bag is leaked, it will react with the air to cause spontaneous combustion and produce colored smoke.

this incident completely angered both of them.

the scene is completely out of control.

the two had already retreated and planned to leave.

at this time, after they got on the bus, they threw their money bags out of the car.

'damn damn damn damn!'

'go to the shopping center over there!'

Tangi growled loudly.

they cannot return empty handed.

they are not only robbing, but also planning to bloody wash the shopping center.


like a roaring beast, the car galloped along the street, then dashed into the crowd and hit the gate of the shopping center.

the crowd dispersed in a mass.

the two people get out of the car and shoot at the crowd.


among those who fled, several people were shot in the back and fell to the ground and became corpses.

as they walked, they attacked the surroundings indiscriminately.

the scene is extremely chaotic.

two people are about to rush into a shop at the door to rob.

at this time, they did not find that they were different from other people who fled in all directions.

a man is hiding in the corner, looking at their direction.

this is Lu Ning.

Lu Ning was planning to have dinner in the restaurant. Unexpectedly, there was a gunshot outside. He came out with the crowd and saw the scene.

at this time, he was only 50 meters away from the two robbers.

he took a look and determined that he was in the blind spot of monitoring.

then he took out two one dollar coins from his pocket.

his hands began to gently knead the coins. With his kneading, the two originally hard coins were quickly kneaded into a long needle by him.

he held a coin, aimed it at the head of one of the robbers, and then hurled it at him.

'hit me!'


driven by Lu Ning's powerful power, the long needle coin has an incredible driving force.

shoot at the robber Larry with a fierce speed.


the coin pierced Larry's head in an instant, and the castration did not decrease. It pierced the back wall and flew out into the sky and disappeared.

'Oh, Larry!'

when Tangi saw that Larry seemed to be shot, he cried sadly.


but soon, a sharp coin also shot into his head, shot out from the back of his head, brought out a trace of blood, and again pierced the wall in an instant, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Tangi also fell to the ground.

this process is very fast, less than one breath.

seeing the death of the two people, Lu Ning immediately followed the crowd and ran back.

he was like a panic stricken ordinary man, and then he squeezed out from the back door of the shopping center.

the police soon swarmed in.

they immediately found two robbers who were shot and killed.

Yes, judging from the brain injuries of the two people, it can be determined that they were shot dead.

their preliminary judgment was that some of the people who had just fled had guns with them, and then killed the two ferocious robbers for them.

this is a happy thing for them.


the crowd that went out has already dispersed.

there are also some curious people who stay and watch.

Lu Ning, who was mixed in the crowd, did not leave at the first time. He stood in the distance with several Americans and looked at the direction of the shopping center.

at this time, police cars are parked in front of the shopping center.

from time to time, police cars come from other directions.

there is even a helicopter hovering in the sky.

in addition to helicopter planes and police cars, Lu Ning also saw some journalists rushing in.

the outside of the shopping center was put on alert.

in addition to the two robbers, there are also many corpses of innocent people.

I'm afraid it won't be finished for a while.

Lu Ning looked at it for a while and went back.

at night.

in the hotel, Lu Ning saw the news about the robbery and shooting.

the heads of the two robbers were put on the TV screen.

'one is named Tangi and the other is Larry.'

'now the two people have been killed by the police.'

female reporters in the news report.

Lu Ning looks at the pictures on TV and suddenly feels that these two people look familiar.

is not the two.

Lu Ning quickly remembered that these two people were the Americans who robbed his taxi that day.

I'm really not a good person.

it seems that he avenged himself indirectly.

this is his first murder.

but he didn't have any mental burden.

as mentioned in TV and novels, the body will tremble, and the heart will be extremely afraid. There is nothing.

I don't know whether it's because he kills more animals in his ordinary experiments, or whether his will has been extremely firm.

this killing has no impact on him at all.

'maybe it's because I think I killed bad people, so I don't have to suffer from my heart.'

Lu Ning agreed with his guess.

in many movies and novels, they kill good people.

at that time, Lu Ning saw that two robbers had killed so many innocent people. His first thought was to stop them from killing more people.

so in his heart, he agrees with and even praises his behavior.

feel like a hero.

isn't it.

killed the two robbers. Although he killed them, he was a hero.

he indirectly saved many lives.

saw that the police did not mention other clues, but defined the death of the robber as the killing of the police.

Lu Ning knew it was stable.

he was not exposed.

this is not Huaxia, and there is little monitoring. Moreover, he took the action at that time, and he only took the action after seeing the surrounding situation clearly.

'it should be because they can't find any clues, and then they don't want the public to think that the police are incompetent.'

anyway, the robber was dead, and no one came forward to admit it.

they simply attribute the credit to themselves.

otherwise, it is not the police's fault that so many people died. It will only make the public feel that the police are incompetent.

Lu Ning turned off the news and breathed a long sigh of relief.

he was still worried that he would be exposed. He was not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

but so many people were killed at that time.

at that moment, he had only one idea in his mind: kill the robbers and save people.

because people die every minute.

fortunately, the final move was relatively hidden, which was not noticed.

Lu Ning lay down in bed and fell asleep.

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