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Chapter 104 Transformation of triangular metal

Outside the restaurant.

'sister Maggie, what did that woman just come and say to you?'

girls are curious.


'come on, let's go to another restaurant for dinner.'

next, Lin Meiqi drives to other restaurants with girls.

however, throughout the whole journey, Lin Meiqi was somewhat absent-minded.

she came back alone in the evening.

in the room.

she takes out the clothes that Lu Ning used to wear and looks at his clothes and shoes in a daze.

in the past, all these things were thrown into the garbage bag, but in the end she did not throw them away.

she still has a little hope in her heart that one day these things can still be used.

this evening, Lin Meiqi was tossing and turning in bed, and she could not sleep.


in the past six months, Professor Ma Guangke has been fully responsible for the graphene plant.

not only has the site been selected and approved by the state, but also the construction has started.

the total investment is close to 3 billion, and it is expected to be completed in two years.

this is a long time.

however, for the Chinese who are crazy about infrastructure, this is already fast.

in addition to the factory, Ma Guangke also mentioned the cooperation with Lu Ning about the graphite factory in the future.

they only produce graphene, but graphite needs to be transported from other factories.

'you can handle these matters.'

Lu Ning is naturally a shopkeeper. He will follow Ma Guangke's development.

his current focus is on black technology.

he now mainly studies black technology in three directions.

the first, of course, is the brain computer interface that he had been thinking about from the beginning, that is, virtual reality technology.

however, at the beginning, he was enthusiastic and did not know the difficulty.

after integrating the knowledge of so many top scientists, I still have a little understanding. I'm afraid it will be difficult to make a breakthrough in a short time.

the second is nanotechnology.

this is the ability copied from Dr. hameson. Later, after integrating several American scientists, it can be considered that there are some signs.

now Lu Ning put it in Professor He Wu's Laboratory for research.

the last one is artificial intelligence.

his research direction is different from the traditional computer artificial intelligence.

instead of deriving artificial intelligence from the computing power of computers, it intends to create a biological human brain.

at that time, this biological human brain may not have the computing power of a supercomputer, but the only advantage is that it will have self-awareness.

is the real artificial intelligence.

his direction is slime mold.


Yan Xuejun's laboratory.

in a transparent glass tank, the glass tank is more than five meters long and more than two meters high. At this time, a large lump of slime molds is growing inside.

this slime mold is naturally the slime mold used by Lu Ning for experiments.

however, it is obvious that Lu Ning has failed after so many experiments.

although slime molds have the ability to calculate, they are too weak. It takes several days to climb a maze.

slime molds have no nerves and rely on a pheromone to transmit information.

this hinders the connection between it and the computer.

Lu Ning was not discouraged. He gave up his previous route.

start trying new directions.

he wants to use another bacteria as a breakthrough.

that is electricity eating bacteria.

electric bacteria have different shapes and sizes. Biologists found that some electric bacteria grow hair like filaments, like wires, which can transmit electrons back and forth between cells and their environment. They called this kind of electric bacteria 'microbial nanowires'.

life is a flow of electrons. For example, if you eat sugar and take in excess electrons, you breathe oxygen and then exhaust the excess electrons. Cells break down sugars, and electrons flow through a series of complex chemical reactions and eventually combine with oxygen lacking electrons.

what Lu Ning wants to do is to combine the electric bacteria and slime molds.

electric bacteria are used as the internal medium of slime molds.

let them create an artificial neural bridge, so that biology and technology can be perfectly integrated.

Lu Ning's experiment now focuses on the integration of each other.

many experiments need to be done every day, and the progress is slow.

what is gratifying is that Lu Ning has replicated the ability of electricity eating bacteria and obtained its characteristics.

the electricity eating bacteria can swallow and produce electrons. This characteristic has gradually improved Lu Ning's imperfect electric eel ability.

on the roof of my house.

Lu Ning controls a thin steel needle. The steel needle rotates rapidly in Lu Ning's hand and becomes faster and faster.

when Lu Ning releases the control.


the steel needle shot rapidly on the table.

Lu Ning looked at it. Although the steel needle was shot on the table, it was only lightly nailed on it, and it fell off as soon as it was pulled out.

is not as deep as he threw it.

however, compared with before, this has been a great improvement.

this is the change on the seventh day.

the most important change is that Lu Ning finds that his electric resistance is stronger.

in the past, he used to generate electricity himself. In fact, he would be electrified, but because his skin was somewhat insulated, the electricity was weak.

it is only a few days after the fusion of electric bacteria.

his electric resistance has been greatly improved.

