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Chapter 106 Eskimo

In a piece of ice and snow.

several Eskimos are catching seals in the snow.

what they used to catch seals was a slight feather.

in the snow, Eskimos with frosty faces wear thick clothes and boots made of seal skin.

an old Eskimo followed by several sled dogs.

I saw him take out a ball of feathers from his boot. It was a kind of sea bird's feather, with the old man's temperature.

he pulled out a small piece of fluff from a mass of seabird feathers. He put the appropriate feathers in his mouth and gently sipped them. He wetted the feathers with saliva, and then hung the feathers on the front section of the support made of seal fat.

the Arctic cold will stick the feathers tightly to the support.

the old man carefully placed the support beside a small ice hole.

this ice cave was dug by the old man in advance to attract the seals under the ice to come and breathe. As long as the seal breathes through the ice cave, its breath will make the feathers on the support slightly shake.

this is the best chance to hunt seals.

when the old man observed the change of feathers, he would attack decisively, stabbing the long spear with a rope under the ice to give the seal a fatal blow.

this kind of spear is similar to a fish gun. Once it is stabbed, the barb will be firmly inserted into the seal meat, and then the seal under the ice will be pulled up by pulling the rope.

after doing all this, the old man drove several sled dogs to a place slightly away from the entrance.

then he took a spear and stood motionless beside the ice cave, patiently observing the changes of the ice cave feathers.

he must catch a seal today. His family has been out of food for several days.

the children are waiting for him to bring food back.

in such a snowy season, seal meat is almost all their food.

besides him, I have several friends today.

they all stayed in front of their ice caves and waited patiently.

it depends on whose luck is better.

they waited for several hours, but there was no seal.

the cold of more than 40 degrees below zero made their hands numb.


the feathers in the hole slightly shake.

the old man picked up the spear and thrust it into the ice cave.

but unfortunately, the strength of his hand let him know that he missed the target.

blood began to overflow under the ice.

but he pulled the rope.

sure enough, the seal was run away by it.

fail in one step.

the old Eskimo only sighed.

this is the normal state of hunting. Eight out of ten times of hunting seals will face failure.

and startled the seals here. They have lost the chance to hunt again.

several people get together and shake their heads.

today is another day when no prey was caught.

they packed their things and planned to go back.

at this moment.

a blue light shone not far from them.

Lu Ning appears here.

into the eyes is a vast white world, and the temperature has dropped from more than 30 degrees to more than 40 degrees below zero.

'where is this?'

'South Pole? North Pole?'

unexpectedly, he suddenly disappeared from the prairie and reappeared here in the blink of an eye.


Lu Ning soon found several Eskimos in the distance.

several sled dogs roared wildly in the direction of Lu Ning.

his appearance was discovered by several Eskimos.

they stopped and looked at Lu Ning doubtfully.

Lu Ning stepped on the white snow.

although there is snow all over the horizon, it seems that the snow is not thick. It does not sink his legs deeply. If you kick hard, you can see the frozen soil below.

he went to several Eskimos and looked at them curiously.

several Eskimos also looked at Lu Ning.

Lu Ning looks a little like them, but Lu Ning wears strange clothes and is completely different from them.

more importantly, Lu Ning only wore a thin short sleeve at this time.

this is over 40 degrees below zero.

they did not feel the cold from Lu Ning.

several Eskimos gestured at Lu Ning and said something to him.

Unfortunately, Lu Ning could not understand what they said.

'I can't understand what you are saying.'

Lu Ning replied loudly.

wave your hand when you say it.

they should be Eskimos.

Lu Ning already has an answer in mind.

he also saw the introduction of Eskimos in the documentary film before.

so, he can be sure that it should be in the North Pole now.

Lu Ning glanced at the triangular metal object on his hand and found that it was still emitting a hazy blue light, which was bright and dark.

it seems that it is uncertain when and where it will be transmitted.

but it's quite interesting.

this kind of tourism is too exciting.

several Eskimos are curious about the appearance of Lu Ning.

they invited Lu Ning to take a sled and followed them back to their camp.

the camp is actually several ice houses.

Lu Ning's arrival caused all Eskimos in the camp to watch.

Lu Ning has a look. There are 15 people, including old people and children.

a kind woman goes into the ice house and takes out a dress made by a seal to put on Lu Ning.

'thank you.'

although she knew she could not understand, Lu Ning still smiled and nodded to the other side.

this woman seems to be the wife of the old man who brought Lu Ning back. They are accompanied by an 8 or 9-year-old child.

everyone surrounded Lu Ning. They looked up and down and talked to each other from time to time.

they looked at Lu Ning and several teenage female Eskimos in the camp.

to Lu Ning's surprise, they actually started building ice houses.

looks like it is intended to be built for him.

seems to have regarded Lu Ning as one of them.

I saw them walking to the ice beside the camp with wooden boards.

several people first shovel the snow on the ice surface with wooden boards to expose the ice layer below.

a young man found a stone frozen in the snow.

he chose a stone of the right size to break the ice.

the thickness of the ice layer is just suitable for the wall.

the young Eskimos smashed a crack in the ice with force, and the people next to them took a spear to poke a hole along the crack. In this way, a piece of ice of appropriate size can be pried off by using the lever principle.

Lu Ning nodded secretly as he watched.

they are really smart.

then they poked a hole in the ice with a spear, and tied the rope with the spear.

such a piece of ice, at least a few hundred jin, can only be dragged back by several hunters.

let's work together to drag the ice wall to a proper place.

Lu Ning is not idle this time.

in the shocked eyes of these Eskimos, he directly lifted an ice wall of several hundred Jin and put it to the place where the ice house was built.

his action caused these Eskimos to talk a lot to Lu Ning.

emotional and excited.

with the addition of Lu Ning, their efficiency is faster.

slowly, a large ice house was built.

Lu Ning walks in and has a look. I'm afraid there are more than ten square meters.

when you enter the ice house, the temperature inside is much higher than that outside, and there is no cold wind.

everyone came to the ice house to celebrate.

their way of celebrating is naturally different from that of China.

mainly to exchange hunting experience and compare strength.

there are two people pulling the rope to see who is stronger.

there are two bare arms, beating each other's shoulders with fists to exercise the movement of inserting seals.

more people use ropes to cross the ice house, and then roll up and down, just like playing horizontal bars.

Lu Ning found it very interesting.

in addition to the Eskimo men, the women stayed quietly aside. They watched the men's performances from time to time and Lu Ning from time to time. Their faces were filled with smiles.

it seems that it is all day here.

can't feel the passage of time.

Lu Ning's mobile phone has long been a black screen.

he can only judge from the sleep of these Eskimos that it should be evening now.

he was left alone in the ice cave.

he looked at his ice cave. There was a fur bed, beside which a special seal candle was lit, and a long spear stood in the corner.

this is the furniture that Eskimos made for him.

is very simple.

but it is very practical here.

when Lu Ning was thinking about going to rest, suddenly, a huge polar bear attacked the camp.

with the warming of the climate and the shrinking of the ice layer, the hunting places of polar bears have decreased sharply. Starving polar bears have to choose some extreme methods to maintain their lives.

such as attacking the Eskimo camp.

the polar bear, which is more than two meters long, is like a giant animal, running wild.

it crashed into an ice house and targeted the weak children.

women scream and men are in a mess.

the old Eskimo picked up a spear and stabbed it into the polar bear, but only a little skin was punctured.

seeing the old Eskimo children die in the mouth of the polar bear.

Lu Ning appears.

at this time, he is still more than 20 meters away from the polar bear.

he raised his spear and hurled it at him.


the polar bear's head was pierced and its huge body fell down.

the child was saved.

when they looked at Lu Ning, they found that it was empty.

the person is no longer here.

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