Lu Ning is looking forward to the evolution of electric eating bacteria.

whether it can absorb electric energy.


Lu Ning is in his room.

Chen Ruolan was cleaning the room when she accidentally knocked the ring on her hand.

the ring made of gold was originally soft. When it hit the corner of the table, it got stuck in her flesh, causing some pain.

she pulled the ring out with difficulty.

this is a gold ring like a crown, made of pure gold.

she was not happy to see her ring changed, but she had to clean. She glanced at the shelf and put the gold ring on the triangular metal object in the shelf.

the ring is just placed on the tip of the triangular metal object, like a pyramid with a crown, which is somewhat beautiful.

Chen Ruolan continues to clean up, but suddenly a phone call comes.

Chen Ruolan looked at it and found that it was her sister.

'Hello ~'

she happily answered the phone.

start chatting with friends.

walked out of the room while chatting. She smiled and walked slowly to the balcony on the second floor.

it was sunny and sunny.

she smiled and sat on the deck chair on the balcony.

in Lu Ning's room.

the triangular metal object suddenly emits blue light. The blue light touches the gold ring and the ring begins to melt like water.

the triangle metal seems to be pushed to the switch, and the mysterious lines on its surface are lit up.

these gold liquids are slowly absorbed by these lines.

blue light disappears.

continue cleaning after Chen Ruolan calls.

when she remembered her ring and took it from the shelf, it was empty.

'where's my ring?'

she began to look around the shelf.

but no matter how she looked for it, she searched the whole room, but she couldn't find it.

she is in a hurry.

at this time, Lu Ning just came down from the balcony on the top floor.

'Lu Ning, I lost my ring.'

Chen Ruolan said to Lu Ning.

'how did you lose it?'

Chen Ruolan took Lu Ning in and put it in, pointed to the triangular metal object and said: 'I was just cleaning, and accidentally knocked the ring. Then I hung the ring on the tip of the triangular metal. When I came back from cleaning, I found that the ring was missing.'

Chen Ruolan expressed surprise: 'I have searched all the rooms. Is it possible that a thief has just come in?'

Lu Ning heard that Chen Ruolan put the ring on the mysterious triangular metal, and then disappeared. He couldn't help thinking that it might have something to do with it.

but it is naturally impossible for him to tell Chen Ruolan about the mysterious triangular metal object.

'it's possible. Isn't it the Chinese new year? There are many thieves in our countryside every new year. It's really hard to say that thieves just took the opportunity to come in. These thieves are very bold. They dare to sneak in even when people are in the room.' Lu Ning took the opportunity to blame the thief.

when Chen Ruolan heard Lu Ning say this, she sighed with loss. She liked this ring very much, but it was a pity that it was lost.

but she can't help it if it's stolen.

'Lu Ning, I'm going to my mother's house in the next few days. I may go back for a few days.'

'what's the matter? Do you need me to go with you?'

'no, No.'

Chen Ruolan refused.


Lu Ning doesn't like to force.

the next day.

after Chen Ruolan left, Lu Ning took out two gold rings from the drawer.

this was left by his former parents. It was originally used for marriage. Later, the marriage ended, and the ring was kept in the drawer.

Lu Ning took the two rings to his room, closed the door and closed the window.

take down the mysterious triangular metal on the shelf.

he sat at the computer desk and slowly put a ring on the tip of the triangular metal.


it seems that the gold ring has activated the mysterious triangle metal.

triangular metal starts to emit blue light.

a burst of light in the room.

then, the triangular metal shows that countless irregular lines light up, and the gold ring hanging on it is slowly melted into a pool of gold liquid, which is then absorbed into the three gold metal objects.

'it will really devour gold!'

Lu Ning was shocked.

he also guessed before, but now he can be regarded as verifying the guess.

this was the first time he saw the mysterious triangular metal change, or this weird change.

he was a little excited.

his ability is related to this mysterious triangular metal object. I wonder if there will be other changes after this triangular metal object is activated.

when the ring disappears, the blue light disappears.

Lu Ning hesitated for a moment and then slowly approached the triangular metal object with another ring.

this time he did not put it on the triangular tip.

but close to its surface.


in the same way, the ring made of gold will melt in an instant and then be swallowed into the triangular metal objects.

the blue light disappears and the triangular metal object returns to its normal appearance.

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